The World of Suzie Wong

The World of Suzie Wong

Story of the love between a struggling American artist and a beautiful Chinese prostitute in Hong Kong.

Robert Lomax tired of working in an office, wants to be an artist. So he moves to Hong Kong to try his hand at painting. Finding a cheap hotel he checks in, only to find it's used by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick P (us) wrote: Does anything actually happen in this film? No...not really. This film could have been made by simply cutting pieces of other films together. It's enjoyable only if you've never seen a horror, slasher, or werewolf movie in your life.


Simon D (br) wrote: This is about a weekend in the life of a New York ambulance driver played by Nicolas Cage who, surprise surprise, is a drunk depressive, again. Scorsese does some nice things to put you in a spin as the story sprials downwards but there isn't much to make this an outstanding film about it.

Tim F (nl) wrote: As a spin-off of The Doom Generation, this is kinda better, hence the bigger, more familiar cast and a better storyline. If ou can call it a story. Some teenagers, experimenting with sex and somedrugs, are all out for this party of which nobody knows where it is. During their 'search' it's mostly DArk (weird name!) who experiences outmost strange things involving a leguano creature, strange emotional behavior and a gay rupture. All pretty disturbing. The only explenation I can think of is that this guy got stuck in an lsd trip or something.

Joey G (us) wrote: Really good movie from 1989. I'm surprised I have not seen it before.

Mike C (ru) wrote: A totally lame movie, nothing cool happens.

Christopher W (ag) wrote: Lots of blood, gross deaths, but the best thing is the AC/DC music in the movie.

Andrs R (ru) wrote: Oro puro.Pure gold.

Brian R (nl) wrote: Landmark film. Richard Pryor's performance is awesome. I didn't see him as the funny comedian most audiences know him for. He is really charasmatic and speaks from the heart, he automatically transforms into his performace. Debut film from Paul Schrader is one of my favourite filmmakers who would later make future directing projects.

Andrew O (nl) wrote: An odd kind of stupid and brilliant at the same time, nevertheless, absolutely entertaining.

Calum B (it) wrote: This film is absolutely magnificent. The period is captured perfectly in authentic black-and-white. The on-location shooting is now, itself, a historical document in its own right. The characters are totally believable and portrayed to perfection by the faultless and charismatic actors: Horst Buchholz, Hayley Mills and her father John Mills. Each of these produces a performance as good as any that they had produced or were ever to produce. Not one of these three could be said to be the principal actor or to outshine the others. Despite the fact that this was the first time Hayley was to appear in a film, it was certainly no amateur, novice or childish performance; the degree of maturity is unbelievable and itself a thing at which to marvel. Horst Buchholz manages to show to perfection a character of greatly mercurial temperament, ranging from great anger to great tenderness in seconds - a truly outstanding piece of acting and his is a character with which the viewer finds himself/herself sympathising completely. Altogether, this is a film to treasure and to see time and time again.

Adam R (mx) wrote: In "Bride of the Gorilla," Lon Chaney Jr. finds himself effectively in the role Claude Rains played 10 years previous in "The Wolf Man;" he is monster-hunter, rather than the monster himself. Also peculiarly, Chaney plays a South American-born police commissioner who is forced to question whether a "civilized" education can help him solve the case of a mysterious, deadly creature wandering his native jungle. Sure, it's a white man playing a South American, but at least Chaney's not wearing... uh.... brown face -- and he's effective in the role. Indeed, "Bride of the Gorilla" is that rare Hollywood B-picture where native "primitive" beliefs are played straight, rather than as superstitions that take on a life of their own (or worse, for laughs). The characters who believe in the demonic curse that possesses foreign laborer Barney Chavez (Raymond Burr) are not loin-cloth-wearing simpletons; they range from servants to farmers to policemen in the story's narrative, and all are given lines -- accented or not -- filled with dignity and humanity. The story of "Bride" is ultimately a moral one as well: If a man does bad things, he will be repaid for his acts either by the laws of men, or the inscrutable, unappealable laws of nature, which work in mysterious ways.

Antonio F (br) wrote: How disappointing...

Edgar C (br) wrote: A decently designed and violently constructed epic loosely based on Thomas Malory's novel "Le Morte d'Arthur", Excalibur surpasses expectations from those used to Boorman's decaying filmography throughout time and from avid followers of the legendary adventure/fantasy tale, perhaps with a noticeable urge to cover all the essential elements from the original source and its characters in a short time span (not even 140 minutes were enough), but with an impeccable design and art direction that tries to compensate for the rather serious lack of cohesion and the plot's proper evolution.Moreover, it also attempts to conquer the amalgamation of human sentiments that similar tales are known for covering: revenge, love, lust, honor, betrayal, [insert 50 more human qualities and defects here]. For a reason, these epic tales of a massively universal scope were meant to be left in literature, where hundreds of pages could construct an entire microuniverse flawlessly described with words. It is true that an image is worth more than a thousand words, but an incorrect progression of images can destroy the intended. Excess is excess.Filmed epically and with a serious symptom of ambition that backfired against the final product, Excalibur shows some important remnants of Hollywood's classic epic filmmaking, back when the stories lasted more than 3 hours and still achieved to maintain the viewer's fascination and an everlasting impact. If my words sound like a condemnation, they are not, but the film, despite worth of attention, has indeed lost the impact that the classics of the 50s and 60s still regain today.70/100

Leon B (br) wrote: Wolf Creek is not really an enjoyable movie as it is telling more of the teenage lives. I mean I wanted to watch a good movie, but that didn't exist in this movie. Despite boring story line, I enjoyed the performance put on by John Jarratt, he owned the part. It was like he as if he was the real Mick Taylor.