The Wings of Eagles

The Wings of Eagles

The story of Frank W. "Spig" Wead - a Navy-flyer turned screenwriter.

A biography of Navy flier-turned-screenwriter Frank W. "Spig" Wead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Wings of Eagles torrent reviews

rem (jp) wrote: Definitely the funniest movie i've ever seen. Clever details, life of "someone inside" etc.. But i can't understand; why it's so underrated???!

Jason J (au) wrote: Sweet tale of a dog who doesn't want to be parted from his master even after his death.

Tori D (kr) wrote: Rude boy exceptional!

Randy T (mx) wrote: A 55 second short made for the centennial of film (1996) using one of the original antique movie cameras.

Karen S (fr) wrote: Saturday night fun!:)

Dean M (es) wrote: Fine action-psychological thriller on Michael Biehn's role.

Cameron F (fr) wrote: Flying robot saucers help an old couple save their apartment building from ruthless developers. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Cronyn and Tandy who were such a delight in Cocoon, labor their way through this muddled mess that seems too much like a adult version of Short Circuit, another robot comedy from the previous year. This movie is way too long and uninspired to entertain the youngest of families and too hokey to appeal to the grown ups.

MEC r (jp) wrote: This movie was missing something... the story wasn't that good.

Jenna G (br) wrote: On Golden Pond could be watched just for the performances alone, but the movie itself is heartfelt and deals with many issues in a charming and realistic way. Just seeing Henry Fonda and daughter Jane on screen together is beautiful, especially since their real life relationship was similar to the father-daughter relationship their characters had. Not to mention, Katherine Hepburn. A wonderful film.

Patrick G (de) wrote: The film should be seen in its original Japanese language, unedited version. In that format, it's still a heavily flawed film and the appeal is limited, but for the right fans, it's a lot of fun with nifty special effects and a great Ifukube music score. Its Americanized version, by contrast is a colossal, badly reorganized bore that insists your first viewing be the last.

Patrick M (au) wrote: Beautiful scenery can't quite make a movie, it would seem. It doesn't help that there's a lazy lead performance from Robert Mitchum or a really annoying kid either. Not much actually happens in the movie, though the ending is actually pretty decent.

DeMarkus H (de) wrote: Decent - great cast - poor execution