The Wedding March

The Wedding March

Satirical film in four episodes about family and marriage

Satirical film in four episodes about family and marriage . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey B (nl) wrote: This is arguably the worst live-action Transformers film so far. The plot makes even less sense than the previous two sequels, and I was already sleepy by the time Optimus Prime and Grimlock were about to fight each other. Action scenes are most effective when audiences care for the characters. However, in Michael Bay's movies, we barely know anything about the characters. Thus, the action scenes are hollow and ultimately boring. Also, we do not even get to know much about the Dinobots despite the title called "Age of Extinction."

Sarah T (de) wrote: Really disapointing, it is a shame too see such well known actors in a badly edited, scripted and really shouldn't have been made film.

Frat B (ag) wrote: Good animation yet lame story and dialogs...

Cell T (fr) wrote: ah. i exchanged my hmv voucher for this movie, what a waste of 25bucks. story evolves around a str8 guy who tries to drive away 5 gay ghosts in his house. expectable plot, little effort to carve out all the characters, weird logic: str8 pple can see the gay ghosts, women and men who likes men cant. if you want the dvd, i can give it to you.

Adam L (nl) wrote: Ahh, Breckin Meyer trying to make us forget that he played John Arbuckle. This is a very well made quirky British comedy that takes place entirely in a diner. Considering they cannot take enough time to really develop any characters, they do a good job of making you connect with them. The cutaway fantasy scenes are very well done as well.

Private U (jp) wrote: It's all been done before.

James T (au) wrote: Strictly for fans only and it goes off the rails very quickly.

Lia D (ag) wrote: Terrible acting and script.

Logan M (it) wrote: What can I say? I'm a fan of the franchise.

Tom (kr) wrote: a flashback for those who lived, sweet and touching

Simon L (ru) wrote: Oy vey, this is one for the ages, right here. I watch a lot of really awful, inept, incompetent tripe, but it??s been a WHILE since I??ve seen anything like this. Blood Freak is one of those rare movies that honestly does EVERYTHING wrong. Whenever some spoiled moviegoer complains about some work of Uwe Boll as being the ??worst movie ever,?? I just smile and nod. Naive punks like that can even BEGIN to fathom the lack of basic competence on display in a film like Blood Freak. The ??actors?? couldn??t order a pizza convincingly, the special effects have all the intricate detail of a 70s PBS series, the cinematography is shamed by most home videos, and the script... Oh brother, let??s talk about this for a second. The basic plot of Blood Freak isn??t too different from the usual ??rampaging mutant?? story: guy with Elvis hair smokes pot, eats chemically treated turkey, undergoes a chemical reaction, and becomes a turkey-headed monster longing to drink the blood of drug addicts. How many times have we heard THAT one before? A quick synopsis like that doesn??t do the muddleheaded nature of Blood Freak justice, though. It??s the random asides that really make this pile of stupidity legendary. Take, for example, the occasional attempts to lead our greasy (and later feather) headed hero to God for deliverance. Exploitation flicks have a long history of chasing plot threads whether they make sense of not, but the painfully awkward attempt to jam this religious message into what is otherwise a PROFOUNDLY sleazy bit of trash sets a new low for the genre. Even worse on the ??redeeming social value?? scale is the hilariously forced anti-drug message, punctuated by a message from the director on the dangers of shooting weird substances into your body. This sort of Reefer Madness scaremongering would be plenty funny on its own, but to see the guy deliver it WHILE HE CHOKES ON HIS OWN CIGARETTE SMOKE elevates the whole affair to near cosmic levels of stupidity. And to top it all off (spoiler alert, as if anybody really cared) it turns out It Was All Just A Dream, as if the intelligence of the audience hadn??t been insulted enough already. Oh, and then there??s the gore. The only reason I can think of that Blood Freak never made it onto MST3k, like other movies of the same low caliber, are the completely unconvincing yet surprisingly graphic death scenes. That, and a genuinely unsettling shot of an actual chicken with its head cut off. This is the lowest of the low, folks, the kind of movie that makes you appreciate every other movie you??ve ever seen just a little more. Sure, Michael Bay sucks, but even HE never vomited up a puddle of fail as bad a Blood Freak.

Sausages M (gb) wrote: If you know John Waters 70s stuff, you almost don't need to watch this film. It's pretty much the same plot as all the others, but in a much weirder, cheaper format. He was obviously still finding his feet, since the filming and direction is wildly uneven and there isn't much in the way of snappy dialogue. Divine is pretty good but dare I say it, even for her completely over the top. She hadn't quite got her persona down yet, and her lack of funny lines means there's nothing to counterbalance the horror. Thankfully she gets 'taken advantage of' by a giant lobster which provides much needed brevity just after a typically violent (obviously Manson-inspired *shudder*) scene. Before it turns into a surreal monster movie though, there are some funny moments poking fun at all the usual Waters targets: heterosexual suburbanites, the church and the police. But whilst it's entertaining, the dialogue just wasn't campy enough. It's well written, but oddly verbose. David Lochary and Mink Stole are the stand-outs, not Divine. Having said all this, the visual jokes are pretty hilarious. For Waters fans only.

Eric B (ag) wrote: "Skammen" ("Shame") is less famous than some other Ingmar Bergman classics, but it's among his finest work. One of many Bergman films shot on his home island of Faro (others include "Hour of the Wolf," "Persona," "Scenes from a Marriage" and "Through a Glass Darkly"), "Shame" is actually a war movie with a surprising amount of "action" by Bergman standards. Though it was reportedly plagued by budget problems, the parade of shell explosions, gnarled corpses and hulking military vehicles marks a film much splashier than the usual drawing-room character study.The casting is nothing new -- Bergman regulars Liv Ullman, Max Von Sydow and Gunnar Bjornstrand again dominate. Ullman and Von Sydow play Eva and Jan Rosenberg, two former classical musicians who have been married for several years. Their quiet life consists of puttering with domestic chores, selling homegrown berries and lazily sharing each other's company (for better or worse -- their erratic relationship often drops into ugly bickering). But their simple world is thrown into chaos when enemy planes suddenly buzz overhead, announcing a violent attack. Land troops soon follow, posing a dramatic threat to the couple's home and lifestyle. Though Eva and Jan are politically neutral, they are interrogated and taken prisoner by the invaders (who self-righteously label themselves "liberators"). The two veer in and out of danger as the destruction increases. Scared and bewildered, they struggle to be compliant with their captors, but the unstable Jan is tempted to join the madness. His deterioration is disturbing, and the film's unresolved ending offers no assurance of a secure future for anyone.The embattled country is never named (the enemy speaks the same language, suggesting an internal conflict), nor are the contentious issues ever mentioned. This is not a film about policy, but a more timeless story about war's toll on civilians.Sven Nykvist's cinematography is typically exquisite, capturing both intimate dialogue and wartime spectacle. "Shame" is among Bergman's last black-and-white films, and the poetry of Ullman's and Von Sydow's weary faces is compelling even without the story. Ambivalent Bergman fans should be forewarned, however -- the action slows down considerably with about 40 minutes to go, and returns to the bleak, tortured conversation that is his trademark.

James U (kr) wrote: Despite the fact that the movie suffers from a bit of the outdated computer talk and the special effects are a bit overdone for simple scenes this movie actually does get entertaining. Crowe as the psychopath computer killer and then Denzel as the obsessed guilt ridden cop works very well. The action scenes, sometimes a bit slow, do eventually become immersive. Not the best movie but not the worst.