The Windmill Movie

The Windmill Movie

Filmmaker Richard P. Rogers tried for twenty years to make a documentary about his own life. He died in 2001, leaving the project unfinished, until his widow, acclaimed photographer Susan Meiselas, commissioned his former student Alexander Olch to make a film out of the pieces. Starting in the Hamptons, in the town of Wainscott, the film weaves Rogers' footage into a journey through childhood memories, a less than encouraging mother, a family background of privilege, and Rogers' persistent, dogged attempts to document his own life. Rogers' friend, actor and writer Wallace Shawn, joins in the process, as the film investigates the differences between documentary and fiction, and tells the tragic story of Rogers' life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Filmmaker Richard P. Rogers tried for twenty years to make a documentary about his own life. He died in 2001, leaving the project unfinished, until his widow, acclaimed photographer Susan ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harrison R (br) wrote: The director ruined this by not letting Greg stay in Neil Hamburger character the whole time. Why the hell did you do that you shithead? Go rip off Wes Anderson and stop ruining good comedians!

Nate T (jp) wrote: Top-notch Docu-Drama adaptation of the Bill O'Reilly book, narrated by Tom Hanks.

Sarfara A (fr) wrote: Rowdy Rathore directed by actor-cum-director Prabhu Deva. Starring Akshay Kumar (one of my top favorite actors from Indian cinema - he has established himself as most sought-after actor who has gained popularity in comedy/action/drama/romance roles). Akshay plays a petty street-thief who commits intelligent theft; he is mistaken for most-feared assistant superintendent of the police (ASP) by crime-syndicate working in a village. From the start film looked promising but at near end it kinda strayed away from the serious-tone of somewhat good plot. NOTE: Some exaggerating impossibilities of using physics in wrong way, which is simply the criteria of general population in South of India to watch movies where actors perform over-exaggeration of stunts e.g. kicking a jeep so hard that it smashes to ground and passengers flying off it. This is the remake of South film; although Akshay is not mainly into these sort of movies, however he succumbed to requests from the director who himself comes from the South region - Akshay Kumar hails from popular mainstream Bollywood.

Kurt F (ru) wrote: 12/16/14 What can I say? I liked it. It made me laugh at its very subtle humor. Really the whole film is just one long joke about hot dogs. But I didn't care, it still was endearing, even if it was pure fantasy and not a true biopic.

Griffin B (jp) wrote: Good solid teen sex comedy. Quite funny in parts and actually has a good message. The serious/romantic parts are really obvious, and kinda corny, but they're sweet. The only thing I really didn't like about this movie was Fall Out Boy.

Mark P (nl) wrote: true story about Harvey milk, a politician who changed the laws for gay rights. Great performance from Sean Penn who won best actor

Ken S (au) wrote: Francis Ford Coppola returns to filmmaking after a ten year absence...and it is long and confusing and pretentious. Tim Roth stars as an elderly man who is struck by lightning and then becomes young again once he has healed from his injuries. He is also talking to himself in mirrors...and then the nazis show up. Visually, the film looks great, but is missing something. The pretentious nature of this film makes me think about Coppola's early work, Pre-"The Godfather". They were made by a pretentious film student, and this feels like the kind of film that a young guy like that, who never grew up, would make. It is as if Coppola in the 70s was a fluke. This movie is long and kind of boring...if you want to make a slower film with a longer better have something deeper than interesting visuals and a neat initial premise...this movie doesn't really have more than that.

Veronica s (br) wrote: Full of Suspense and Action, Worth Watching Again & Agian

Derek K (ag) wrote: I never stopped laughing.

Daniel L (nl) wrote: Cool to see a cinematic depiction of Chopin, albeit as portrayed by Hugh Grant.

Brett C (it) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:The Vanishing is the story of a woman who suddenly disappeared and her friend, after 3 years of searching, starts to receive postcards from a mysterious person.I found the plot of the film to be potentially intriguing, sadly it failed to keep me interested due to its unfocused characters and the lack of tension during the bulk of the film's first hour. To clarify, the setting up of the film's complication was certainly interesting and it did help set up the film's suspense and mystery which would then benefit the latter half of the film. The issue is found during the film's second act, going back and forth between the film's two protagonists, detailing both their contemporary and past stories. Both had the potential to be thoroughly interesting as exploring Rex's obsession would have allowed me to get in deep with the character, and informing us of Raymond's life and the methods he uses are definitely fascinating ideas, but the film skims both of these stories, almost as if it wants to just get to the superior third act and deliver that excitement that the former half had been lacking.As I have noted, the film's strength lies in its third act, maintaining an elevated sense of tension throughout and resolving it with a sequence that was certainly unexpected, though slightly underwhelming, but only slightly mind you. It was truly fascinating uncovering more and more details that would help us solve the mystery.The Vanishing definitely shows more positives than its negatives but I cannot say that this film is as great as most say it is. Definitely watch this for the last forty minutes alone.

Connor C (kr) wrote: Two of our favorites in Breakfast Club, appear in this tedious, yes, but entertaining thriller


Billie S (kr) wrote: A solid, but slow and restrained revenge movie with interesting story.

Jacob L (ag) wrote: Titanic is a Brilliant recreation/retelling of the 1912 tragedy in which countless people lost their lives when the RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank to the ocean floor. The movie Is just simply divine to look at with stunning HD imagery on the big screen and is extremely well acted. The connection between the two main characters is simply classic, and the drama is some of the best I have ever seen since the great Shakespearean tragedies. This is a must-see for historians, romantics, and film fanatics worldwide. I give it a well deserved 5/5 stars.