The Woman Next Door

The Woman Next Door

Madame Jouve, the narrator, tells the tragedy of Bernard and Mathilde. Bernard was living happily with his wife Arlette and his son Thomas. One day, a couple, Philippe and Mathilde Bauchard, moves into the next house. This is the accidental reunion of Bernard and Mathilde, who had a passionate love affair years ago. The relationship revives... A somber study of human feelings.

Two ex-lovers wind up living next door to each other with their respective spouses. Forbidden passions ensue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura M (gb) wrote: With any other cast I'm not sure this movie would have been as emotional and interesting. Everyone did such a good job and the script was also good. Definitely worth the watch

Maggie R (ru) wrote: When I originally heard of this movie I was unfamiliar with most of the cast, it seemed like it would be a stupid movie that meant to be funny. However, it's quirkiness was inviting, the movie had a nice flow and I just all around enjoyed it. I found the characters in this film extremely interesting and was able to just relax and enjoy the film.

Greg W (it) wrote: when I first started watching this I couldn't remember why I had this in my cue then I saw the cast and both paul walker & robin Williams r in the gr8 cast and both turn in excellent performances in this X-mas drama.

Zach T (us) wrote: Pretty much for fans of Juliette Lewis...

Fawn R (gb) wrote: I don't understand WHY Robin Williams is NOT listed...since he stars in the film. Besides that, this is an AWESOME film! Highly recommended!

Paul D (it) wrote: Tense building thriller which is expertly handled by the director.

Kipp S (fr) wrote: I probably the only person whose seen this movie. It's one of my favorite movies from the 80's.

Les E (gb) wrote: What a waste of time that was.

Peter F (ru) wrote: Wilder's take on Agatha Christie's stage play is both a thrilling court room drama, and a shocking whodunnit. It's also reassuring to know that Wilder knew how to make a movie that was really damn British!

Arun G (de) wrote: 'Kidnapping Mr. Heineken' turns out to be strictly mediocre at best. Watchable once for Hopkins.

5ummer B (mx) wrote: Never fails to brighten me up. And so does the score.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: Like it, Very different and full of dark humour that fits the movie very well, I don't think the story has been done before and the great casting only makes the film better.