The White Sound

The White Sound

Lukas, a young schizophrenic man, has to deal with a new town, a new relationship, and the paranoia in his head.

Kati, Jochen and Lukas take a trip magic mushrooms. Lukas is not coming back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott F (nl) wrote: If I say it's better than the first, don't confuse that for a positive review. It's still just a glorified travelogue starring gorgeous people in very little clothing. The storyline is ridiculous/awful/non-existent. Vandervoort does fare better here than she did on Smallville -- but that's still not a ringing endorsement.

Eric R (br) wrote: Yusuf has just lost his job at the factory in which he has worked for years. He goes to stay with his cousin, Mahmut, who is now living in Istanbul in the attempt to find work. Distant is a very quiet drama about the relationship between these two men living together in Istanbal. After living in Istanbul for years and suffering through a divorce, Muhmut is a very detached individual who makes his living as a photographer. He seems to care little about anyone or anything. Yusuf on the other hand desperately seeks some type of connection. He constantly wants to reach out and confide in someone, particularly a host of women he comes in contact with, but he can't seem to find what he his looking for. The two of them are very cordial at first but as the film progresses we start to see this emotional distance become more and more profound. Ceylan has a lot ot say in this quiet film as he examines the differences between the city life and village, commenting on how the hustle of this environment can make one feel cold and stagnant. Istanbul is almost a character of it's own as the film, as it is shown as not having much to offer to both of our characters. We are shown beautiful landscapes of abadoned shipyards and empty snow covered streets. This isn't a city that is thriving but more so seems to be dead in it's core; at least through the perception of these two men. Everything in this film is done extremely subtlely but by the end of the film I found myself able to really feel for both Yusuf and Mahmut for totally different reasons.

Rick E (jp) wrote: I am developing an affinity for independent films. What you find in them is a great passion for telling the story and director?s, who are completely unaffected by the politics of Hollywood, putting their best foot forward in hopes of making a name for themselves. And, the best independent films have a way of making an impression that lasts beyond your initial viewing. Dopamine, presented by the Sundance Channel and recently released to DVD, is one of those films. Director and co-writer Mark Decena makes a promising debut with a love story that explores whether love is an actual human emotion or simply a physiological response to the release of chemicals designed to prompt mating. It is an interesting premise and a great catalyst for conflict as a relationship develops between our lead characters. Rand (John Livingston) is a computer programmer, coping with his mother?s Alzheimer?s and subscribing to the theory (under his father?s influence) that love is a chemically induced illusion. Sarah (Sabrina Lloyd) is a grade school teacher with ?holes to fill?, tormented by a decision made years before and looking for a love to fill the void. The two initially cross paths in a bar (where Rand?s best friend steamrolls him and ends up taking Sarah home himself), but it is not until Rand is asked to test his artificially intelligent computer creation in her classroom that these two begin to make a connection. As their relationship develops, Rand begins to realize that love is not an artificial emotion and opens himself up to new depths of emotion as he comes to terms with his mother?s illness and Sarah?s desire to right her past. Although Decena approaches his story from a unique perspective, Dopamine still feels formulaic much of the time. There are few surprises as the plot follows the standard ?boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, conflict separates boy and girl, boy and girl resolve conflict and live happily ever after? formula. And, the film drags just a bit, at times getting bogged down in its own sense of importance. Weaknesses in the plot and pacing are overcome, however, in the performances of Livingston and Lloyd. Livingston very much reminded me of Ben Affleck, but with more talent. Rand is a character that is instantly likeable, in spite of his cynicism. He is jaded when it comes to love, but not to the point that it turns him into a womanizing jerk (that role belongs to Bruno Campos in the role of best friend, Winston). It is obvious from the get-go that Sarah is damaged goods - desperate for something pleasurable to replace the pain. However, Lloyd injects a sense of strength into her character, which allows us to empathize with Sarah without ever pitying her. Livingston and Lloyd share a wonderful chemistry on-screen and they handle their dialogue so easily and convincingly that you overlook the fact that it is frequently convoluted. Dopamine is presented on DVD in 1.85:1 widescreen and 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo. Extras include a handful of deleted scenes, optional commentary by director Decena, co-writer Timothy Breitbach, and Lloyd, a brief ? and mostly uninteresting ? making-of featurette, the original movie trailer, a very brief introduction to the film by Decena, and a Decena short-film entitled ?One Of Those Days? an artsy, subtitled, black and white piece that made little sense to me. Overall, this film is a mixed bag. While the writing and pacing are a bit weak, Decena proves he?s a director to watch and he elicits wonderful performances from Livingston and Lloyd. Although it doesn?t deliver the same pleasurable punch as its chemical namesake, Dopamine is a gratifying, albeit predictable, film.

jinky jane s (es) wrote: A VERY NICE MOVIE.. FANTASTIC!

Matt G (es) wrote: This is why Alfred Hitchcock was known as the master of suspense.

Logan V (mx) wrote: This movie really touched me in a personal way because Ive always been a punk and i've lost friends to drugs and so on,lillard had a great role in the film and puled it off surprisingly well it really is sad that he went on to act in some really awful movies but this movie has a pretty good message behind it and delivers it greatly.

Nathaniel M (nl) wrote: The cinematography and editing alone make it a classic. Like discovering Lake Victoria, immediately evident that this is the source of a great deal of film inspiration... looking at you Tarantino.

Stella D (de) wrote: one of the greatest of the stewart/mann westerns. arthur kennedy is really great here as a slippery outlaw with a twinkle in his eye

David R (de) wrote: Not bad it was better than I expected but it wasn't funny at all to me