The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

Toymaker tells a bizarre story about how the Land of Oz was ruled by Prince Kynd, but he was overthrown by Prime Minister Kruel. Dorothy learns from Aunt Em that fat, cruel Uncle Henry is not her uncle, and gives her a note due on her eighteenth birthday, which reveals she is actually Princess Dorothea of Oz, and is supposed to marry Prince Kynd. She, Uncle Henry , and two farmhands are swept to Oz by a tornado. Snowball, a black farmhand soon joins them after a lightning bolt chases him into the sky. They land in Oz, where the farmhands try to avoid capture. Semon becomes a scarecrow, Hardy briefly disguises himself as a Tin Woodman, and Snowball is given a Lion suit by the Wizard, which he uses to scare the Pumperdink guards. Written by Scott Hutchins

Dorothy, heir to the Oz throne, must take it back from the wicked Prime Minister Kruel with the help of three farmhands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M W (us) wrote: Well intentioned and perhaps overly so as it misses key elements to bring the story home. What remains is a sentimental piece that fails to manipulate genuine sentiment. It was nice seeing the more sordid parts of L.A. again.

Nicki M (fr) wrote: It's a hallmark movie. Not awful, for what it is, but pretty missable. Not sure why I bothered with really. Betty White is okay and Jennifer Love Hewitt is passable. I did not find it especially moving, even though the subject is quite sad, maybe just the end part, but still felt like I was watching a TV movie the whole time.

Matt G (ag) wrote: The perfect example of a 2.5 star movie, the kind which leaves you asking, "Did I like it or actually kinda hate it?" The premise is interesting (humans losing their senses one by one), but hurt by its own awkward self-seriousness. Sometimes it's effectively sad, and sometimes it's just melodramatic & maudlin. At moments it's bitterly powerful (ending), and at others it's eye-rollingly on-the-nose (anytime McGregor loses his temper). A bold film whose boldness can't quite raise its quality above "meh".

Francesca J (gb) wrote: Too many twists, no sex, a disappointment. I can only hope the book is better.

Lee K (nl) wrote: I hate to sound like a chauvinist here, but aside from the Salma Hayek nude scenes here nothing else more to see.

Kenny V (it) wrote: Outstanding production of Vanya. Mamet's translation is spot on and the performances are amazing. Shawn is outstanding in the title role. I have a rekindled love of Chekhov tonight.

Kevin J (us) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I had heard about it but had never seen it. Very inspiring movie. Jon Voight is wonderful as the school teacher that helps his students learn and pushes them to treasure themselves even when society does not.

HungYa L (es) wrote: Have not seen the original Alfie but I like Jude Law being chosen as Alfie!!

DC F (ru) wrote: Great storyline and eerily exciting. Nice points of action and the ending kept me in suspense.

Grant H (kr) wrote: Excellent movie. It's funny, incredibly smart, very slick, and very smart. The script is nearly perfectly written, bringing the story to the modern day. The performances are perfect, Gellar being perfectly seductive and evil, Philippe a snob who changes as the film progresses, and the poor Blair and Witherspoon who get caught up in the middle.

David L (ru) wrote: Stardust is a very underrated movie that is one of the most purely enjoyable flicks I've seen in a while. It has a well crafted and always riveting story with excellent fantasy and romance elements to it, it is well crafted with a plethora of colorful characters, it is also so unique, mature and weird with such a great humor and it is above all immensely charming and fun. It has an annoying protagonist, some weaker performances and poor cinematography, but it is still one of the finest modern fantasy movies I've seen and a film that can bring a smile to your face.