The Woman of the Port

The Woman of the Port

Her father dies... her fiance dumps her... and she can't find a job... so she covers the waterfront. And then one night...

Rosario (Palma) becomes a prostitute after losing her father and discovering her boyfriend had a liaison with another woman. In Veracruz, Rosario lives above a sordid cabaret "selling her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (mx) wrote: looks really good! Heard the short story was really good!

Nicholas B (br) wrote: makes you feel for the characters but in the end leaves you wanting more.

Fairy F (jp) wrote: 2 funny......goooooooooolmaaaal.......

Sean M (us) wrote: Just a perfect movie

Aaron H (au) wrote: One of the most amazing movies ever!

Spencer S (ag) wrote: An inner look into the South American penal system, and the role of political prisoners amongst the fray of the prison in general, Kiss of a Spider Woman is either identifying the wrongs of an entire country's political system or focusing on the imaginary and wonderful. Two convicted men share a cell, one wrongfully accused of crimes that have left them forgotten and wronged alongside a statutory rapist. Most of the film carries on between the two of them, as one of the cellmates is a political prisoner who watches daily as his comrades are tortured for information about the resistance and the other is a drag queen who wishes vehemently to be a woman and finally be loved. As we watch the political prisoner (Julia) take out his fury on everyone, including the drag queen (Hurt) it becomes clear that this isn't altogether about the political climate in Brazil, or the loss in that country as well as the infuriating lack of upholding human rights. All during the film, Luis Molina (Hurt) tells a story about a Nazi propaganda film he once saw, that was a romance about a French spy nightclub singer who falls in love with a Nazi officer, which is a story that seamlessly revolves around the existing storyline of Molina and Arregui (Julia). As it all unfolds the friendship between the two troubled souls becomes tender and loving, and they actually care for one another, eventually leading to the same sacrifices and acts of kindness in the movie Molina recounts. The fact that they do parallel each other is what makes the film beautiful and poignant, giving life and romance to a love story that can't be classified as such unless you see the same similarities between them. Though the film is a clear commentary on the Brazilian government and the wartime implications of its tactics to manipulate political prisoners, it's also a love story, a story of friendship and trust, and giving yourself over to a cause to change the ways of the world, lest you be eaten alive otherwise. It's really very moving and graceful, even if slow and without a flair, and having an inert style.

Arslan K (nl) wrote: Mr. Nobody is a film that I've wanted to see for quite some time now. I was initially attracted by the name of the movie which I thought was weird and interesting. I soon looked at the cast and was impressed that Leto was in it and having seen him in few other stuff I gave this movie a go. First thing a person will instantly realize is the skills put into this movie which is phenomenal, this films makes usage of a lot of trick photography and amazing visual work. The fluidity of these shots are great and they make for a good time. Now the movie in itself is very interesting. The concept of the movie revolves around the idea of choices and the butterfly effect. The movie explores the ideas of how one choice will instantly open doors to hundred more opportunities and ideas something Bioshock Infinite explores, a video game. The movie revolves around a kid having to choose between mom and dad and seeing the outcome of every decision. Our main protagonist by the name of Nemo Nobody is seen to have access to not only the 4th dimension but the 5th as well where he can explore every outcome on spot not only for himself but other people as well. The spot being the decision to choose between a mom or a dad. And this is where the movie gets negative marks because although the beginning concepts are great a interesting but the movie at the end is about nothing. The ending of this movie does one thing that Im sure every viewer will hate. It will literally throw water on everything the movie built up for not only that the movie contradicts its plot a several times. For example a character in the movie does bring up how the movie is contradicting itself but it does so because it's in the script. The real contradiction comes from the last acts few last dialogues. All and all this movie is very good and I can clearly tell what the director and writers were going for but the main problem is that at the end the viewers are back at point A where they started from and it feels like nothing happened. If only the ending was real the movie would have been great. But I do recommend this for it does have very interesting points.