The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Five young marines on a suicide mission in Vietnam, struggle for survival in a jungle minefield. The mean streets of home did not prepare them for this.

In 1972 Vietnam, a group of United States Marines are sent in to rescue several POW officers. The Landing Zone (LZ) which should have been "cold" actually turns out to indeed be very "hot" ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sherry c (de) wrote: -better than expected o-o?, 1/2 3/4 (C)

Facebook U (kr) wrote: I remember when I first saw this movie a few years ago. I remember thinking: God, I hate America. Spy Kids 4-D is an absolute piece of worthless schlock. I never liked Spy Kids, not even when I was little, but this is the most worthless one yet. There's nothing redeeming about. It's one of those movies that I'm embarrassed I actually watched. Yeah, that's how bad it is. It's a movie that literally makes kids dumber. As the Old Man on Pawn Stars would say: movies like this are what's wrong with the whole damn world. Over in Japan family films are about life and filled with emotional weight, America just pulls family films out of its ass. Geeze, maybe that why (or at least one of the reasons) Asians are so smart. They have a society about culture and at a young age are exposed to thought provoking lessons in film. Good god, to be honest I don't even know why I took the time to write this. Anyone whose serious about film knows it terrible wether they've seen it or not.

YOOOOLANI (kr) wrote: Must see more on how corrupt the war is!

Eric S (kr) wrote: The film is boring and the porn is bad.

Lee C (br) wrote: Sounds great, never heard of it but wanna c it now!

D M (ca) wrote: A small town experiences some deaths and disappearances which leave officials with no answers. When one man discovers that mutant meat-eating slugs are to blame, he is laughed at. Soon it is discovered he is correct and the source of their new powers is a toxic dump. Some gruesome scenes, but all-in-all solid, average 80s fare.

Misty D (gb) wrote: His secret life?!! ahahha anche gli americani storpiano i titoli dei film ora?

Yanira D (kr) wrote: La actuacin de Dian Lane es lo que vale la pana ver.

Ryan M (es) wrote: Offensive and careless throughout when tackling its many issues and themes, yet its still explosive at times and you can't stop watching it. Geoffrey Rush is a thrill as the Marquis de Sade and greatly outperforms everyone else in the talented cast. In some ways he outperforms the movie itself. Not for the faint of heart, but then again its not supposed to be.

Leonard D (de) wrote: Pretty corny and stupid! Angelica stripping in front of David was kinda hot though!

Scott W (de) wrote: For being one of my favorite actresses, Meg Ryan hasn't had an overwhelming career. If you look past the three movies of hers I love (When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail), there is not much else that is any good. The biggest issue I had with this movie is the tone. From the very beginning with the girl dying, it made me uncomfortable and was borderline creepy. The filmmakers seem to make up the rules of this world as they go along. I never understood how Maggie could see Seth sometimes and not others. And the tragic ending felt more manipulative than anything. I debated turning this off after 20 minutes. I probably should have.

Darren H (br) wrote: The film magnifies and illuminates the brilliance in architecture and color palette of the insect body. The blu-ray makes a cool demo disc.

Richard P (jp) wrote: This is classic channel 5 film territory !!!!! It's just about good enough to keep you watching to the end, but lacks sophistication in terms of plot line, character development and fails to get you excited about catching the killer. Very average.

David M (es) wrote: A sad example of bad writing and wasted money.

(nl) wrote: What a movie! This one has the perfect 1970's vibe to it. It perfecly shows how drugs can effect one's mind and how they can lead one to do viscious and malicious acts towards loved ones. During the hippie movement, Lieberman's Blue Sunshine would have been the greatest anti-drug message of the era. The film follows Gerry Zipkin, a man falsely accused of mudering four people at a party. Most of the movie consists of Zipkin trying to prove his innocence and to find out what is making all of these people lose their hair and go insane. The police believe Gerry to be guilty until his girlfriend can prove his innocence. In the midst of all this, Ed Flemming, future congressman is running for the spot. Zpikin quickly finds out about his past and that he has links to the mysterious Blue Sunshine. . . The movie doesn't revolve around violence or gore or barely any blood. It's just a suspenseful and atmospheric ride to the end. The audience waits for the moment when the users of 'Blue Sunshine' go crazy. Trust me, it happens more then once and each time it's even more creepy then the last. The final moments in the disco tech are both cheesy as well as suspenseful and are prime 70's. Although it doesn't sound very creepy, a bald character with huge eyes can surprisingly be quite eerie. The effect is so well done that it is almost as creepy as the original zombies in Romero's Night of the Living Dead. One scene in particular involves a middle aged woman who quickly loses her mind (and hair) while babysitting. The scene rapidly evolves from a friendly atmosphere to a chaotic one when the bald woman grabs a kitchen knife and chases the two children around the house with it. The whole time, the audience is wondering if they will see the two children get killed. Overall, the movie is not overly bloody, there are perhaps two or three scenes that involve blood or violence in general. Although this does not make Blue Sunshine a horrible movie. I personally liked the days when a movie relied on minimal blood instead of boring CGI blood and gore. The setting is similar to that of Dawn of the Dead. Many scenes take place in a mall. In a 70's movie, a mall is one of the best places to set a movie. There is a definate feel on claustrophobia and isolation but at the same time, a feeling of joy and happiness. Complete opposites which make this movie so perfect. I would reccomend Blue Sunshine to a fan of Dawn of the Dead and any fan of 70's horror. 9/10

Mark W (de) wrote: A completely action packed 50's sci-fi alien invasion movie! A lot of these50's invasion movies have failed to captivate me the way this one did. They truly put across the fear and dread of the civilians (better than many of the others I have seen) and the attack scenes and special effects weren't half bad! Genuinely one to check out if your a fan of Sci-Fi movies.

Joe H (ag) wrote: What a waste of good bandwidth

Kimberly A (ca) wrote: Somehow I had missed this movie when it came out in 2010, so I watched it the other night and guess what? I actually thought it was a pretty decent movie. Zac Efron & Charlie Tahan were pretty convincing as loving brothers. I'll admit it brought the expected tears, but the story line was a little different. There was a little bit of, "Huh? Is this real or imagined?", but in the end, I think I got the drift and I liked it. You'll probably cry, smile, and your heart will melt a little. Not your every day love story. Loved the brother connection.

Scott R (ca) wrote: Most of the movie was fine, but a bit overplayed. However, in the beginning when you see the old boxer going up against a youngin', I couldn't help but sympathize with old boxer having been great and only being a has been now. That part will stick with me.

Benjamin O (gb) wrote: Preachy chastisement.