The Wayward Cloud

The Wayward Cloud

Hsiao-Kang, now working as an adult movie actor, meets Shiang-chyi once again. Meanwhile, the city of Taipei faces a water shortage that makes the sales of watermelons skyrocket.

Hsiao-Kang, now working as a pornographic actor, meets Shiang-chyi once again. Meanwhile, the city of Taipei faces a water shortage that makes the sales of watermelons skyrocket. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trameka H (jp) wrote: not my cup of tea...

Asif H (au) wrote: Pretty good movie by Ram Gopal Verma, hoever not on par with `Bhoot`.This movie does a few scares, so it worth a watch.

Linda F (it) wrote: Very Interesting movie

Chaitanya K (us) wrote: The star is for the ideas preached by the saints in the movie. Miserable direction.

Dan D (mx) wrote: One of Stone's finest making talk radio actually very interesting with a memorable lead. The second half isn't as good as the first and the ending left me unfulfilled but this is still one of his best.

Steven L (kr) wrote: quirky, enjoyable and very English. fun to see Anthony Newley and Petula Clark as youngsters.

Guy K (de) wrote: Superb film - authentic dialogue , albeit the plot line is a bit of a stretch. Alexandra Pigg, the darling of early Brookside.

Brendan R (it) wrote: Saw this after reading the book. Wasn't really impressed. It never pulled me in and seemed to do a poor job abridging the content of the book.

Devon D (mx) wrote: I heart Tracy Morgan, will totally see anything with him.

Collin P (es) wrote: The PG-13 rating feels out of place but it is still entertaining enough.

Harpreet S (de) wrote: "Rio Bravo" is likely the best Howard Hawks film and one of the best Westerns ever. It has John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, and Angie Dickinson. I had been wanting to see this for a while now, finally decided to watch it; John Wayne was the only person I was familiar with so I did not know what to expect. Wayne is more of a great personality than a great actor, still he is always convincing in his trademark role. The other actors are pleasant surprises, so is the film. The main story is about Sheriff Chance (Wayne) holding the brother of a wealthy land owner as a prisoner for murder as the wealthy brother tries to get him out with whatever means. It's quite unconventional for a Western and for the 50s; the romance, the eroticism between the lines, and the film's conclusion. The age difference between Wayne and Dickinson doesn't seem strange, I was pleasantly surprised at how well their romance works, and how much clever humor is put into the screenplay. John Wayne never gets out of his tough persona and he and Angie Dickinson are still able to melt my heart. The only thing that prevents it from being a masterpiece is its lack of a great (or even a decent) villain, when the main event takes place, it sort of falls flat; whatever potential John Russell as Nathan Burdette in his introductory scene had disappears in the climax because he doesn't get any scope. To some extent I did like the aftermath of it, which is why I think it's unconventional, it reminded me of a film made decades after in "No Country for Old Men." Because of how it concludes, the decision the director takes regarding its climax, I am unsure about what the film is really trying to say. It works as a romance and a traditional Western, but I am not sure if it completely puts those two together into a single entity. The other films I've seen of Hawks are: "Bringing Up Baby," "Scarface," "His Girl Friday," and "The Big Sleep." I really want to see "Red River" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."