The Winning Team

The Winning Team

Poor health and alcoholism force Grover Cleveland Alexander out of baseball, but through his wife's faithful efforts, he gets a chance for a comeback and redemption.

Poor health and alcoholism force Grover Cleveland Alexander out of baseball, but through his wife's faithful efforts, he gets a chance for a comeback and redemption. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian A (us) wrote: "She looks like Seal, for Christ's sake!"

Jocey D (ca) wrote: It's another bloody and violent western movie with a beautiful twist found in two Danish brothers, played by Mikael Persbrandt and Mads Mikkelson, and the very quiet Eva Green. It doesn't have much of a plot but its resolution is quite satisfying.

stacey m (au) wrote: not my type of movie I guess.

Tim M (au) wrote: A Thai Grudge set in a hospital where the vengeful ghost can posses parts of people. Attractive women, goofy language, good directing. Really could have used Chamillionaire's "In the Trunk" What a twist! Chilling WTF ending.

Natalie H (ca) wrote: A powerful, quick-witted and socially relevant comic drama that takes you through the highs and lows of producing theatre when the country was in the grip of fear of communism and socialism

Ed F (es) wrote: I have to say I enjoyed this movie. I've seen it about a dozen times and each time sit and think the kilter could have been any one number of characters.

Dann M (es) wrote: Gwyneth Paltrow gives the performance of her life in the powerful character drama Proof. In the wake of her father's death after a prolonged struggle with Alzheimer's disease, Catherine starts to question her own sanity, which gets exacerbated when her father's former grad student discovers a mathematical proof that she claims to have written but looks like her father's work. Accompanying Paltrow are Anthony Hopkins and Jake Gyllenhaal, who both deliver extraordinary performances. But it's Paltrow's outstanding work that carries the film, as she gives a brilliant introspective look into the mind of Catherine as she struggles to find the truth and come to terms with her fears. Yet some credit needs to go to director John Madden, who does an incredible job at drawing the audience into Catherine's struggle, and keeps the question of her mental illness and the authorship the proof constantly in question. Proof is an exceptionally well-crafted and transcendent film that deals with some provocative and controversial issues.

Antonio T (gb) wrote: Al ver la secuela de Koyanisqqatsi, me he dado cuenta que esta triloga de Godfrey Reggio no es para m, es decir, su propuesta de cine conceptual sin narrativa tradicional fue original y diferente, pero no es una idea que d para una triloga, se desgasta facilmente. Esta secuela es blanda, lenta e interesante por 25 minutos mximo; claro, tiene una fotografa hiper profesional, la composicin cuidada, y es una vista bella del mundo oriental. En Koyanisqqatsi, la msica de Philip Glass una muy bien la relacin entre secuencia y audio, en este caso, la composicin es genrica y cura para el insomnio. Koya no me convenci del todo, debido a que el concepto de Reggio se alarga demasiado en un filme y ahora una secuela? Y otra secuela? (Naqoyqqatsi) Ya que probablemente no ver la tercera parte de esta triloga (ya basta), cerrar con esto. La triloga de Reggio fue un concepto simple, muy creativo y elegante, un concepto que exprimieron a ms no poder, y del cual solo se rescata la primera parte. Powaqqatsi podra funcionar como video de fondo en un museo o como sucedneo de pastillas para dormir. He divagado bastante: Vean Koyanisqqatsi y no le presten atencion las secuelas, a menos que sean fans hardcore.

Chris S (es) wrote: Robert Downey, Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland, two of the six greatest actors of all time time in the same movie. I'm not saying I loved this but I enjoyed it throughly.

bill k (us) wrote: Superb in every respect. The acting is natural and realistic putting one squarely in the middle of the drama. Great insight into the role of the Roman Catholic Church in the Irish political situation of the time.

Timo V (es) wrote: A very complicated story shot with a budget, which from time to time shows. The script is very good, although very very challenging, and meets quite well the atmosphere of the book it's based on. A fine reminder of the fact that Rutger Hauer can be quite a good and convincing actor.Also, a rare example of a pure alternative history film.