The Vow

The Vow

Happy young married couple Paige and Leo are, well, happy. Then a car accident puts Paige into a life-threatening coma. Upon awakening she has lost the previous five years of memories, including those of her beloved Leo, her wedding, a confusing relationship with her parents, or the ending of her relationship with her ex-fiance. Despite these complications, Leo endeavors to win her heart again and rebuild their marriage.

Leo and Paige are a couple who just got married. Due to a car accident, Paige has a serious head injury and stays in coma. When she awakes, she has partial recollection of her life until five years ago and she does not recognize her husband. Leo endeavors to win her heart again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack A (gb) wrote: This irritatingly bad, predictable, and unscary horror sequel includes a ghost with a YouTube channel, a ouija board spelling on it's own, irrelevant characters that add nothing to the plot or the movie itself, and an ending that the creators should be embarrassed of.

Shawn W (de) wrote: great film, of a story that needed to be told about the tragedy in darfur.

Jacky L (jp) wrote: much as i was hoping otherwise, it turned out to be yet another expected ethnic-immigrant-caught -between-two-worlds story; no breath of fresh air nor did it stand out amongst similar tales. at least the female protagonist was likable.

Janis T (kr) wrote: Too precious, too dear, too heavy-handed. And ultimately too depressing.

Mohammed I (fr) wrote: Strictly for children and Asterix and Obelix fans.There were few laughs, but the music throughout was good.Watchable.

Patrick L (gb) wrote: Very clear images through out the film. It feels as though you are reading the Dazed and Confused magazine. All the actors in this film are all unknown which is what I like most. And also, this film is very much like Bill Murray's Lost in Translation.

Luke B (jp) wrote: I'd describe this film as being pleasantly predictable. It certainly is if you have seen many Korean romances. It's one of those romantic films that relies on coincidences, but these coincidences tend to make you go "AWWWW" as opposed to rolling your eyes. The characters are well built and all have interesting qualities. The film takes it's time in building up a relationship and then just sort of throws an ending together. I'd describe it as "soft". It doesn't demand too much of you and it hands out some emotions without being too cheesy, melodramatic or exhausting.

Andrew L (de) wrote: Saw this in a class looking at music in film and early cinema in particular. There was heated debate afterwards as to its authenticity, until I pointed out the the macguffin, some film lost in the jungle, was found under the sign of Taurus. ie, it was bull.Brilliant film, and a great way to prank your friends to boot!

Alora C (ru) wrote: Watch the whole series.

Eljai M (ca) wrote: This film echoes with a harsh silent strength yet it isbeautifully subtle with bleak landscapes. Outstanding performances by father and son.

Greg W (jp) wrote: this sequel continues the saga of brad and janet

Collin R (de) wrote: they simply dont make movies like this anymore. incredible, how it unfolds and the acting the plot. the clues. they just simply dont make movies like this anymore. something special

Christopher O (kr) wrote: My first viewing of the one Bond film that featured an actor only once as the British super spy. More spy film less comedy and double meanings Lazenby was rather good as Bond and fit the tuxedo well enough. DIana Rigg is beautiful and exciting and now my favorite Bond girl. Savalas also plays the villain with aplomb. Beautiful scenery and nerve breaking stunts on skis, cars and bobsleds. Maybe a little too long is my major complaint. 07-31-2016

dam R (ru) wrote: The critics were a little unfair to this film. I enjoyed it, and was surprised that it wasn't bad like I expected. Film was well done, with a lot of subtle humor that wasn't over the top or campy. Much better than many higher rated parody films. The depictions of Carl and Daryl were quite amusing, and they really took aim at the excessive drama in Walking Dead and the idiotic plot of Warm Bodies. Also recommend iZombie for more zombie humor.

Tyler R (gb) wrote: If there's something positive to say about Eli Roth, it's that he doesn't cater to anyone. Other than that small snippet, there's still the fact that he is a horrible director and writer, with ideas that could've come from a thirteen year old. The Green Inferno follows a group as they head to South America to stop deforestation, only to be captured by a cannibalistic tribe. For starters, Roth spends too much time trying to force the characters on the audience. They are all generally unlikeable, whether it was how they are poorly written or acted. But Roth remains steadfast is trying to get us to like them. It doesn't work. So, when the carnage kicks off, there's nothing coming from the audience outside of headaches and eye rolls. Visually, the film is ugly. The lighting is way off and there are other technical aspects of the film that come off as amateurish. Acting wise, it's all pretty bad, but that's not helped by the fact that no one has anything good to work with. By the time the film is done, Roth fans will have another torture-porn flick to enjoy while the rest of us try to regain that wasted time.