The War of the Planets

The War of the Planets

In the 21st century, aliens with mind-control powers attempt to take over the earth.

In the 21st century, aliens (weird, green, lights which sometimes manifest themselves as large clouds of smoke) invade the solar system. Using Mars as their base, they steal all of Earth's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard V (de) wrote: Take away the idea of a man on a ledge, it's a standard heist and man clearing name film. The performances are alright, the film's okay. It's perfect on TV when there's nothing else to watch on TNT.

Michael K (us) wrote: Pretty good romantic film ruined by a few terrible song choices at the ending . . .

Sevag D (ag) wrote: I love nirvana. I hated this movie.

KBob H (ca) wrote: Not George Clooney's best work and not the best way to transition John Krasinski into movies. The acting was fine, the story just wasn't deep enough to be a funny drama, and wasn't funny enough to be a pure comedy.

Jean G (ru) wrote: A film by Moustapha Akkad about the Bedouin insurrection against the Fascist government in Libya. It's an interesting combination, given that in today's world both Muslims and Fascists get a bad rap. The film is from a pro-Bedouin perspective, obviously given the nationality and religion of the director, and in fact it centre around the film's namesake Omar Mukhtar, a Quran teacher and guerilla general of the Bedouin forces. However it is a very fair and objective film, portraying different kinds of Arabs and different kinds of Italians, from the cowards to the wise. In fact, the Italian forces and strategies are ultimately very lenient, given that they are dealing with a fully-fledged insurrection.I love the Italian dandyism of both soldiers and political officers. It's a pity the soldiers are shown as cowards time and again.Rod Steiger is good as Mussolini, but he's no different from portraying Napoleon in Waterloo. I don't like these kind of actors, who only have one persona to act over and over again.Oliver Reed is excellent as usual. I love his cruel face, but his character in this film, Graziani, is actually very wise, ruthless whenever necessary, generous and humane whenever allowed.

I dont know w (nl) wrote: Looks pretty decent.

bill s (mx) wrote: Harrison Ford knew what his fans wanted and he serves up a heaping helping here.

Diana S (de) wrote: An intense experience.

Robert B (br) wrote: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Hironobu Sakaguchi and Moto Sakakibara, 2001)[originally posted 4Feb2002]Every review of this movie I ever read says roughly the same thing: "the animation in this movie will astound you. If you're not impressed by animation, though, you might as well ignore it, because there's nothing backing it up." I hate to say it, but despite animation that is, truly, fantastic, and a cast that redefines "high-powered" in an animated film, those reviews are dead on, and you won't read anything new here.The setting is Earth in 2065. Thirty-four years previous, a large meteorite crashed into the Earth's surface (forget, for the moment, that the last time a chunk of rock this big crashed into the Earth's surface, the dinosaurs were wiped out), bringing with it an alien race called the Phantoms. The Phantoms are very invisible, very nasty, and extremely pissed off, and their main mission on Earth seems to be to kill humans as quickly and efficiently as possible. What's left of humanity is holed up in a large, ultra-secure dome in New York City. Most humans are simply concerned with killing Phantoms in the same way Phantoms kill humans, but two scientists, Aki (Ming-Na, recently of Mulan) and Sid (Donald Sutherland), are convinced that conventional weapons are not the way to go here; they're of the belief that a series of eight spirits, when combined correctly and beamed out over the earth, will act towards the Phantoms as matter acts to anti-matter, the two will cancel each other out, and humans will be free to recolonize their own planet. The head of the faction who believes guns ARE the way to go is General Hyde (James Woods), who assigns a team of stormtroopers to guard Aki and Sid intheir quest to find the eight spirits (the film opens with Aki going out into the undomed part of New York to get the sixth one). The subtext, of course, is that the guards are also monitors. The guards ain't no slouches either, voicewise. Keith David, Peri Gilpin, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Buscemi all lend their vocal talents to these parts. That's a lot of talent in that there paragraph, Vern. It's also more than enough meat, handled correctly, to come up with a pretty bang-up story with lots of mysticism AND lots of things blowing up. How cool is that?Not too cool at all, unfortunately. The plot's about as wooden as it could possibly be, and while the voice acting is exceptional in its understatement for an animated film (where one expects, and probably should expect, overacting; witness the successes of Monsters Inc. and Shrek the same year of Final Fantasy's release), it more often than not comes off as wooden and unemotional. Whether it's the voice acting, Squaresoft's continuing inability to animate faces correctly, or a combination of the above remains debatable.The inability to animate faces, though (they're just too smooth, pure and simple), is Square's only shortcoming where the animation is concerned. There were two or three points during the film where I really did think I was watching a live-action movie. The Spirits Within, if nothing else, will be remembered for pushing the envelope orders of magnitude farther than any film before it for realistic animation. While that animation itself is probably a good enough reason to give this thing a ninety-nine cent rental, more than anything it underscores the idea that, if the plot had been carried off with the same flair as the animation, The Spirits Within would have achieved "instant classic" status faster than you can say anime. And that's the biggest disappointment the film offers. **

Carlos I (ru) wrote: The good performances from these great actors make for an entertaining film.

Aditya M (kr) wrote: Robin Williams' arsenal of improvised comedy is unleashed in its full ferocity here, and it is an awe-inspiring sight to behold, even if most of the jokes went over my head. The film's somber setting also allows the actor to showcase a tender and touching dramatic side.