The Woman in the Painting

The Woman in the Painting

Mario and the new kid Franco gradually become the best of friends, but their friendship is tested when one of them wins a competition.

Mario e Franco, due adolescenti, sono legati da grande amicizia anche se appartengono a ceti sociali diversi. Mario ammira Franco perchè, figlio di un diplomatico, ha viaggiato molto e ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ln T (au) wrote: This one is the reason why I love French films

Huw G (de) wrote: Better than average dialogue, but otherwise a straightforward B-movie.

Fabien P (it) wrote: What the f** was that exactly??? Unratable

Karia Q (ag) wrote: Adorable. Go awkward misfits everywhere! I swear I nearly peed my pants when Jermaine said how his mum died.

IVRt (ag) wrote: I always have time for a Mafia movie :)

Justin B (nl) wrote: It's not quite as polished as it could be and depending on your tastes, it could be considered cheesy but fans of gory 80's horror, there's a lot of fun to be had. Really dark tone and atmosphere with some great visuals.

Godwin G (us) wrote: I enjoyed it. It was way better than the remake.

Byron B (de) wrote: I've been wanting to compare this side by side with Scarlet Street from the following year. They have a lot in common. I happened to watch this one second of the two and was not quite as impressed. Both thrillers are directed by Fritz Lang. Both star Edward G. Robinson and Joan Bennett with Dan Duryea and Arthur Loft in supporting roles. Milton Krasner photographed both as well. They both include a painting of Bennett, the use of radio ads to set the scene, and a murderer trying to cover up their crime under pressure. Here's how they differ. Nunnally Johnson adapts this screenplay with Robinson as a slightly more charming professor of psychology. Professor Wanley is friends with his doctor (Breon) and the District Attorney (Massey) at his gentleman's club. They tease him about being a temporary bachelor since his wife and children are out of town. By a strange coincidence he soon meets Bennett's character Alice while admiring a portrait of her. Joan Bennett has a less nuanced role to play here. I wondered for awhile if she would turn out to be more cunning than she appears, but she is the slightly more mild mannered one here. The murder happens much earlier in the plot. Wanley and Alice contrive to cover up the murder with their limited knowledge of criminal activity and go about their lives. Wanley quickly learns who the victim was from his friend the D.A. and clumsily begins admitting facts about the crime that could get him caught. He tries to stay one step ahead by staying close to the investigation. A man (Duryea) shows up intending to blackmail Alice and her accomplice. Can the amateur criminals hope to outwit this man with a record and the police? There is plenty of suspense. The twist at the end shows it is only meant to be a morality lesson, but the darker ending would probably have been better.

Dimitri T (ru) wrote: I like old B movies but this is so laughable. The monster, as radiculous as it looks, its more interesting than the people themselves. The whole film has dialogue that put me to sleep. Probably this should be called the worst movie of all time, not troll 2 or battlefield earth.

Mat K (es) wrote: A Flash Gordon rip off, only, surprisingly worse. Complete nonsense, starting with a rocket powered submarine. We are brought into an undersea world that is bone dry. The people that live in this kingdom are technologically advanced enought to be able to cause earthquakes, build robots and rayguns, but when they go to war they still throw spears aand wave sowrds at eachother. Our female lead does absolutely nothing and our hero, Crash Corrigan, takes a twelve year old boy out on all his dangerous missions. "You two escape. Billy and I will draw their fire." The story is flat, the world is poorly thought out and the characters are lifeless. Do not watch alone and besure to bring popcorn.

James R (br) wrote: This one is not gonna be for everyone. If you've never seen a Terrence Malick film then this one might be a bit too much for you. There's beautifully shot scenes like literally some of the best cinematography I've ever seen, but man is there little to no plot that is easily presented. Malick likes to leave a movie bare to show you what it's about. it's up to the viewer to figure it all out. Very art house like. The movie is about Neil (Ben Affleck) and Marina (Olga Kurylenko). Marina is a Ukrainian woman living with her ten year old daughter in France. She meets Neil and they fall madly in love. Neil takes them back to the states to live with him in Oklahoma. Soon enough things start going bad and Marina leaves the country. Neil then meets up with an old friend Jane (Rachel McAdams) who has her own ranch. Neil starts a romance with her, but things don't work out. He goes back to France and brings Marina back and finally marries her. Although, they are together Marina feels isolated and lonely in Oklahoma and just never feels like she fits in. There's also a priest in the film named Father Quintana (Javier Bardem) who is questioning his faith and interacts with Neil and Marina sparingly. Overall, I enjoyed aspects of the film (mostly cinematography), but man I wished this was more structured. I know what I was getting myself into with the director, but I never connected with any character and just really didn't care what happened by the end. Overall, only film buffs will want to give this one a look. Everyone else should probably stay away.

Blair K (au) wrote: this movie was another one of the typical late 90s teen movies that was slicked up and trying to be somthing it wasnt in other words a good movie but instead utterly forgettable. one surprising thing about it is james marsden turned into having a sustained career when everyone else faded so yeah good for him haha