The Wolverine

The Wolverine

Wolverine faces his ultimate nemesis - and tests of his physical, emotional, and mortal limits - in a life-changing voyage to modern-day Japan.

Continuing Part 1, “The Wolverine 2013” follow Logan, the immortal and lonely Wolf Man warrior, to Japan. In “The Wolverine”, the steel blade of Japanese samurai will clash violently with Wolverines Adamantium claws when Logan confronts with a mysterious figure from the past. An uncompromising battle in The Wolverine will make the werewolf be changed forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Wolverine torrent reviews

Heather M (fr) wrote: Five good shorts with a strong cast.

Tiffany Z (mx) wrote: It was good until they brought Jane Fonda into the mess, and then it was just too biased to be called 'documentary.' You mean Jane Fonda who almost got a U.S. POW killed after turning him in for passing her a note at a prison she was visiting? Yeah, her. This film had great potential, but what's the point of watching a documentary if it can't even feign being unbiased? It was almost propaganda in reverse...

Thomas E (kr) wrote: The main characters name is Bret Bumpers. That is all.

Emily L (gb) wrote: Perhaps the most boring movie ever.

Shannon N (nl) wrote: hmmmm, love the work, how about the artist? well, i fell in love w/ girl w/ a pearl earring....

Gregory W (ru) wrote: no taking of pelham 1,2,3 but still this crime caper is watchable all star cast makes the most of their supporting roles.

Ian M (ru) wrote: This was pretty good actually, and does beg the question what would you do if you couldn't speak and were the only witness of a murder? The main actress played it really well, and there were plenty of twists and turns. Definitely a thriller that was worth the watch!

Nathan F (fr) wrote: This movie has no direction of all. Waste of time.

Ola G (fr) wrote: A teenage girl purchases a baby American alligator while on vacation with her family at a tourist trap in Florida. After the family returns home to Chicago, the alligator, named Ramn by the girl, is promptly flushed down the family's toilet by her surly, animal-phobic father and ends up in the city's sewers. Twelve years go by, during which the alligator survives by feeding on covertly discarded pet carcasses. These animals had been used as test subjects for an experimental growth formula intended to increase agricultural livestock meat production. However the project was abandoned due to the formula's side effect of massively increasing the animal's metabolism, which caused it to have an insatiable appetite. This meant too much money had to be spent feeding an animal treated with this formula, making it economically unviable. For 12 years, the baby alligator accumulated concentrated amounts of this formula from feeding on these carcasses. This caused it to mutate, growing far larger than even the largest saltwater crocodile: a 36-foot (11m) behemoth, with the same insatiable appetite of the animal test subjects, as well as an almost impenetrable hide. The alligator begins ambushing and devouring sewer workers it encounters in the sewer, and the resulting flow of body parts draws in world-weary police officer David Madison (Robert Forster) who, after a horribly botched case in St. Louis, has gained a reputation for being lethally unlucky for his assigned partners. As David works on this new case, his boss Chief Clark (Michael Gazzo) brings him into contact with reptile expert Marisa Kendall (Robin Riker), the girl who bought the alligator years earlier. David's reputation as a partner-killer is "confirmed" when the gator snags a young cop Kelly (Perry Lang) who accompanies David into the sewer searching for clues. No one believes David's story, partly due to a lack of a body, and partly because of Slade (Dean Jagger), the influential local tycoon who sponsored the illegal growth experiments and therefore does not want the truth to come out. This changes when obnoxious tabloid reporter Thomas Kemp (Bart Braverman) goes snooping in the sewers and supplies graphic and indisputable photographic evidence of the beast at the cost of his own life. The story quickly garners public attention, and a city-wide hunt for the monster is called for...Been wanting to see this monster movie since it came out in 1980. I reckon back then "Alligator" seemed cool for a eight year old, but in 2014 and at the age of forty-two its a bit different. This is a B-monster movie with "Jaws" as the role model, but theres still tongue-in-cheek humour and it doesnt try to be something else from what it is, meaning it doesnt take itself too seriously. Robert Forster is pretty ok as David Madison and its always a treat to see the over the top and underrated Henry Silva in this case as Col. Brock. Hardly as good as "Jaws", but still entertaining in a simple way.

Kellan W (us) wrote: This is THE most overrated movie of all time. The ending is a huge middle finger and one of the worst of all time.

Robert Z (ru) wrote: A great cast wasted on an uninteresting, even boring story. The negativity and ruthlessness throughout is too much for me.