The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree

When her storyteller mother (Mary Alice) dies, attorney Clara Collier (Alfre Woodard) returns to her Georgia hometown and is soon captivated by a local legend of the "Magic Man" (Blair Underwood). While looking for the source of the tale, Clara uncovers suprising family secrets. Czech filmmaker Ivan Passer directs this family drama that delves into the storytelling tradition of the Deep South. Blair Underwood and Helen Shaver co-star.

After her mother's death, Clara, a middle-aged attorney, returns home to Savannah, where she begins to realize how much she misses her roots. Clara reminisces with old friends about her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan M (gb) wrote: Gripping, not only because of its excellent construct, but also because it really happened. A great movie will move you, regardless of the friendliness of the subject matter.

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Mike C (ag) wrote: Another of the made for black audience movies of the 70's that had a number of black actors who later became famous in their own movies & TV shows.

Jim H (us) wrote: A "simple" Appalachian converts to Christianity and then goes to WWI.There is a scene in which York is struck by lightning, which propels him to "find God." While it purports to be based on a true story, shit like that makes me doubt its veracity. What's worse is the film's treatment of York, who is portrayed without even enough sense to tie his shoes, yet by the end of the film, we're supposed to revere his bravery and conversion from conscientious objector to violence. This characterization - I balk at calling anyone in this film a "character" - not only paints Americans and Appalachians as decidedly anti-intellectual, but it also suggests that Christianity is mutable enough to be jettisoned at the first call of violent duty.Overall, this film is both insulting and ridiculous.

Steve S (us) wrote: a kinda interesting documentary, totally interesting for fans of "blue planet". kinda had an oddly interesting sci fi angle to it as well