The Way We Live Now

The Way We Live Now

A mid-life crisis propels a disaffected advertising executive out of his marriage and into a series of disastrous love affairs with a series of women. He will eventually return to his wife, chastened.

A mid-life crisis propels a disaffected advertising executive out of his marriage and into a series of disastrous love affairs with a series of women. He will eventually return to his wife, chastened. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caesar M (it) wrote: The Bullet Vanishes caught my attention because of it interesting title and one my favorite actor, Nicholas Tse, was in it. The Bullet Vanishes is a stylish whodunit mystery film that is well acted with a smart plot to keep you engage throughout its run. The Bullet Vanishes is set in 1930s Shanghai, as two detectives, Song (Lau Ching Wan) and Guo (Nicholas Tse), investigate a series of mysterious shooting deaths in a bullet factory. This mystery film gets things right by keeping the audience guessing on who's behind the crime with character who might or not be involve in the crime. Another plus in the writing is that it delve into our main detectives developing their back stories and giving us an idea on how they work. You'll get the usual autopsies, hypotheses, and other investigating methods one would expect from these kind of films but also get to explore the psychology of a criminal. A theme the film focus on the plausibility of a "perfect crime" and how a criminal is made to good effect. The film plot is not without some notable flaws. Without giving anything away the plot this mystery film, it has one two many twists toward the end. The pacing is uneven at times and a under develop romance that goes nowhere. In spite of the film having great usage for it many characters some of them just don't add anything significant to the overall film. It's bares some resemblance to Guy Ritchie's 'Sherlock Holmes', but it is largely its own creation with notable differences. The Bullet Vanishes has a plot that contains an intriguing mystery that you will want to see towards the end that helps it overcome it flaws. The cast is top notch for this mystery film. Lau Ching-Wan brings an memorable and enjoyable performance that is reminiscent of his portrayal in Mad Detective (2007). Lau Ching-Wan just has a natural talent of playing detectives with usual methods very well. Nicholas Tse reigns supreme in the acting department. He's charismatic and has great chemistry with every actor he shares a scene with. Wouldn't be surprise if Nicholas Tse wins an award for his excellent performance here. The supporting cast is put to good use, though some of them go underused. Especially actress Mini Yang who appears to be eye candy and a underdeveloped love interest. It's a shame Yang didn't have a more developed character since her acting is pretty good. Director Law Chi Leung is a director I'm not well know with, but his vision for the film was perfect. The film is filled with beautiful sets, great costumes, rightful use of CGI to recreate Old Tiancheng, and maintains a good narrative structure. Law Chi Leung will pull you into the world he created. The Bullet Vanishes might appear to be China version of Sherlock Holmes to western audiences at fist glances, but it has an identity of its own. It contains an mystery you will want to see till the end and top notch cast filled with actors that are fun to watch on screen. The Bullet Vanishes is a film that is easily recommendable for any fans of good mystery and should a film you should see if you have not already had a chance to see it.

Andy G (es) wrote: the protector 2 is great martial arts movie with great action and story that connects to the first over 30 years ago. Tony Jaa is a good fighter. B+ (2014)

Alejandro G (de) wrote: These Amazing ShadowsWOW!Just wonderful, perfect, spectacular.The feelings of the films.The beatifull care in the films of the years.What really are, what we have and what we will in the future.A beautiful documentary.But his problem is: This documentary not have a lot of directors like Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott and others... I felt a strange lump in the throat, when a person of the documentary talk about movies. Are magic.

Kenny N (us) wrote: This movie has been called many things: comedy, drama, thriller, action, and horror movie. It is a bit of all of these things, and more.Kevin Smith is nothing if not daring. After two artistically unsatisfying films back to back ("Cop Out" and "Zack and Miri Make A Porno") he decided to try something that's never been done before. The end result is this (the story of how he managed to get this unsellable film to the public is a fascinating adventure you're better off reading about somewhere else.)Three horny teens looking for a good time. A sheriff with a secret. An ATF special agent who lets his better judgement be overtaken by orders from the head office and his own personal reasons. And a cult of LGBT hating lunatics who have few believers but a lotta guns all come together one fateful day in a way that will change (or end) their lives forever.A lot of people like to add "horror" to the list of things this movie is, and others argue there's no "horror" in this at all. Let me tell you: as we are forced, as one of the main teen characters is, to listen in on crazy Pastor Cooper (played by Michael Parks, formerly the best kept secret in Hollywood) sermonizing about how gays aren't human and how "we" must destroy them all, while rationalizing and twisting his Biblical doctrine to suit his own misplaced mentality, is far scarier than some boogeyman jumping out of a shadow yelling "Boo." As for action...let's just say this has what "Cop Out" didn't. There's laughs. There's thrills. And there's stuff to make you think.In the end, don't worry about what genre this belongs to. Just give it a try.

Simon C (kr) wrote: Seized my attention before realising I was being skull-fucked. Repeatedly.

Ronald D (mx) wrote: I love the beginning

Kelly H (jp) wrote: A hidden gem. Caught this by accident on TV and couldn't stop watching. I've always loved Sam Rockwell, and I love quirky movies. The very young Mischa Barton is actually quite good, as a child caught between fantasy and the harsh realities of life. But this is a lighthearted movie, suburbia in pastels. A must see.

Patrick S (au) wrote: wild and craziest 'ninja' movie ever

Cindy Joanna R (nl) wrote: it's a good movie, shocking but good

Walter M (ag) wrote: Not as good as the first one but this film still gives the thrills that I wanted!

Jason C (jp) wrote: A more overrated movie has not been made that I can think of.