The White Buffalo

The White Buffalo

In this strange western version of JAWS, Wild Bill Hickok hunts a white buffalo he has seen in a dream. Hickok moves through a variety of uniquely authentic western locations - dim, filthy, makeshift taverns; freezing, slaughterhouse-like frontier towns and beautifully desolate high country - before improbably teaming up with a young Crazy Horse to pursue the creature.

The story takes place at the closing of 1874 a haunted. It's the time when dying Wild Bill Hickcock teams up with a grieving Crazy Horse to hunt a murderous albino buffalo. See the film to follow the development of plot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew H (de) wrote: I can not express just how much I loved this documentary. All I can say is that it makes me want a bike that much more. I don't even care what it is.

Julian S (br) wrote: Vewwy, vewwy scarwy!

Macey D (br) wrote: This is a very gruesome and odd film. There is a very erie feeling throughout the whole movie. I literally had to pause the movie just to finish eating, and that's coming from a person that can watch any type of horror or thriller. The worst part about the whole thing is that you can't help but feal sorry for the main character although he is not so innocent either. Not a movie I would watch twice, if I didn't have to.

Ryan V (it) wrote: A creepy documentary that examines how folklore and reality collided Staten Island. It's chilling stuff that'll stick with you.

Ho B (mx) wrote: very bad movie. thought it would be an interesting to see what the opposing view was, but it's very misleading and manipulative movie.

Joel C (es) wrote: It was good. I really enjoyed the main character in this film and felt that was what it really contributed to this style of film. Nothing ground-breaking but well done. Couldn't help but appreciate the tone and photography of it. One of the best canadian films i've seen.

Shelby Z (ru) wrote: I really liked this movie. Rotten tomatoes has no idea what their talking about. I see a lot of good movies like this with negative rating which make no sense to me.

Gertjan K (fr) wrote: Well, I'm a bit suprised no-one wrote a review on this movie. Even more suprising is that there is no rating on it as well, so let's change that ;) [b]Story line:[/b] Jay Jeckyll is a medical student. He and his classmate Mary Glover are secretly experimenting with drugs to create a new drug. They hope that this drug will allow them to alter there personality's so they can finally become the persons they want to be. Ofcourse thing don't turn out quite the way they wanted it to, and Mary dies on an overdose. Jeckyll has more succes however he gets addicted, and has to deal with some major side effects. [b]The movie:[/b] Read that story and you'll notice it's the same-old-jeckyll-and-hyde story in a bit of a modern coating. The makers of the movie have written arround the fictional movie journal Jay Jeckyll made during his experiment. Every once in a while a "homemade" movie with Jeckyll reporting the progress on the drug, and how it's working out for him. This gives the movie a sort of "based on something real" feeling, however the scences are often quite short and don't give away a lot of information. Most of the violant story is told in shacky-cam flashbacks, showing footage of Hyde mutilating and killing people. Jeckyll + Hyde is not really youre everyday "jump out of a closet and scare someone" scary movie. Infact it never gets scary until maybe the last scene. The makers have chosen to hide some of the violence in the early stages to focus more on the story. For some people this may be a reason to rate this movie lower, it's not very fast-paced. It works steadily to a climax, without ever picking up any speed. The acting in this movie is not worthy of oscars, nor did I at any point find it bad. Bryan Fisher does a good job in creating two personalitys for Jeckyll and Hyde. All the other characters are good enough, however often the script puts them to the background loads of times. And you never really feel compasion when a friend of them goes missing. Now what I like about the movie : it doesn't go mental. No superhuman strenght, no wall climbing, no turning green and becomming huge, no hordes of addicted zombies. This movie is all about the strugle within, the risks of wanting to become someone else. That's where the critics start to yell. This movie does infact not stay true to the original story. Hyde is not a ruthless and wicked killer, and if I recall correctly the original story didn't have much "erotic" scenes.... hmm...Another point of critisisme would be that this movie never becomes a true horror movie, nor does it become a slasher movie. It tries to be a jack of all trades and thereby fails to be anything at all at some points. I have rated this movie a 7 because it gives an intresting modern twist to an old story. It fails thereby to be as deep and intelligent as the original story. It however provides a good entry for people not familiar with the original story, or people that want a bit more sophisticated and less brutal version. [b]Watch if:[/b]- You don't want a pure slasher movie- You don't care about smewhat slow progression- You like semi-intelligent movies with a realistic feel [b]Avoid if:[/b]- You are looking for a pant-wetting horror- You are hoping to get loads of actions- You don't like twists on the original story- You have very high expectations, or are waiting for an awesomely complex climax

Byron B (gb) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

John A (us) wrote: Cronenbergs Second Commercial Feature Was About A Woman, Who Was Spreading Rabbis After Experimental Plastic Surgery. Although Not A Masterpiece But This Classic Is The Predecessor For Films To Come. A Great Plot, A Well-Made Film Which Doesn't Fail To Entertain.

Eduardo C (de) wrote: Probably the greatest film ever made about racism. However the racism is so intense it becomes palpable. It's a simple story about an interracial romance in 1970's Germany, and incredibly powerful.

Michael W (gb) wrote: A scorcher thanks to James Cagney's over the top performance as the violent homicidal criminal with a deep affection for his mother. Contains memorable ending. Dated in some aspects but still quite enjoyable.

Anthony V (mx) wrote: Laura Dern gives a wild tour de force as an actress who loses herself in a role. Literally. Full of the usual Lynch touches. However, not recommended as your first Lynch film or for people whom are easily confused.

Tracy A (kr) wrote: It's being a long time to see any good entertaining horror movie.. but i must say that Steve Wolsh has done a great job in keeping the classic suspense & horror combination with a lot of beauties thrown in including the lovely Gia Skova so overall it's a good movie & you will really enjoy it.