The Virgin of Bali

The Virgin of Bali


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Virgin of Bali torrent reviews

Bruno V (es) wrote: Good enough for a couple ot laughs ... not every situation is funny . Nr 2 is ready , so it can be really bad heuh ?

Justin F (de) wrote: crazy how this one unfolds...denial can be an ugly thing ;-)

Yash B (br) wrote: This is a spectacular film. It manages to be heartwarming, heartbreaking, and humorous all at once. The acting is fantastic and every performance is authentic and heartfelt. It is definitely of the most emotionally satisfying and humane stories ever made. I do not mind admitting that the movie made me tear up on multiple occasions. See this film, it will affect you in ways that only happen once in a long while. It's a unique civil rights tale that kept my interest and won me over from start to finish. One of the more underrated movies I've seen and among my favorite movies of all time.

Artur C (br) wrote: Too contemplative for my taste. Could've been wonderful with 30 minutes less.

MEC r (ca) wrote: I did not really like this movie.

Marc T (es) wrote: How dangerous to be so lost you can not tell reality from the dream...How precious and rare to have some to love you so much to stay by your side until you can figure it out. This is love!!!

Andrej Z (us) wrote: It just kind of happened...

Greg T (ru) wrote: Lesser Eastwood to be sure, but this silly gangster anti-buddy comedy has a certain simplistic charm and is a mild diversion for a rainy evening. Completely forgettable though.

Griffin M (ru) wrote: Clint's debut filmmaking skills are very relatively amateurish in some aspects, particularly in the editing department (boy did some of those pointless romance scenes drag on), although the amount of tension he builds near the end is very, very admirable. And besides some occasional flaws with some of the performances (Walter's over-acting near the beginning, Eastwood's character being infuriatingly cool-headed at times), there is much to be enjoyed in this thrilling, ahead of its time suspense film.

Wes S (gb) wrote: Decent moments and characters, but not much else. The ending was climatic enough but didn't really do much good to the film. The story isn't too great and the pacing is a little off with a few slow moments.

MF J (ca) wrote: not a great flick but tensed enough to keep you focused on this rush against the time type of film.

KingDoge G (fr) wrote: Really bad. Just simply really bad.

Sharon E (es) wrote: We really enjoyed this movie - perfect for date night even if your date is sitting next to you on the sofa. Jenna and Chris are sweet - and Topher's character is a complete dope. (But fun)

Brian B (kr) wrote: Five stars hands down! If your a true fan of the arts no way you dislike this one! Go see it!