The White Ribbon

The White Ribbon

Strange events happen in a small village in the north of Germany during the years just before World War I, which seem to be ritual punishment. The abused and suppressed children of the villagers seem to be at the heart of this mystery.

Strange events happen in a small village in the north of Germany during the years just before World War I, which seem to be ritual punishment. The abused and suppressed children of the villagers seem to be at the heart of this mystery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Putri A (us) wrote: I watch it because of Zachary Levi. It's a beautiful and warm movie. Really, not only because Zac was in it.

Christa R (au) wrote: This movie was very moving and left a lasting impression. I am still thinking about it days later. Highly recommend!

Anthony K (ru) wrote: Not worth watching despite the talented cast, unless you are just...MASSIVELY high

Prince H (au) wrote: Who let this movie out to the public worst it can be argued that this is the worst movie ever made. F

Matthew D (us) wrote: Extremely well-crafted in the direction and plotting with a lot of creativity on display in the editing and photography, CGI stills stands up far better than The Incredible Hulk five years later and has more weight to it; but the audience is left wanting for Hulk! The film is mix of tones; there's nicely underplayed parts, resisting the temptation for a screaming damsel in distress for example, but hamminess too, two of the three antagnonists have some terrible dialogue, especially Bruce's father who would have been better served if less out and out bad and more morally ambiguous. The real downfall, however, is the human drama, which is hard to get emotionally invested in, much like the main character finds about his self. As such, what could have been a great comic-book movie is merely a decent one.

Robert B (br) wrote: Dagon (Stuart Gordon, 2001)[originally posted 22Nov2002]After fifteen long years of production, Stuart Gordon's original follow-up to Re-Animator finally finds itself released. In the interim, of course, Gordon has directed a number of other films, most of which, says the going wisdom, didn't live up to the original Re-Animator. (I disagree, but that's beside the point.) Predictably, the biggest blurb on the video cover says... "Stuart Gordon's best since Re-Animator!" Caveat emptor.For once, Gordon finds himself working with a relatively high-powered cast on a Lovecraft adaptation. Ezra Godden (Band of Brothers) is the hapless hero and boyfriend of the hapless female lead, TV actress Raquel Merono. The two are in a boating accident off a small, rocky island off the coast of Spain, where they go to try and find help. Needless to say, since it's based n a Lovecraft story, "help" is not what it seems. Trust the village priest (Ferran Lahoz [Faust]) or the village nutcase (the late capo di tutti capi of Spanish cinema, Franceso Rabal [Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!])? And why is everyone dressed in those bulky raincoats?It's a Stuart Gordon film, so you know it's going to rank high on the Joe Bob Briggs scale of greatness: lots of blood, lots of breasts, and the highest number of beasts per capita since Romero's Day of the Dead. You can also rest assured that the special effects are going to be cheesy at best. This is Stuart Gordon; the cheese factor is always high. I mean, the man gave Jeffrey Combs a career.But too much about the film says that the cheese factor is at times unintentional. The CGI (for one can lo longer make a horror film that does not contain CGI) is painfully obvious in an around the shipwreck scene. More noticeably, there's a scene after Godden and Merono reach the mainland where Godden accidentally gets a large, nasty fishhook embedded in the palm of his left hand and has to extract it. The scene would have been stomach-turning if that hand hadn't so obviously been made of rubber. (Note to self: rubber and skin do not look alike when wet.) If you can get past the cheese factor, the story is vintage Lovecraft ("The Shadow over Innsmouth"), the acting is, well, better than usual for a Gordon flick, and the sets are gorgeous (it was shot on location in Spain). But both Dolls and From Beyond are markedly better-filmed than this. For Gordon completists, but the novice will want to start with one of those two or Re-Animator. ** 1/2

Kevin R (ca) wrote: It's her.A college professor and his wife live in a beautiful lake house. The wife's daughter, husband's stepdaughter, has recently left for college leaving the mom feeling more alone than usual. The mother starts seeing strange things around the house and initially believes that it is just a case of the mother struggling to deal with her daughter leaving; unfortunately, the strange events are a lot more super natural than the family would anticipate."Think we can take them?""It's worth a try."Robert Zemeckis, director of Forest Gump, Cast Away, Back to the Future 1-3, Monster House, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Contact, and Romancing the Stone, delivers What Lies Beneath. The storyline for this picture is kind of bland, unimaginative, and fairly average. The acting was also slightly disappointing as the cast includes Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfieffer, James Remar, Diana Scarwid, and Amber Valletta."Can you check in on my wife? She's hearing voices."I had never seen this picture but had also never heard anything great about it. I came across this on HBOGO and decided to finally give it a viewing; unfortunately, this was a very average addition to the horror genre. I didn't find anything in this too dramatic, intense, or scary. I would call this a below average thriller that is not a must see."My marriage is fine."Grade: C-

Cody M (es) wrote: With a strong cast and pure inventiveness, Innerspace has a great set-up and payoff throughout the whole movie.

Edgar C (kr) wrote: Make no mistake. Slasher flicks from the 80s were not tame at all, especially if they were made outside the US, a country that has imposed censorship for so many decades throughout the media. This special Canadian cult classic delivers the gory goods, so hunt down the Unrated version and witness a bloody massacre with a twisted twist (pun intended), foggy settings and old-school suspense tactics... A horror era unequaled in its execution. Sure, it has its "rolled-eyes" moments and your typical teen acting (teens suffered a lot in horror flicks :P), but quality is quality.I shall defend cult classics until I die!62/100

Rorshach S (jp) wrote: M*A*S*H's look at war through a satirical lens makes it recommended viewing to fans of both the comedy and war genres.

Aleksandar C (es) wrote: Without a doubt one of the best sci-fi movies. Incredibly well directed by one and only Ridley Scott, well written and visually stunning this sci-fi masterpiece provides a lot of fun for the viewers, but has a deeper meaning to it.

Paul J (au) wrote: Kevin Costner did a great job in this movie. His performance was solid and he made the drama palpable. Sean Combs on the other hand was pitiful. Go back to MTV.

Angie T (ag) wrote: Racist propaganda. Hated it but the leading man was sexy!

Kyle B (us) wrote: I have had my differences with the legacy of Brando and some of his most beloved roles being overblown by historians but this movie throws all that out the window. It is a mesmerizing documentary and truly one of a kind. Brando's narration is hypnotic taken from his lost tapes that make it seem like we are in his head. The archive footage and piecing together of all these tapes is really expertly done. Stevan Riley deserves all the props for taking on director, writer, and editor. The score is well blended with Brando's voice making this a soothing doc to watch as well. This must be remembered come award season because this is one of the best documentaries I've seen this year and in terms of craftsmanship one of the best in the past few years so far

AD V (jp) wrote: Well intended but ultimately unnessesary sequel/prequel that finds out what Norman's been up to as well as fleshing out the origins of Norman's psychosis (hence the unnessasary part). Writer Stefano claims his script this ignores parts II and III but Bates says a line about being four years since the last murder which makes that 1986 which is the year Psycho III came out; I'm glad they added that just so there's a sense of cohesion with the rest of the series.

Brad S (mx) wrote: I hadn't seen this John Carpenter film since I was a teen so it was nice to revisit it. Based on Stephen King's book about a killer car. The movie isn't great, but I found it enjoyable. There's a lot of humour to it, and the practical effects are excellent. I also occasionally listened in on the director commentary with John Carpenter and star Keith Gordon who also became a director, it's both informative and entertaining. Worth a watch for genre fans.