The Vulture

The Vulture

Imagine that you have the power to decide on people's lives. Who would you condemned, and whom he saved? In the center of Europe suddenly, without a trace, people begin to disappear. The ...

Imagine that you have the power to decide on people's lives. Who would you condemned, and whom he saved? In the center of Europe suddenly, without a trace, people begin to disappear. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (br) wrote: Very cool film, among other things deals with the seemingly perpetual allegory of the decline of schools in the UK. Quite amazing performance by Sennia Nanua. The lunatics may be taking over the asylum, but their children may yet talk some sense into them. Great film.

Eliabeth M (es) wrote: Fabulous movie, great dialogue and generally fab script. Safe to say I could watch this again, lots of lovely nuances and great cinematography.

Scott W (ag) wrote: Adapted from a Terry Pratchett book, this movie took a moment to settle into but eventually was a DEEPLY complex, immersive experience. Ultimately, this is a version of the Christmas story for atheists. It involves the Tooth Fairy, The Boogeyman, Santa Claus, The Fates, Death, a homicidal Willy Wonka, and Death(TM)s granddaughter " Susan. Sound bizarre? You have no idea. This may look like a kid(TM)s movie at first glance, but don(TM)t sit down in front of it with them unless you(TM)re ready to hear, Mommy, is God real?? I will eagerly be watching the next installment soon " The Color of Magic?, which features Tim Curry, Jeremy Irons, Brian Cox, and Christopher Lee.

Karl G (de) wrote: Good, script/acting bit dodgy at times

Paul L (ag) wrote: Love fighting movies... especially old Chinese movies... :D

TaNyA M (mx) wrote: wooow lets go crazyyy frog

Anders A (nl) wrote: Another great robbery-thievery thriller from Melville. This might be called his "real" breakthrough, naturally in pure Melville style, precision, action, cop, villain. Whats not to like about Lino Ventura, great actor and cast.

Aj V (jp) wrote: A fantastic dark comedy about gangsters, I loved this movie.

Jeff B (de) wrote: Solid lesser Hitchcock film.

Alex r (mx) wrote: Clint Eastwood has always made very good films, and here he crafts something is riveting, thrilling and captivating, and it's a film that is quite underrated and is an overlooked film that is much better than what the initial reviews have stated. The film has its weak parts, but overall, it's a solid affair, that is salvaged by terrific performances by its cast and a good storyline. I quite enjoyed the film's story, and thought that the concept was quite good as well. Matt Damon does some very good work here, and is aided by a great cast of varied talent, that all of whom really deliver something worthwhile on-screen. This is a well directed drama from Clint Eastwood, a director who has always managed to craft some entertaining and memorable films. Although not one of his finest efforts, the film is worth seeing and is quite good for what it is, but at times it could have been slightly better as well as the story does slow down a bit at times. Nonetheless due to terrific direction from Clint Eastwood and memorable performances from its cast, Hereafter works well enough to grab your attention for two hours of solid entertainment. Although not one of Eastwood's strongest directorial efforts, this most certainly not his worst either. If you enjoy a well crafted drama with good performances, Hereafter is a worthy film to watch. The picture tells a very good story, one that does deserve more praise than it does, and for what it is, it's a film that tells a very good story and despite its shortcomings is quite enthralling from the first frame onwards, and under the capable direction of Clint Eastwood is a worthwhile affair.

David L (ag) wrote: I was brought up on this video game so it's an automatic thumbs up from me as I've dedicated hours of my life to this. Angelina Jolie looks exactly the part in this role, and it's almost as if the computer game was designed around her as opposed to her being selected to imitate Lara Croft. Many of the traits have been mirrored in this movie, including the famous Croft Manor, with various locations and hidden rooms, as well as the several world locations that are visited, and not forgetting the Egyptian statues that you just know are going to come to life once the treasure has been collected. In fact about the only thing that wasn't apparent from my playing days was the number of times Lara actually died due to my inability to control her, plus the several times I made her jump in order to hear that weird groan of ecstasy that she performed - very Sharapova like. I suspect that wasn't included in order to keep this rating at a family viewing acceptability. There was a good level of action towards the beginning and middle of this film, but that kind of petered out into what was a very anticlimactic ending with a villain that wasn't of a memorable nature. I also didn't really see the point in Daniel Craig's character, other than to confuse people into thinking you were watching a poor mans James Bond film. One of the key features of the game was that Lara was a unique archaeologist that worked and travelled alone against similar minded people, therefore why the film was overloaded with several characters irrelevant to the storyline I don't know. It would have been better if there were more focus on her, and greater 1:1 encounters with temple beasts and animals. I have to admit, every time I see this film, it does make me want to play the game again, so in that respect, it's a success. Other than that, it's just another decent action film, but if you're not a fan of the console character, you probably won't be missing much in passing it by.

Paul A (it) wrote: wasn't that great a pretty dull storyline, only reason I liked it was because i like Mila kunis and robin williams, not a very memorable movie and tbh it was kind of boring.