The War of the Worlds: Next Century

The War of the Worlds: Next Century

Film opens on December 18, 1999, just a few days before the dawn of the new century. A local reporter, Iron Idem, announces that the Martians have landed. Shortly after that his program loses its independence: he is given the script telling the crowds how to welcome the invaders.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   wig,   police,  

Film opens on December 18, 1999, just a few days before the dawn of the new century. A local reporter, Iron Idem, announces that the Martians have landed. Shortly after that his program ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin F (ca) wrote: 2 sense offense. Sight and sound. Just horrible. The writer an director should be banned from filmmaking for life. Mr. Deniro, Mr. Whitaker, what dirt does 50 cent have on you? You are better than this! Potential viewers, stay far, far, away.

Matt G (au) wrote: It's difficult to fully escape the sins of our fathers. Road to Perdition is the kind of movie that manages to be almost soothing even through its violence. The visuals are beautiful, especially the cinematography and camera framing, softening the death and blood without ignoring it. The score is a stunning juxtaposition of dark melodies and straight-up dissonance. All the performances are good, Hanks is REALLY good, and Newman is even better.

Jonathan C (gb) wrote: Exciting, gritty, and gripping war movie. Hard to get past the distracting love story and the Russians all having British accents, tho.

Kyle M (ca) wrote: The "Top Gun" team goes down to the race tracks with some similar plot points, and same heart being put into the racing situations. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Lindsay W (ca) wrote: An illuminating and melancholy story about old world traditions. The cinematography is extraordinary and the acting superb. Where the film falls short is in exploring the characters in depth, treating us to very little of the backstory that brought the widows to the ashram. But although I was left wishing there has been more, the film is no doubt an engrossing story exploring the relegation of women under the guise of religious purity."Our Holy Books say, a wife is part of her husband while he's alive. And when our husbands die, God help us, a part of us also dies. Right? So how can a half-dead woman feel pain?" "Because she's half alive."

Tom H (fr) wrote: I think you have to have a nostalgic memory behind this film if you are to truly love it. i have no such memory, too bad. It is a decent film and i enjoyed watching it. but i bet i would have loved it watching it as a kid.

Jeffrey C (it) wrote: The romantic comedy Shampoo is directed by Hal Ashby and stars Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn, and Lee Grant. The film takes place on election eve in 1968 in Beverly Hills. The film starts off with George Roundy (Beatty) in bed with a woman and then has to go to the hair salon he works at because he is a hair dresser. Roundy is a very casual man in life. He has sex with basically every woman at the hair salon that he works at, and every woman outside of it that he sees. He has what I guess he would call a relationship with a girl Jill (Hawn) and also one with a mistress of a very powerful business man, Jackie Shawn (Christie), and his wife, Felicia Karpf (Grant). The whole film is basically Roundy trying to juggle his love life while trying to convince the powerful business man, Lester Karpf, to invest money in the hair salon he wants to open up. The screenplay for this film was not very strong. The central problem of it is that the main character Roundy is not very relatable. The only person that could relate to Roundy is probably Beatty himself. I felt no connection to such shallow characters that are willing to have so many affairs. The plot itself could have never worked out in my opinion, unless they made it purely a comedy. And on that note the film was not even funny, I didn't even know where it would be that I was expected to laugh. The direction for the film was decent, but nothing noteworthy. Like I said before I felt no connection to the characters and Ashby did nothing to help me with that. I guess he was able to get pretty decent performances out of the actors, so that was probably what he did best. None of the shots were too impressive, and there were no sort of shots that intended the film was at all a comedy. Ashby overall had a successful career as a director winning an Oscar himself and getting a few for some of the actors he worked with, but this was not his best. The acting in this film was okay. I am not really a fan of Warren Beatty and his role in this did not make me change my opinion of him. Still I must see Bugsy which I hear is quite good. For this though he did not connect me at all to his character, I just thought he was pitiful and I couldn't care for him or for any of his problems. He did nothing to make the part funny either. Usually when someone writes and stars in the film they know exactly what they are looking for to make it just right and maybe Beatty got what he wanted out of the role, but he did not convince me that he was in anyway praise worthy. Hawn was not that good as Jill, she was basically just a dumb girl that at the end I was supposed to have an emotional attachment to but had none at all. I felt no connection to either Christie or Grant and I do not believe that Grant really deserved her Oscar. No one sucked me into this film like an actor should. Overall I give this film a 4/10. The main problem was I just never could get into the story and support the characters. If I was forced to recommend this I would do so to people who enjoy romantic comedies.

Cindy D (kr) wrote: What a gem. I got this from a friend and liked it so much, I had to buy it. I loved the Ugly Bug Ball Song..found that years ago. Very good disney.. :)

Jonas B (ru) wrote: Every time I watch this movie I feel like I`m part of the bunch. And I still have this idea of Marty and Will meeting again 10 years from that and ...

Lucero C (ru) wrote: This is such a great film!! Everything about it feels very real and raw! love the chemistry between jennifer and adam, so great!!

Stephen C (it) wrote: Quite possibly the best of John Fords Cavalry films this contains all the themes of honour and duty which the director holds so dear in his best work.John Wayne gives and outstanding performance as Captain Nathan Brittles an aging soldier who is due to retire in six days time.Trouble is Custer's men have been massacred at the Battle of Little Big Horn and the local Indians are arming themselves for a confrontation .Brittle's must step up to the plate and use all his years of experience to avoid another massacreEverything works here and the film is one of the best in the genreWayne proves that given the right direction he could put in a top grade performance.Ford also allows the comedy elements to shine through including one of his best stock actors Victor McLaglen as a hard drinking and hard fighting sergeant who is also due to retire in a few weeks.The film is testament to the director and would show that the Western could be more than Good Guys V bad guys.A masterpiece.

Tony C (ru) wrote: Watchable on a rainy day, Script a bit confusing and apart from creepy caretaker guy the acting was grim.