The Wild Stallion

The Wild Stallion

A story about two girls, CJ and Hanna. CJ lives on a ranch, Hanna comes to visit and decides to photograph wild horses for a school project

A story about two girls, CJ and Hanna. CJ lives on a ranch, Hanna comes to visit and decides to photograph wild horses for a school project. The girls become great friends and learn of a plot that might jeopardize the mustangs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Doug K (nl) wrote: Harmon states at one point in the film that he just wants to be "the guy who makes people happy." This documentary does just that.

Brad O (ag) wrote: The jokes are killer and makes for a good movie with the guys.

JohnnyLee T (gb) wrote: Untangling of family secrets and reconnecting of family relationships are not usually the stuff of comedy but they combine well in this film largely on the skill of the actors to keep us entertained. Slightly too long for its plot. Ending a bit too pat, but we knew everybody had to be happy - all we needed was for Maggie to marry the Professor's dishy doctor grandson.Great to see a movie that encompasses 3 generations interacting - plus a whole bevy of Florida retirees! (DVD ran for over 2 hours)

Angela G (es) wrote: 1 star, but only because you don't have the option of voting 0 stars! Bloody awful!

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Lee The Lumbering Dead Munday (ca) wrote: Any film that has hopping asian vampires, martial arts and slapstick comedy is going to get the big love from me. The added bonus of a freeze frame ending of the Hung unmercifully beating the womb out of a scheming, cheating, girlfriend while shouting 'you bitch!!!' all gravelly with distortion on the microphone and echo effects over her screaming makes this a bona fide Munday pleaser for life. I am currently single.

Michelle R (kr) wrote: I hate this movie! It's so pointless, and it ends so randomly!

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