The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex

The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex

The Russo family and friends are headed to Tuscany, Italy, to meet their long lost relatives... but when Alex tries to prove she's more than a seemingly carefree young Wizard, she inadvertently conjures a spell that creates a Good Alex and an Evil Alex. When Evil Alex gets roped into a charming young wizard's foreboding plan to take over the world, Good Alex must find a way to save her family and humankind, which leads to a monumental battle between the two versions of herself - all atop the Tower of Pisa.

While visiting Tuscany, Italy, a young wizard accidentally creates an evil version of herself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jameel M (it) wrote: As a straight to DVD production this movie was successful in its intentions.

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Ryan T (es) wrote: It's a real shame that they couldn't put together consistent comedy other than it's fun and lighthearted quirkiness because the cast actually had some nice chemistry together.

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Jessica G (jp) wrote: J'adore ce film! Je l'ai vu des centaines de fois! Et j'ai lu le livre par la suite, c'est tellement... tellement... je n'ai pas de mot...Il me donne envie d'tre amoureuse ;-pTrs romantique et trs nervant la fois! Mais j'adore.

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Calyre Z (kr) wrote: "La femme au portrait"