The Wagons Roll at Night

The Wagons Roll at Night

A carnival operator (Humphrey Bogart) tries to end his sister's fling with a rookie lion tamer (Eddie Albert).

After local grocery clerk rescues a baby from an escaped lion, a circus owner builds him into an attraction but balks when he falls in love with his sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan M (ag) wrote: The story of the worst movie ever made and how it became a cult classic.

Mattias L (de) wrote: Herregud vilket skrp. Tnk er American Pie fast men urusla skdisar och en lvtunn story...

Laurence H (es) wrote: Could not finish this

Rock Y (es) wrote: America looking for justice.... I think they found it! Cruise pulls out all the stops with shootouts and chases. It is is worth seeing. I give it an (A) go check it out.

Andrey B (gb) wrote: Nice and rich character study with many wonderful performances. Maybe it's not flawless but though-provoking about the values in your life.

Andrew M (it) wrote: Ratatouille is an inspiring film that anyone can do anything. This movie is about a rat that has always wanted to be a chef. However, Ratatouille does take a step down in Pixar movies. I don't think this is one of Pixar's best movies. Although, the plot of the movie is inspiring and amazing. I would suggest this movie.

Bryce L (ag) wrote: if I could I would give this movie a 8.25/10. It is certainly a well put movie, but not a masterpiece like its foremovie. Honestly could be a movie by itself and did not need the first movie to be watched before watching this one. Good music.

Justin F (kr) wrote: One of the most mesmeric films ive ever seen and yet, I dont really know exactly why? To describe it as a series of images with no narrative makes it sound naffer than a Celine Dion cover of Public Enemies Fight The Power. But once you start paying attention to it, it will suck you in and refuse to let go until it finishes. Many will say that it is trying to persuade the viewer of the damage we are doing to the environment and our planet and there is some truth in this but I dont think you have to share such views to enjoy this? It is particularly impressive in Hi Definition and ill admit that this was the sole reason why I bought it without even knowing what it is about? So if you have a spare 90 minutes one evening pop it on, pour a glass of Red and prepare to be amazed.

Denislav R (es) wrote: The only thing in the movie I did not like are the special effects. They have`not aged well it seems. Outside o that- it's an amazing movie.

Thomas B (it) wrote: Stinko movie, don't waist your time

Cameron H (it) wrote: Sure, Blazing Saddles is one of Mel Brooks' less politically correct movies, but he does an impressive job in replicating the classic Western aesthetic (no inside-reference-turned-pun intended) for an essential twist: What if our hero were black? That forward thinking quickly trumps accusations of a racist agenda, not to mention that this is a spoof movie. Oddly enough, the film's greatest weaknesses are found in the jokes and the acting. When the movie hits, it's with flying colours. For example, *SPOILERS(?)* when the roughest thugs in the Wild West invade a movie studio of relatively scrawny, effeminate male dancers, an all-out brawl turns into a place of reconciliation. It's endearing, and quite funny. Mel Brooks clearly loves Looney Tunes, even using the closing credits theme after one gag. I might argue that this movie is equally an ode to Looney Tunes as it is to classic Westerns, with the edge of addressing contemporary racism (in a tongue in cheek fashion, to clarify).However, Looney Tunes had its flaws. Mel Brooks seems to try to replicate those flaws as well. The cabaret number from Lili Von Shtupp (Madeline Kahn), about how tired she is, is, ahem, tiresome. Actual cabaret is much funnier. Even more confusing is the scene that follows, when she tries to seduce Sheriff Bart (Cleavon Little) for the evil plot of Helen Lamar (Harvey Korman, and that's HEDLEY). I have no idea when her intentions changed from seducing evilly to genuinely, but when we next see her, we are to assume she is on the side of Bart. Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks, and Harvey Korman are all pretty funny, as their lines were practically written for them. Cleavon Little, however, is unfairly disadvantaged by not being Richard Pryor, incidentally one of the screenwriters for Blazing Saddles. Little does his best, and strikes gold when he can bring the stage to the screen, particularly in cartoonish moments like holding himself hostage so others withdraw guns from his face. Still, certain lines of his feel heavily indebted to the unique delivery of Pryor. Additionally, the sex and fart jokes have not aged very well. Hanging a horse rider AND his horse, on the other hand? Awesome. Segregation of carriage circles, when being raided by Native Americans? Splendid. I would watch Blazing Saddles again, though I am not blameless, if I would ever prefer to watch isolated clips from the movie.

James J (nl) wrote: One of the best revenge movies ever made in this quasi-experimental sexploitation film.

KwonRyoon L (mx) wrote: This movie was some type of reward. I've got no interest in watching it.

Samir S (es) wrote: A Life discovered in Pictures...

Connor W (us) wrote: When i this was announced i admit i was intrigued as i was a big fan of the games when i was younger, but the second i watched the trailer i knew what was going to come of ''Need For Speed''. It's a rushed and underdeveloped movie where i don't care about any of the characters, even when Pete died i felt nothing as i didn't know anything about him other than he can be an ass. To round this movie up its got the most predictable story, a villain that wasn't intimidating but hay at least the physics make more sense then fast and furious (sue me) :p