The Waiting City

The Waiting City

A mystic-infused love story that follows a young couple's journey to India to collect their adopted baby.

A mystic-infused love story that follows a young couple's journey to India to collect their adopted baby. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan M (de) wrote: Literally fell asleep while watching this.

Alex M (br) wrote: I loved the cast and the cinematography, and the story really intrigued me for the first half of the film. The second half wasn't bad, but it was just a reminder of why horror is my least favorite movie genre.

Tim D (br) wrote: Great concept, very poorly executed. This is geared toward the comic book crowd about a comic geek who meets a potential superhero. So he trains him, hoping to be his sidekick one day. But he turns into a supervillain instead. Visuals, camerawork, acting, costumes, and much more needed a hell of a lot of work to pull this off.

John M (ag) wrote: The raising of a murderer. Exactly what the title says, this is about the life and death of Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute who murdered her johns on at least six separate occasions. This documentary shows testimony from her trial and interviews leading up to her execution in 2002. One thing that I didn't realize about this before my wife and I decided to sit down and check another movie off the list is that this is actually a follow up documentary; the same filmmaker, Nick Broomfield, also released Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer eleven years prior. Had we known, we probably would have watched it in the opposite order for continuity's sake, but as it stands, I felt like I learned something about a case that I had limited knowledge on. This one woman is an object of fascination, even today. I don't know if you've been keeping up with American Horror Story: Hotel, but Lily Rabe portrayed her for a small part. To be the subject of not one, but two documentaries made by the same man, you know there has to be a good story there, and there is definitely more than what the news media made readily available. This documentary brings a lot of attention to Aileen's childhood and the neglect that made her the person who was notorious for her crimes and lifestyle. It's pretty disturbing, and the fact that she was doing this within an hour's drive of where I currently reside just added to the effect. You really get to see what mental instability she suffered from, and a large portion of what she had to say is how the police let her keep killing so they could bank on selling the rights to her story. This could very well just be a paranoid delusion, but at the same time, it's not like this is out of the realm of possibility, as the movie Monster also came out in 2003, the same year as this. While what is going on in Aileen's head is up for debate, this is a story that is so crazy that it can only be true. There are plenty of moments that you pause to process what was just said, only to have a "...what?" reaction. This girl had a very rough life and upbringing, and this documentary does a great job of making you want to go back and do your own research of your own to separate fact from fiction. You can tell by how people react to this director when he's on camera that he has made a lot of enemies for just trying to offer a different point of view. You can make up your own mind, and this is a fascinating documentary to take in.

Jared S (us) wrote: an experimental film that does some interesting things but ultimately is just a waste of time. The story is dumb for whatever little bit there is. Ugly looking movie.

Caitlin L (de) wrote: Really enjoyed it. Loved all the characters and who got cast to play them.

Anna N (ru) wrote: I'll pass on this one.

Eliabeth M (au) wrote: Fantastic Planet transcurre en el futuro donde en este planeta unos gigantes de apariencia extraa viven. Tienen como mascotas a unos humanoides que deciden rebelarse contra ellos. Esta es una pelcula totalmente nica, sobretodo por el tipo de animacin que utilizan. Las figuras son cortadas y luego es usado el Stop Motion para animarlas, y esto le da un estilo original y distinto a cualquier cosa que haya visto antes. Tambin los colores que utilizan y el tipo de ilustracin da una atmsfera escalofriante. De hecho esta no es una pelcula para nios, porque lidia con temas bastante oscuros y tiene escenas que a pesar de parecer inocentes, asustan por su realismo. Los temas tratados en esta pelcula hasta hoy en da son actuales. El poder ejercido por los gigantes hacia los humanoides, lleva a la rebelin de estos. Al rebelarse, tratan de eliminarlos, pero no lo logran. La determinacin que demuestran termina siendo su salvacin a pesar de ser menos numerosos y con menos poder que los gigantes. Luego de ver esta pelcula no he podido dejar de pensar en ella porque es distinta a cualquier animacin que haya visto. Fue dirigida por Ren Laloux y el diseo de produccin creado por Roland Topor. A pesar de que toma los tpicos elementos de el gnero de ciencia ficcin logran algo fuera de lo comn y que se mantiene vigente a pesar de haber sido realizada en el ao 1973.

Keldann D (br) wrote: I loved the book. It was a landmark in my childhood. But why is there a movie? And why was it so terribly done? Too many changes were made, and so much of the book's quality died with it.

Francisco L (kr) wrote: Predictable, but better than original, well acted and with a good script.

garth m (jp) wrote: Bike messengers tooling around New York City at 25-30 mph on bikes with no brakes and hard geared with no coast mechanism. A messenger bag over the shoulder and a bike lock chain around the waist. A helmet and possibly knee and elbow pads their only protection. The hazards carelessly opened car doors, unsignalled lane changes and abrupt turns and kamikaze pedestrians. All this for $80/day or about $20,000/year if you stay healthy. If it's got to get there a bike messenger can do the job faster than any other service. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has no less than four stand-ins. A real-life bike messenger adept at negotiating city traffic at speed, a bike racer, a stunt bike rider and a pro-stunt man for the dangerous accident scenes. All have physiques to match his lean compact frame. The DVD Supplements that demonstrate how the action was captured are a must-see. There are no high-octane chase scenes la Fast and Furious but the kinetic energy of an unprotected human body captured close-up on a bike travelling up to 40 mph in traffic is quite dramatic. The movie is special effects laden. The storyline is all about getting there as fast as possible. As portrayed these riders have a lifestyle but no life and therein lies the film's weakness.

Lauralee C (mx) wrote: Tom Selleck seems to be in his element in this. It's great!

Lisa W (ca) wrote: A really nice story about a father and son and their lives. Some really sad, touching parts too.

Matt M (es) wrote: Mystery comedy about a magician and a reporter wannabe on the trail of a serial killer after a recently deceased journalist appears in front of the reporter wannabe during a magic trick. The film is mildly entertaining, but never so mysterious and also not as witty as a lot of other Allen work. Overall, it's quite weak, though Allen in front of the camera is still funny.