The Wrath of Vajra

The Wrath of Vajra

In the 1930s , a Japanese cult called The Temple of Hades was ordered to cooperate with the Japanese military to destroy China. They buy so many young children from poor family , who will be trained as a lethal killing machine and serve the Empire of Japan. One of them is Vajra , who was forced by his captors to fight for the food , and accidentally causing the death of his brother. Several years later , Vajra grown up and become one of the biggest killer in the Hades sect. Vajra escapes to China and joins Shaolin , where he receives spiritual enlightenment and determined to support China against Japan.

Before the West entered World War II, a Japanese death cult called the Temple of Hades is ordered to aid in the spiritual destruction of China. Their method - abduct their enemies' children... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Wrath of Vajra torrent reviews

Des S (de) wrote: I couldn't even finish this. I wasn't sure if the summary was even right. It didn't even get to the plot half way through the movie.

Josh A (gb) wrote: The worst of the trilogy, although serviceable and still occasionally funny; The shift of the movie's focus to card games is, I guess, a sign of the times, and it does offer something different, but it doesn't exactly lend itself to a very good storyline, and we lose a lot of the ridiculous table banter and group dynamics, and instead it ends up being a cliched story focused on one of the less interesting characters, as the more humorous characters get shoved into the background.

Paul D (jp) wrote: Isolated horror and a chilling situation possibly influenced by 'Funny Games' with which it has similarities. There's not a huge amount to technique in the directing to create the scares as they are born out of the situation naturally.

Graeme H (ru) wrote: Lindsay Lohan is in the film. That in itself is a write-off. Otherwise, since that's unfair, it's technically suitable for a pulp-grade feature. It also stars Michael Keaton as Michael Keaton, more or less.

Erin D (nl) wrote: lots of fun, and lots of interesting history

Gavin D (it) wrote: terrible cast and humor.

Richard D (de) wrote: The plot's nothing to speak of ... underdogs form a team to take on a stronger team ... you've seen it before, probably many times. The physical comedy is amazing ... outrageous and inventive. It's the film that really brought Chow to the attention of Western audiences and rightly so.

Raymond F (fr) wrote: Widely unknown gem that explores the source of comedy. Oliver Platt plays the unfunny son (Tommy) of an enormously successful comedian played by Jerry Lewis (George). Tommy, after a tragic debut of his stand-up comedy act in Las Vegas, goes back to his birth hometown in England in search of what is funny. In England, Tommy discovers aging vaudevillians and their quirky acts, one of which he recognizes. He then explores the family who perform this familiar act, finding more than comedy. While the film's subplot about a mystical eastern powder smuggled in large wax eggs at first appears better edited out, it provides a tenuously apt metaphor. The greatest part of this charming story comes from learning about the family and their history. And we learn of the tragedy and pathos deep within their comedy.I've always firmly believed the old tenet that the best comedy has threads of tragedy (or menace) in it. And in England, failed comic Tommy discovers this as well. As Tommy, Oliver Platt shows his own pathos from the start and is remarkable. The rest of the cast is a marvel: Leslie Caron is absolutely gorgeous, especially in her man's shirt, untucked, singing a cabaret song. The procession of old vaudevillians are a delight in a montage, and Freddie Davies and George Carl as an aging brother act are a revelation, a beacon illuminating the forgotten immense talent of days gone by. But the film belongs to the remarkable talents of young Lee Evans as the perhaps dimwitted son Jack. Here, we see in Evans, and in his character, a source of comedy so organic and abundant that Jim Carrey and his characters now look utterly forced and sham. And it's a shame that Evans is not as well known worldwide as Carrey; this fact being another of comedy's tragedies. Oddly, or aptly, Jerry Lewis plays one of the most serious characters in the film because he has to confront and admit the source of his own comedy. To the Jerry Lewis-phobic audience, fear not: he is actually very good here, probably because he largely, generously, takes a back seat to the more central characters. In Hitchcock parlance, Lewis' character is something of the "MacGuffin" that drives the larger story, and Lewis appears to understand this.The style of direction is quirky, showing much charm in the old seaside town in England that was, in some long ago day (when the sun seemed to shine every day), a center for quality vaudeville. And the viewer gets to delight in two hours' evidence of what Platt's character believes: that (in my favorite line of the film), "...all the best things in life belong to the past." Overall, hardly a perfect film. Yet it's one that stays with you. There's much love, charm and laughs in this work that may leave you feeling compelled to add to your list of all-time favorites.

Heather M (gb) wrote: Perhaps if I had watched this movie twenty years ago I would have enjoyed it more. Today it is just slow story with very dated "advanced technology".

Carolyn G (gb) wrote: Hard to believe John Hughes wrote this one but then again, it's probably why it did have its moments. Unfortunately, there weren't enough of them.

Willy B (br) wrote: Fellini playing with extremes again, it indeed an impressive presention of the gender duality and the roles a woman could have. The movie was getting more and more weird as only a very strange dream would be.

Sophie B (it) wrote: Had no idea what to expect with this film. It is crazily intense and the story is probably everyone's worst nightmare. I haven't got children, but I was actually unconsciously holding my stomach through most of it, which I think means that this film plays on our basic human instincts! Brilliant acting all the way through, a great look to it and a soundtrack that works well. If you want something original and creepy, this is worth watching.