The Worst Week of My Life

The Worst Week of My Life


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Richard V (de) wrote: If this film was released in theaters, it would have been nominated for an Oscar. The cinematography is stellar, and the acting - from Mark Ruffalo (who plays the alter-ego of the playwriter Larry Kramer) and Julia Roberts to Matt Bomer and an outstanding Jim Parsons. The plot - based on the semi-autobiographical play by Larry Kramer based on true events and characters - is at times heartbreaking and other times touching. There are scenes that are so tragic to gay men, I was amazed that things changed in just 30 years. The story follows Ruffalo's character, who helps to create the Gay Men's Health Crisis as he leads a crusade to get recognition for the AIDS virus. But because it affected gay men, no one -not doctors or politicians - wanted to help. His methods also often clashed with the gay community and his friends, which made his character that much more fascinating. Just a beautiful movie for everyone - gay and straight - to witness. There is also a sequel in the works that I am eager to see.

Jake W (ag) wrote: keaton is a Damn good villain.

Kyle E (gb) wrote: Wow! If Christmas leaves a bad taste in your mouth, this one's for you. I thought Bad Santa was the only well made anti Christmas movie but here's another one. John Waters considers this the best Christmas movie, and though I haven't seen Santa Clause 3 the Escape Clause, I can say that this is the best Christmas movie I've seen. If you aren't a Christmas cynic or if you hate Bad Santa then watch A Christmas Story instead.

Thomas E (ru) wrote: Splendid cryptic mystic occultish under-played film. Repeat viewings necessary methinks.

Gus S (jp) wrote: Adapted from the novel The Gods Hate Kansas, this British sci-fi outing is more like a James Bond movie than anything else. Aliens come to earth in meteorites, inhabit human bodies, then set about building a super-villanish "evil lair" complete with rocket launching pad and endless ranks of henchmen. A fifty-year old scientist, the hero, infiltrates the alien base, blows some stuff up and discovers a way to kill the aliens. Nothing special here, but it takes a different angle than most sci-fi movies of that era.

Hunter D (kr) wrote: While the story is engagingly told by master-Hammer-filmmaker Terence Fisher, the movie spends too much time on its first act and hardly any time on its final act. The idea that love cures the werewolf curse is touched on in this movie, but is abandoned once the final action gets going. Everyone's favorite actor/alcoholic Oliver Reed turns in a solid performance, too bad the movie short-changes the characters and the mythology behind it to make it a truly great movie in Hammer's gothic horror cycle.

Graeme O (kr) wrote: A beautifully framed masterpiece. Existential and suffused with a quiet morality that is never preachy.

Logan M (jp) wrote: "Fantasia" has the essence of Disney at its core. Charming stories with memorable characters set to music, it's the magical world of Disney summed up in one feature.

Noname (us) wrote: Great cop movie ,, dark and much violence and nice actors

Helen R (de) wrote: I took my 5 year old who absolutely loves Tinkerbell and we have all the DVDs. However it was shockingly and unnecessarily scary - my daughter hated it & other children came out of the cinema in tears. We will not be buying this DVD on release!

Nikola L (nl) wrote: Best movie of the decade!