The War on the War on Drugs

The War on the War on Drugs

Comprised of over 60 independent short scenes shot in a wide variety of cinematic styles, THE WAR ON THE WAR ON DRUGS parodies drug war propaganda and those who insist we fight the drug war at any cost.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mushroom,   drugs,   cannabis,  

Comprised of over 60 independent short scenes shot in a wide variety of cinematic styles, THE WAR ON THE WAR ON DRUGS parodies drug war propaganda and those who insist we fight the drug war at any cost. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The War on the War on Drugs torrent reviews

Mark N (ru) wrote: AKA, and more famously known as, The Fearless Vampire Killers.

Timothy D (jp) wrote: The first 2 acts were a good watch, even with Wooden Affleck in the lead, but the third act drug on and made the movie feel it's entire 2.5 hour time.

Drew S (ca) wrote: I waited so long for this to come out...It's not anywhere until I had enough people to see it. I finally got to watch it years ago when it came out in Late 2012? I really liked it it a AUSY. Film that's why it took so long.

Tata L (es) wrote: a movie about destiny...nice one...Vartan was just sooooooooo adorable!

Shawn W (fr) wrote: Telepathists discover a way to enter people's dreams, which can be used to kill. Interesting and original premise for a film. Quaid is good in the lead role and a top shelf supporting cast is on board with particularly good casting to get David Patrick Kelly, who always excels playing a jerk.

Timothy S (jp) wrote: Writer/director Larry Cohen has never been known for his conventional movies, and while "God Told Me To" is one of his earliest films it remains one of his most unconventional and unusual. Up until the halfway point I was with the movie, admiring the ambitiousness and originality. The opening scenes really grab you, and the central mystery is intriguing to the point of it becoming an absolute necessity to know just where the film is headed. Then, when you find out how Cohen explains all of those strange events, the whole thing collapses under all of the silliness. I admired Tony Lo Bianco's strong lead performance, and I was with his character for the first half. Everything that follows after that point is ludicrous, hard to follow and ultimately it leaves you with more unanswered questions than satisfaction. There's a lot of mumbo jumbo about God and religion, some kind of secret society that knows all of the secrets and a lot of weird, confusing doubts about Bianco's muddled past. To be honest, after all was said and done, I couldn't tell you with any amount of certainty what happened. Cohen's innovative script goes desperately awry and never recovers, leaving the viewers in the dust. There are some good moments, and even when things fall apart, I still fund myself almost recommending it just for the sheer silliness of it all. There's a lot going on in "God Told Me To", and some of it is actually worth watching. And on the plus side, there's never a dull moment, even when you have no idea what's going on.

Chrisanne S (kr) wrote: Judy and Gene made magic whenever they acted, danced and sang together.

John C (gb) wrote: Death Race has some entertainment value but is overwhelming tarnished by a threadbare script and mediocre acting.

helen f (ca) wrote: this is a must see movie of all time bette so hits the nail on the head

David W (br) wrote: Though it can be predictable, I, Robot can be a dazzle full of effects that hold up today and Will Smith is as ever

Patrick E (mx) wrote: The giant insect film has been popular amongst horror and film fans alike since the days of black and white films but alas no longer seems to garner the backing to be released on the big screen with 2002's Eight Legged freaks being the last. There is no doubt the latest giant insect film, Kyle Rankin's Infestation, deserved to be seen on the big screen as it's a fun filled comedy horror with excellent entertainment value but unfortunately it ended up going straight to the DVD shelf resulting in not nearly enough people knowing its existence.The plot is essentially no different from the countless other films of this type; a slacker named Cooper awakes in his office block to find himself covered in spider webbing. After breaking free, he comes to realise that the world has been taken over by giant insects everyone else in his office has suffered the same fate. Cooper takes it upon himself to awake a small rag tag group from their web induced coma and together they must fight for their survival.The most surprising aspect of Infestation is how good the CGI effects are given the budget of the film, the insects all look believable and the film never suffers from ropey effects. Although the plot is as unoriginal as they come, the script itself is very well written with a good mix of characters that provide plenty of humour throughout. Although not every joke hits its mark, Infestation is still a funny film with most of the comedy coming from Cooper as the typical office slacker. Rankin knows that a film about giant insects can never be taken seriously so there is a sense of fun throughout the proceedings with a nice blend between the comedy and the insect action. The action scenes are solid enough although they are obviously restricted by the films budget but still remain entertaining throughout and it all leads up a well done, although predictable, climax. Although classified as a horror film, there is nothing even remotely frightening to be found here so if you're looking for scares then Infestation isn't for you but if good cheesy horror comedy is what you're after then you can't go wrong with this little film.Writer/Director Kyle Rankin has crafted a genuinely funny comedy horror with solid CGI effects and decent action that provides solid entertainment throughout. Unfortunately it's yet another film that not too many people know about but if you get the chance it's definitely worth a watch.