The Way

The Way

Aleksey is an ordinary young man living in Russia during the 1990s. Like most of his contemporaries, he is looking for a way to survive. The easiest way is the way of crime. He joins a gang. Fortunately, his fate takes a sudden turn and he manages to find the right path. The film also addresses global terrorism, one of the most important and painful issues of today's world. The main characters of the film, together with their American colleagues, take part in a special operation to destroy a band of international terrorists and drug traffickers.

Aleksey is an ordinary young man living in Russia during the 1990s. Like most of his contemporaries, he is looking for a way to survive. The easiest way is the way of crime. He joins a gang... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Way torrent reviews

jayleigh D (br) wrote: I want this I just don't know how to get movies

Bill B (de) wrote: A "must see" in that this is where we are at and the clock is ticking. It does not make much sense not to look at this film and ask yourself what you could be doing differently. I watched it with my Information Technology in a Global Society IB students and felt I had to apologize to them at the end as I had just been on a conference in Hong Kong and also recently flown to and from the UK. As a teacher in an International School my carbon footprint is vast...I'm sorry.

Tyler R (kr) wrote: It was ok. The plot had a interesting premise but the movie was mediocre.

Kristina K (br) wrote: No plot, no point, nothing important, nothing interesting. I have no idea why it has such good ratings. Average acting too, I expected much more.

Thomas P (de) wrote: Ben Kingsley is intense and unrelenting, but this foul-mouthed, vulgar character ruins everything in this movie, and gives no redeeming quality in the least.It may be a despicable pitch black so-called comedy, but any attempt at humor was lost on me. The pervasive language was to much.Waste of time.

Mariepier C (nl) wrote: Ce film a berc mon enfance, je vous le dit!

Amanda M (it) wrote: Amazing. A must see!

Erck S (gb) wrote: crazy... but oh-so meaningful!

Spencer S (ag) wrote: Before I delve into the mediocrity of a fifties' romantic comedy film starring Doris Day, I would like to say that I do have an unquestionable bias against this film, and that is that it stars Day. There's just something so contrived and fake about her persona onscreen and every time I watch one of her sugar spun tales of deception and happy endings my stomach curdles in horror. Romantic comedies in themselves don't chafe against me, nor ones set in a time period that valued modesty and censorship. It's this particular film that seriously rubs me the wrong way, mostly because of how sterile and playful it's trying to be about adult relationships. Being childish about sex is not toned down, and it's not fine for the times, it's gross and leaves open a vacuum that gets filled with obtuse puns and ridiculous misunderstandings between characters. Really there are no cute catastrophes or remarkable setbacks to this film. It's simply a film about a prideful, powerful businesswoman who is trying to make calls through a party line while a philandering bachelor makes calls to floozies when he should be writing hit songs. She has none of the neurosis of future female leads, only ambitions and actual character. Rock Hudson's character is a less than affable, manipulative pig, who keeps messing with Doris Day's character, while she blithely goes along with everything that happens and listens to the advice of said pig which makes no sense. Really it's two noxious characters that are so difference than these actors really are. I was sincerely surprised at Hudson, who made a joke about a character being a homosexual and not in a subtle way at that, which was Hudson's sexual orientation throughout his life. It's just too easy to be cynical about this film, and too annoyed at the pithy dialogue and fake smiles to fully enjoy the lack of chemistry between Hudson and Day.

Dawn B (es) wrote: Black version of momma mia!!!!!!

Alec B (ru) wrote: Hugo is an incredibly artistic, original and deep children's and family film. Unique from many other family films of this era, Hugo also offers authentic details of the life of Georges Mlis.

Armando P (fr) wrote: Average comic based movie.

I am A (au) wrote: Slow paced... Kinda all over the place, but it's a true story and I give it credit for that

Japhordan C (ca) wrote: Flawed at times, Unknown is a decent thriller thanks to the right cast that works together well. Although i'll admit that it was mediocre at times, I still found it to be entertaining to watch straight through.

Vaughan A (nl) wrote: Takes me back good fun film, although it looks like it was made for tv

Terry C (es) wrote: I can see why action movie fans love this film as a breath of fresh air for the genre in recent times. As with all action movies, the plot doesn't drive it much. Just a simple premise and the action starts. An interesting world of hitmen is created here, and Keanu Reeves plays it like a focused and weary hitman. Best of all is the well shot action sequences that stays away from all that shaky cam and fast cut nonsense in recent action movies.