The Wailer

The Wailer

On their way to Mexico, six students are stranded in a small town where years before a tragedy took place.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:la llorona,  

On their way to Mexico, six students are stranded in a small town where years before a tragedy took place. The students find accommodation in a small cabin where unexplainable things begin ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (de) wrote: A mediocre police thriller that feels more like the pilot for a television cop drama than an actual feature film, Z Storm only barely manages to entertain. It felt like it was an ad for the ICAC as characters wasted no time to say ICAC whenever they could. I'm not even sure the ICAC really exists. It would be akin to watching a US flick where the cops kept saying FBI whenever they could. "I'm agent Johnson from the FBI. Sir the FBI takes these things very seriously. You don't want to have to deal with the FBI. Why don't you come with us down to FBI headquarters where someone from the FBI will ask you some questions like only the FBI can" Ok so it wasn't that bad... but I only exagerated slightly.

Diana T (de) wrote: Best movie I've seen last year!!!

Nefert M (ca) wrote: I'm always up for Stargate.

Nick A (ca) wrote: Australian heist movie with a couple of good characters, and a bunch of stereotyped ones. Still not too bad an attempt, and whoever loves the genre or the accent should make it through to the end. Sam Worthington shows more here than in that Titans flick.

Sean L (mx) wrote: Makes me feel better about being a huge fanboy. At least I'm not as pathetic as some of the people in this film!

Katherine R (kr) wrote: I would like to see this on netflix

Al D (us) wrote: Pretty decent French thriller that recycles atypical plot themes with bad cops, assassins & other common elements. These all take a back seat to the foot chase scenes, which are very well choreographed.

Moses H (es) wrote: I couldn't stay awake through it

Tre Bluey O (mx) wrote: Blecchy! (thats good)

Jordi F (ca) wrote: Awful actors, stupid plot and funny octopus

Zack B (nl) wrote: An incendiary drama set smack in the morally and geographically arid wasteland called The Furies, a righteous name full of mythological insinuation. The cinematography is stark, immediate black-and-white, every shot a beautiful tapestry. The performances are electric, especially by Walter Huston who, like in The Treasure of the Sierra, is explosively expressive and charismatically demanding.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: Good, hard-boiled gangster flick. Interestingly, Lana Turner plays a girl in love with a gangster named Johnny and is involved in a shooting, when in real life, Turner was in love with a real gangster named Johnny, who was shot by her daughter. Why does Jasper, from The Simpsons, want a Van Heflin nose ("32 Short Films About Springfield")? Seems like Robert Taylor would be a better bet. Here, Heflin's character has an obvious closeted crush on Taylor.

Stephen R (fr) wrote: 2.5 stars really...while i can see why this was considered to be boring, dull, trite, rote even...cliche....etc....and panned....i still kind of liked having it on as a half background movie while works for that...the music is placid and pretty as are the sets and the peformacnes are good...but as you might have heard, the narration is tedious and the story plodding and uninteresting....but, to conclude, i'd say if you like history and bio-pics...or just like bill might probably wanna have a look, esp if you have something else to half do while it's on....or if you just watched ken burn's long and great Roosevelts's worth peeking at this....or don't...u'll be fine