The Whisperers

The Whisperers

The Whisperers tells the story of an impoverished old woman living alone in a seedy apartment who enjoys a rich fantasy life as an heiress. When she discovers stolen money hidden by her son, she believes her fantasy has come true.

The title refers to the creatures a very poor addled old lady (Dame Edith Evans) imagines in her paranoid fantasies. They lurk behind every drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet. They listen ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael R (us) wrote: Not as good as "Flammen og Citronen" but still a good WWII occupied Norway adventure based on a true story.

Mehdi A (de) wrote: A portrait of the lives of those 'Off The Grid' and rarely considered or envisaged as citizens of the USA.

Joy G (mx) wrote: LOVE Steven STRAIT!!

Jack S (de) wrote: another great offbeat film by the man Svankmajer. Meeting the cast at an exhibition of Svankmajer's wife's work after i saw the film was even better. LIska and Triska are amazing together, and Geislerova is amazing as the dark secret hiding nurse.

Quartrella A (de) wrote: Luv to see how part 2 would play out.

Aiden M (jp) wrote: The intense moments of silence and decisive split second war time situations along with superb yet natural dialogue make this a must watch.

Alice S (ca) wrote: I just like it, okay? The ridiculously stereotypical yet clinically wholesome spring break scene. The matching trios of friends made up of people who would normally never hang out together. The inconsequential socioeconomic sideplot. The skirt made out of ties. Yes, the story is formulaic and the acting is either under or overdone, but the costume design and dance choreography are legit cool.Kelly Clarkson is in great shape for the sweet (if bland) girl-next-door, and Justin is all big-haired faux-swagger as the reformed partyboy. It's all hokey as hell, but I just roll with it.

Kurt M (us) wrote: An impressive horror film as well as one of the better anime titles. The soundtrack is excellent, and although the story does not measure up to the visuals, it's worth viewing.

Tabatha T (de) wrote: This will forever be a top pick for me I still cry watching it, I'm still so in love with Hugh Grant :)

Amanda S (nl) wrote: o yea.......Gary Oldman!

Andrew B (gb) wrote: A gripping Vietnam story

Cronis M (br) wrote: Sequel to "White Lighting" comes off as a comedy and a satire of itself.

Aliee P (es) wrote: im a sucka for a good western

Ben T (es) wrote: Raging Bull is one of Martin Scorsese's most iconic movies for good reason. Raging Bull is an absolute classic and one of the best movies ever. This is a boxing film but it's so much more. Robert De Niro gives one of the best performances of his entrie career. He's likeable yet you hate him at the same time. His performance is very physically demanding as he had to gain a load of weight and then loose it all again for his next movie. There's a brilliant scene where Jake La Motta just breaks down and starts punching a wall and Robert De Niro gives it his all. Joe Pesci is amazing as Jake's brother. I love how he's the voice of reason to Jake when he suspects his wife sleeping with other men, yet he's still a very violent and aggressive character. The rest of the acting is great but it's those two leads that carry the movie. This film is amazingly directed by the fantastic Martin Scorsese. This is full of all his trademarks and he did an amazing job with this film. The writing is fantastic, a lot of the dialogue leads to very tense seems which is great. The cinematography is excellent, the scenes in the ring are magnificent to look at and there are lots of brilliant long takes. The opening of this film is visually stunning, it's this brilliant wide take with the classical music, it's just amazing. The boxing scenes are brilliant. If you thought the stuff in Rocky or Warrior was brutal they are nothing compared to the boxing scenes here. The boxing scenes are incredibly brutal and have you on the edge of the seat, especially the last boxing match. This film is also brilliantly edited, the film while it feels long it's still very well edited. I also love the ending, the speech from De Niro, the music it's all just amazing. Raging Bull is a fantastic movie and it's one of Martin Scorsese's best. If Rocky is the most iconic boxing movie then in my opinion Raging Bull is the best. A+

Francisco Q (it) wrote: "Deadpool" proves that superhero movies can be very fun both for adults and the younger audience. Ryan Reynolds just nailed it as Deadpool, their sense of humor are the same. With a dedicated cast as well, this movie is one of the best of its genre! Let's hope the sequel does not take too long.

Garrett C (ru) wrote: There's nothing like watching a 60's movie that just revels in its inanity and goofiness. Even considering how much of this film was already stereotypical even at the time, it really does everything it can to be interesting at all times. Things winding down a bit? Make a doofus get in a relationship with a mermaid. Not enough action? Make a biker kidnap a girl and try to saw her in half. And make sure you have songs and corny jokes at all times!