The World Unseen

The World Unseen

A drama centered on two women who engage in a dangerous relationship during South Africa's apartheid era.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

A drama centered on two women who engage in a dangerous relationship during South Africa's apartheid era. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The World Unseen torrent reviews

Kevin M (de) wrote: this was a good movie i have to say but only if you saw the first, the first's complicated story was explained greatly in this one, but no so much for the graphics i would have to say, overall for a good story it was enjoyable

Avery F (us) wrote: Zomfg this is a favorite. Instant favorite. Watch this.

Karen F (au) wrote: Some interesting ideas - but huge hole in anything vaguely related to logic!

Cody M (mx) wrote: It's an unexpected deep movie in its world, filmed and edited superbly.

Erin W (ag) wrote: hahahaha! i want this on dvd! such a quotable movie!! 'dude...that's so diculous, it's RIdiculous!!!'

Martin H (mx) wrote: Decent action film from the late 90's. Hadn't seen it for years until today. Still holds up well. 7/10

Zachary P (au) wrote: I love this movie, its so black and gory and full of bad taste. I wish I could find a working version of this online somewhere, because its freaking impossible to get it at any store. Good shit, one of my favorites.

Jacques C (ag) wrote: One of the greatest martial arts films of all time. Michael Bernardo, Bolo Yeung, William Zabka and Martin Kove all deliver riveting performances in this no-holds-barred, action-packed movie.

Aaron W (it) wrote: Some great choreographed comedic fight scenes and not much else, but hey, I didn't expect much else so this was pretty fun. Gordon Liu and Yue Wong make a cool team even as the plot sort of meanders as it falls apart around them leading to a rather sudden and strange ending.And you can't beat that title.

Jason J (ca) wrote: The third in the Scorpion series is definitely slower in pace than the first two, that is until the final 3rd of the movie. What can you say about Meiko Kaji that hasn't been said before - she's brilliant as the anti-heroine.