The Way I Spent the End of the World

The Way I Spent the End of the World

Bucharest 1989 - the last year of Ceausecu's dictatorship. Eva lives with her parents and her 7 year old brother, Lalalilu. One day at school, Eva and her boyfriend accidentally break a bust of Ceausescu. They are forced to confess their crime before a disciplinary committee and Eva is expelled from school and transferred to a reformatory establishment. There she meets Andrei, and decides to escape Romania with him. Lalalilu becomes convinced that Ceausescu is the main reason for Eva's decision to leave. So with his friends from school he devises a plan to kill the dictator.

In communist era Romania, people live with hope for a new life of freedom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew B (nl) wrote: naaah. I love the Larry David thing but it can't carry this movie.

Derrick S (ca) wrote: Angelic voice ... but not something I'm interested in watching ...

Daniel D (us) wrote: Yeah, I probably liked this more than I should. I just found it quite entertaining.

Denise B (jp) wrote: i cant wait to see this movie!

Hayden N (ca) wrote: This movie is very good at making you connect to the characters and the awesome action giving for an overall compelling experience.

Chelyn A (nl) wrote: Funny and weird movie.

Kristine V (ru) wrote: One of the first films I saw subtitled from German. I loved it, it was truly heartwarming. Great story, beautifully acted.

Sarah F (ca) wrote: I would like to see this, i think...

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