The War Is Over

The War Is Over

The film is set in France in August 1944 at the end of the war. German troops are in retreat as the allies are coming in. Two French boys run from home and on their journey they stumble ...

The conflict in question is World War II; even though hostilities have all but ceased, the Germans and the French are not precisely reconciled... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panos Y (au) wrote: 8/10 Very nice, interesting and fresh.

Dylan K (jp) wrote: Very good and very interesting and exciting

Lora R (de) wrote: Aadukalam was a good movie. The story wasn't that appealing to me, but I liked the rooster fight scenes. The effects were done quite well and looked almost real. I also enjoyed Dhanush's acting a lot! His character reminded me of his role in Pudhupettai. Although Aadukalam won six awards at the 58th National Film Awards, including the awards for Best Director (Vetrimaran) and Best Actor (Dhanush), I thought Dhanush's performance was better in Pudhupettai. That movie never won any awards and that's a pity, because the performance of Dhanush and the story were better than Aadukalam.I also enjoyed Dhanush's kuthu dance. He dances so naturally and I really like that.Newcomer Taapsee as the heroine was a bad choice according to me. She didn't match Dhanush and I didn't see any chemistry between them either.The movie is fun, enjoyable and had enough fights (which I mainly fastforward in Tamil movies), but sometimes the movie felt like it's going on slow.

Dylan D (kr) wrote: Where Do We Go Now? won't put an end to the world's religious strife, but it shows that taking a stand and making the effort to solve the problem -- no matter how unorthodox the solutions may be -- is preferable to allowing violence to beget more violence, of allowing a peaceful and peace-loving village to devolve into a cesspool of hate and violence, for its land to become as deadly as the mine field that surrounds it. The movie makes light of the solution rather than the problem. It doesn't disparage religion or those who practice any of its variants, but it does speak loudly against divisions becoming more than a mere war of words. It's a fun but meaningful and heartfelt movie that tells a good story and is shaped by strong performances, quality direction, and a wonderful score.

Shelby H (au) wrote: This movie got me to watch Dr. Who, how can you not love David Tennant?

Monica E (ca) wrote: Awesome emotional rollercoaster, starts off a bit slow but provoked a lot of emotions from me so it gets 5 stars.

Jeff B (br) wrote: With a cast that entails some of the best in the biz (Pine, Costner, Knightley, Branagh), you can never do too badly. Of course, nothing here you haven't seen before, no ground breaking stuff, but solid fare, nevertheless.It might even run aground via clich, foreign student sees his country terrorized, patriotic and smart goes off to war, gets injured, gets noticed by top CIA personnel. Did I miss anything you haven't seen before in some version? Some plot holes, etc. The drama / action is standard fare, but overall, if you're not asking for much, a fun film for the night. Nothing ground breaking but enough to keep you engaged for just under a couple hours.

Dan G (ca) wrote: "A mute hit-man vows to kill only the rude, and save up enough money for tongue surgery." Ooh, the plot sounds good, but I dont' really care for Byeong-ok Kim's work.

Joshua C (us) wrote: I am a BIG Andy Garcia fan - always have been - something about his screen presence that always made me think he would be a huge success (maybe a follow on to the young Pacino - even though they were overlapping in terms of career activity) He never really made the jump to superstar leading man. I don't know why but picking leaker movies like this did not help. The movie is slow moving and at 1 hour in I was so disinterested in what was happening in the characters lives that I just switched it off.

Jacqui (ag) wrote: i loved this movie when i was younger

Sarah G (jp) wrote: Does pass the time but cant really believe I watched this this afternoon. In the end it all seemed a bit pointless... More to follow..

John C (fr) wrote: Nicolas Cage explodes in the best movie of his career, Werner Herzog's remake of a drug-fueled, morally corrupt Lieutenant is masterfully offbeat and perfectly unapologetic. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.

Tristan M (it) wrote: Cool high tech film, with a good plot, and futuristic feel. The cast has some good actors, and they preform well, combined with a good script makes an enjoyable movie. The plots is cool, surprisingly easy to follow for the subject matter. I don't know if the technology used if real, or if they actually have it all yet, but I know that what isn't real, will become so very soon. I think that with the technology try had they would have found Smiths character far sooner and easier, but for the sake of the movie had a hard time. The shootout at the end was awesome, and a genius way to get the two enemies of your back, and ties up any loose ends. A well paced thriller, not action packed I guess but exciting and interesting.

Carlos M (br) wrote: This unnecessary fourquel was obviously conceived to make (more) money only, with an uninspired story that is dull, unfunny and full of the lamest clichs about the "value of family" - and Scrat is the only thing that still works, even if in homeopathic doses.

David W (es) wrote: A journey of Calvin and his adventures in the wild, Sean Penn delivers a well-adapted film of a man wanting to be free in his life of materialism, responsibility, and crappy parents

Caleb M (kr) wrote: An intense psychological study of a couple falling apart trying to survive a war. Shame isn't my favorite Bergman, not by a long shot. It's so dark and so depressing it becomes hard to watch. This is also the first time I've encountered a Bergman film that borderline bored me. It's not that it's dull, but Sydow and Ullmann are so painfully honest you almost don't want to watch. I urge anyone reading these to check out Bergman if you haven't already (you can't go wrong with The Seventh Seal or Wild Strawberries for starters), but unless you're used to this material Shame will most likely scare you away.

Rachel C (kr) wrote: Lee Marvin's lustful sniffing, Jose Ferrer's blas anti-semitism, Simon Signoret's sweaty withdrawals and Vivien Leigh's lip-stick smeared mid-life crisis are just four of the countless reasons to watch this film. Abby Mann's rapid-fire dialogue and the film's crisp editing are a wonder to behold. But it is Oskar Werner's performance as the ship doctor that is magical.

Carroll H (ca) wrote: Better than the critics say ... very interesting story with good action and acting. Liked it as the casting was good and the directing.

Marcus W (au) wrote: It's a 100 minute cliche, but it's also impossible not to fall for its charm.