The Warrior's Way

The Warrior's Way

An Asian assassin (Dong-gun Jang) is forced to hide in a small town in the American Badlands. Also starring Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston, Tony Cox and Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush.

Refusing to kill an infant from an enemy clan, master swordsman Yang takes the child and flees to an American frontier town. Despite his attempts, his master closes in on him and he must fight to protect the child and his newfound comrades. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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VS L (de) wrote: Technically impeccable with all the Tarrian trademarks, but this time something is lacking. Somewhat bleak and unmotivated, the immersion falters, leaving the characters and pictures lacking soul. There are, of course, some great scenes and even a bad Tarr-movie is way above the contemporaries, but after the sublime "Satantango" and the grand "Werckmeister harmoniak" one cannot help but feel sore disappointment. It's even a bit BORING. Something the 7-hour long "Satantango" never was, even for a minute.The first misstep? Maybe that's a bit too harsh, but allow me my grief; of the living filmmakers Tarr's easily my favourite. I'll turn my eyes toward "A Torinoi lo", which I hope will be filmed without problems and delays.

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Zane A (br) wrote: Zane AmlehEnglish 9Mr.Netzler 3-10-2016 Into The Wild-The Drifting Soul Of Chris McCandlessIf you're reading this essay then you've probably tried to read the book Into The Wild or even seen the movie. You probably know what the book is about, Alex Supertramp (Chris Mccandless) goes into the wilderness of Alaska and ends up dying, the cause of death is suspected to be poison from a plant that was wrongly digested. I've seen this movie 1 time and without going through it again i can thoroughly say that the book is much better that the movie as it normally is with book to film adaptation. An example of this in the movie and book is just that the book just approaches you with a much higher level of stimulation that the movie tries so very hard to achieve but just misses. When you read the book you feel immersed in Chris's life as with the movie you feel as a spectator. Don't get me wrong the movie was great but the book was just plain better and it hurts me inside to know that somewhere in this big world there is a individual that has seen the movie but not read the book, while this may not bother them they need to read the masterpiece that is the book.When i first started this book i really didn't have much interest in it, I found myself wishing my little reading sessions would just finish quick or just not come at all. But as I continued this book I found out actually quite quickly that it was genuinely good book and I enjoyed it,I feel that if you want to read this book you just have to persevere through the hard times and eventually there will be a turning point which will result in you not wanting to put this book down. If you want to enjoy this story to its fullest extent you have to know that :happiness is only real when shared". Both the book and the movie are full of tons of symbolic choices some of which are a little more obvious than others and some of which are almost impossible to find unless you examine the context around it. A very large symbolic choice in this book and movie that I discovered is Chris's money. This may sound bizarre but as the story progresses Chris is constantly being given money in exchange for good and services that he's provided, he constantly believes that his hitchhiking is too easy with all them money that is given to him and he much rather having to find his next meal. When Chris burns his money I feel that this is a symbol of him leaving his past life and starting a new one from a clean slate. This to me is a very large symbol in the book because it changes everything. Another example of symbolism in the book and movie is the car that Chris drives, his Datsun. This car was seen as reliable and trustworthy to Chris when he was alive and drove it. I feel that when Chris graduated and he was offered a new car and did not take it, he did this because he knew at that time he was going to embark on this life changing journey and he wanted something that he could trust and that was a reminder of his family, this car was a symbol of all he loved in life and all he wanted to love. When I was watching the movie the symbol that really stuck out to me was Chris behavior with other people on his journey.While in both the book and the movie Chris is nice and kind to the strangers he meets, in the movie he gives off a kind of different vibe as he meets more people in the later parts of the movie his attitude kind of changes but not in a bad way. I feel that his attitude changing is a symbol of him slowly maturing through his life. This affects the whole way he lives his life. This book is told in third person omniscient, this has a very impacting effect on the book and how the reader reads it. Obviously this book cannot be written in first person because well no one was there and all we have to create this story is Chris journal entries. When reading this book I felt like I was pushed into the journey that Chris took with this choice of point of view. This book was a prime choice of how the perfect choice on how to tell the story can make or break the book. While writing this essay earlier i said that I felt like I was a spectator while watching this movie and I didn't feel immersed in it, that's true but as the movie progresses you get deeper and deeper but not as into it as the book. My overall opinion of the movie is that it is a really good movie that moves anyone with a heart and feelings that watches i. While watching it you have to be moved inside by the rush of emotions that are perfectly conveyed the the big screen. While it lacks some aspects such as deeper lines and better acting it is honestly an amazing movie and it was transitioned well from the book.While watching the movie was good the real treat was the book. While the book starts off slow and not interesting, it quickly changes into an amazing book, the way the author describes Chris's life it just grabs you in and you don't want to stop reading.This movie and book were overall an amazing story and I would literally recommend it to anyone who wants a slow and steady yet interesting book.

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Nick R (it) wrote: Major Dundee is a classical Western with plenty of exciting shootouts and breathtaking vistas, but in all honesty, the film's backstory is more interesting than most of what's on screen. It's a situation where the film is less than the sum of its parts, mostly because some elements simply haven't held up that well over the years. Together with the lack of authorial control by Peckinpah, Major Dundee feels too broad and unfocused. There is a nice sense of tension from the plot's underlying political dynamics that kept my interest, but it ultimately felt too rough around the edges for my tastes.