The World in His Arms

The World in His Arms

Gregory Peck is a boisterous sea captain in the Pacific Coast, circa 1850, who has a plan to buy Alaska from the Russians… if they don’t kill him first.

Roistering sea captain Jonathan Clark, who poaches seal pelts from Russian Alaska, meets and woos Russian countess Marina in 1850 San Francisco. Events separate them, but after an exciting ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom B (mx) wrote: This Italian gangster biopic flick is a weak Mesrine wannabe.The film documents the story of young criminal RENATO who believes 'I was born to be a thief!'. He is in prison telling his tale and justifying who he is, an unsuccessful bank robber, with this being the sad true story of an imprisoned criminal. The film borders on being flashy, glamorous, in a 70's style with an annoyingly macho lead and simple support cast. It is sexually charged, with your token and rather poor shoot outs, patchy action, low level dialogue, and shallow characters - all screaming low budget dross.This is definitely a weak Mesrine gangster movie - lacking a powerful and likeable main lead, gloss, finish, quality, aspiration and self confidence. EA is light, self indulged and debatably nothing new or interesting. It is a shame, and Italian film quality appears even sparser nowadays.

Ahmet Selim O (br) wrote: My favorite film ... It is greatest .

Martin E (it) wrote: helt ok, typisk indie-festival-film.fin kanin, forvrig.

Lilianetty l (gb) wrote: One love and I'm still living! Can't take it out of my head XD Defenetly loved the movie. Yes, it has amazing actors and actresses and defenetly the moral lesson is one I always give to myself: Go for your dreams. Don't watch others success, watch yourself succeeding.Plot: Is a wedding compettition (dunno If I wrote it right). Anyway, 3 couples, 1 winner. The most ORIGINAL wedding get's to be on the Confetti magazine. Who will win? Will it be the Naturalist one? The Musical one? Or the Tenis one? Watch it because I won't say who won (even if it was my fave couple from the start hehe). Stars for creativity and originality? SUPER YES!Acting: Stephen as Josef and Olivia as Joanna were hilarious and smart ass. Both nailed their roles so amazing I must say WOW. Super loved it. Martin Freeman and Jessica as Matt and Sam were outstanding. Just found out Martin sings beautifully and Jess even more wow (got an amazing voice). Meredith and Robert as Isabelle and Michael were also shocking but inspiring. I must say the whole cast was magnific from start to very ending. Stars for all their amazing work. Includes extras, crew and director obviously, even costume desing and editing area.Music: Love the lyrics, love the songs (very catchy), loved every score even. Musicians, actors and singers, I give you lot's of stars!To end this wonderful review, 4 stars & a half of 5. Enjoy and HASTA LA PROXIMA AMIGOS/AS! CHAO! BLESS YOU ALL IN 2012! BEST WISHES!!!

kirby g (jp) wrote: First shark tale should be called fish tail. the shark is just a side character. but other than that dumb references that were dated then and now.


John T (fr) wrote: The story of the courtship, marriage and divorce of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn earned Best Actor and Actress nominations for Richard Burton and Genevieve Bujold, respectively as well as a Best Picture nomination. The movie moves quickly through the tale despite being two and half hours in length, but glosses over or completely ignores several relevant historical events such as the downfall of Cardinal Wolsey, the moral reservations to Henry's divorce of Catherine of Aragon and the Act of Supremacy by of Sir Thomas More which led to his execution, the break with the Pope and the establishment of the Church of England, the looting and destruction of the monasteries, the burning of 'heretics' and execution of enemies he deemed treasonous. Burton, who won an Academy Award, and Bujold give superb acting performances, particularly when a jailed Anne confronts her husband exclaiming to him that their daughter Elizabeth will be a great Queen of England despite Henry's aspirations for a son. John Colicos, who previously starred as a Klingon Commander on Star Trek was excellent as Thomas Cromwell. My one criticism is with the final sequence, in which Henry, made aware that Anne has been beheaded, rides off to meet his future Queen, Jane Seymour.

Dan W (nl) wrote: There are no likeable characters in this film. It's like watching celebrity Big Brother - you waiting for all those involved to either fuck, have a nervous breakdown or die. But this film's greatest crime against cinema is allowing Michael Caine to do an American accent.

Dany L (ru) wrote: Another good small British drama. Overtly sentimental but not too sweet.