The Wrestler

The Wrestler

Asner struggles to foil the efforts of some lowlife wrestlers who are attempting to profit from a fixed fight.

Promoting the world of professional wrestling at the expense of the plot itself, Frank Bass (Ed Asner) takes a stand and defends what he thinks is right. Gamblers, mobsters, unscrupulous ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob S (ru) wrote: I can kind of see where the hate/disappointment comes from, but I guess that's the pattern with crowd-funded movies/games: They get so hyped to the point where people get excited beyond reason. After two years of it's release, I FINALLY got around to seeing it and I LOVED IT. I think the thing is people wanted it to be more of a nod to video games, but it ended up being more of a nod to films. It's one of those films that's really not meant to be taken seriously (especially since the opening includes the Nerd throwing a game into a trash can and the trash can explodes.)I loved the film, and it does have a few moments with bad green-screen (mainly Cooper's introduction) but the rest of the green screen is REALLY well-done, and all of the moments that look bad were MEANT to look bad. It's a self-aware comedy, but not the kind of self-aware that the Scary Movies pull and looks at the audience, winks and says "Yes, this is stupid." AVGN The movie just lets the craziness happen, and I LOVE that about it. It's meant to be a fun comedy that never takes itself overly serious, and it's immersive in it's plot and story-telling.The effects are also pretty good for a rather small budget. Yeah, there are moments where it's obvious it's a miniature or a guy in a suit or a dummy being thrown, but that just adds to the comedic charm, and speaking of comedy, the film does a good job of THAT, too. There were moments where I almost threw up from laughing so hard. There's even a moment in the audience reaction track (yes, I actually watch those. Shut up) where people were laughing so hard you couldn't even hear the next line of dialogue in the film.In the end, I may have loved it, but it could just be another one those films that's truly appreciated by fans and film-makers, but I'll be up on the cinematic barricade of indie films with a musket defending this film like Jean Valjean. (Yes, that was a botched reference.)(Besides, it's better than pretty much every YouTuber movie made by YouTube Red.)

Lasse C (jp) wrote: Mediocre. There is some decent action to be found here but the plot is muddled and riddled with ridiculous names like Al Shabab and Sectragon.

Hobie P (jp) wrote: Its almost chessy fun but not quite

Todd S (ca) wrote: I know, I'm a bit behind on my Marvel films, but to be honest, after Iron Man 2, I really wasn't looking forward to seeing another one. There's no doubt that Marvel films have gone from simple stories about superheroes to epic adventures with the best writers and actors in Hollywood, but the fact is Iron Man 2 was your typical disappointing sequel. In the third installment of the Iron Man adventure though, the franchise bounces back in a huge way, as we get a story that not only rivals the original, but in my opinion knocks it on it's ass! Iron Man 3 finally answers the question does the suit make the man or does the man make the suit, as Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) faces his toughest enemy yet, the one with the greatest reach, that no one sees coming. With his team and gear in ruins, Stark is left to lamb it in the middle of nowhere, and in a sense start over and find himself all over again. After playing Tony Stark for so long and appearing in just about every film Marvel has made in the last decade, Robert Downey Jr. knows everything there is to know about the character, and it has never been more apparently than it is here. Writers utilize cannon from various comics, graphic novels, previous movies, and really delve deeply into the character like never before. I also like the fact that it wasn't just another film with Stark in his lab full of toys. This time he's stranded in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by new people, having to start from scratch, it gave the whole thing a much more realistic feel to it, and finally there's the villain. While I loved every second of the Avengers, the truth is that the bad guys are aliens and aren't all that realistic. The Mandarin is a really bad guy and he's as real as the rest of us, needless to say I loved it. If you're not the huge fan I am and you only decide to see one of the Iron Man films, I'd choose this one. Rarely do I ever suggest seeing anything but the original, where it all started, but in this case, the effects are better, Downey's knowledge of the character is better, the writing is much better, and it's not the same old tagline you tend to get with introductory films.

Daniel D (nl) wrote: Roman Polanski is my all time favorite directors, his films while not always consistent, when they're good they're the greatest ever made. He could just be the most genuine person in the industry.The film did a good job telling his two most personal life events, murder of his wife, and the child molestation case. For the case of child molestation it brought in all parties, the victim, prosecuter, and Polanskis friends were all interviewed. All of them could agree on two things, the swine of the media, and the awfulness in Judge Rittenband. Even the prosecuter stated he would flee under those conditions. It's one of the all time lows of the American judicial system. The documentary told his stories, side by side with Polanskis films. Making it feel almost as if Polanski foreshadowed all of this. Deeply personal and informative, I loved this documentary

Michael A (de) wrote: pretty bad, pretty bad. but you get to see a kid with down's syndrome tell someone "your mother should eat a bowl of cocks", so there's that. also, christine lahti is a total GMILF.

Craig F (fr) wrote: It loses it's footing a bit 3/4 of the way through, but Hfstrm directs a startling psychological horror.

Isaac A (au) wrote: One of the dopest documentaries on the culture of Hip Hop ever made!!! A must see for any true head!!

elise h (ru) wrote: good romcom, funny and enjoyable

Russell H (br) wrote: Connery's return was the only thing good about this. Just kind of drags on but not horrible.

Tiberio S (br) wrote: There are surprising things here for the time. The way he gases his opponent to sleep. The inner circle society that hypnotized the uncle. Vince McMahon must've gotten his ideas for hardcore chair brawls from an amazingly gritty sequence in this film.Hitchcock's camera movements are always interesting, eye-opening. There's a shot that moves through the church parish as the tabernacle leader points out there are strangers present. I like the idea of crime hiding behind a church, suppression of truth through faith - can't convince a faithful cop there's any wrongdoing here.There's funny quirks, like the old lady with the shorts and man legs. Another old lady who holds our main character at gun point. I love the cylindrical door in Lorre's office. The opening is lively, full of fluid dynamics between the family and their friend, the eventual assassinated target, as well as the community around them at the ski resort, some who are conspirators. The Royal Albert Hall assassination setup is one of the greatest I've ever seen, and it's had a fair share of copies. The objective for the conspirators is to strike at the loudest note of the symphony, and for the family or police to catch the assassin. The mother is on the lookout, but who is she to reveal or stop a conspiracy like this? The suspense is played between the music's various crescendos - which note is it? - and from her point of view, tracing around the auditorium for the potential killer. She has an idea of a man in the darkness who might be it, but what can she do? Her hopelessness turns to her tears and POV going out of focus, a stroke of genius. There's no return from this, she can't do anything. We see various cutaways to the instruments that will play over the shot, but there's one instrument that will change everything -- the helpless mother's scream. Inevitably, the shot goes off and catches its target, but later it's revealed her scream threw off the shooter's full target and only caught his shoulder, a terrific twist.The buildup to the showdown between police and conspirators has a great exterior cutaway with a blowing bag through the empty street - this whole section is blocked off for public safety - a beautiful calm before storm effect. And for good reason. These are all assassins, and when the fires start ringing, the situation becomes volatile. This whole setup between the police and conspirators is brilliant. We see various setups the police are engaged in to get in position to fire back at the conspirators. There's concern over friendly fire hitting the husband or daughter. There's always something happening to advance or heighten the situation, it's not just a lot of random firing. Peter Lorre is practically suicidal, he intends to fire till death and put anyone else in harms way. He's not cold at all, he feels for the people he's lost, but he's driven by "the cause." They eventually catch him hiding behind the door - lucky shot, imagine if it were the wrong person?!

Dehenna D (ru) wrote: Very surprised to see the formal reviews rate this movie so highly! Hoffman's character's traits (never seen on screen without smoking, drinking, smoking and drinking) were so distracting, I can't remember much else from the movie! McAdams was chatacteristically good, but couldn't say I'd recommend this film.

Ryan L (ca) wrote: An exceptional documentary for an exceptional model. Bettie Page, the original goth rockin risque model/actress from the 50s. Most notably remembered for her bondage style photography, this film is remembered for her reveal that she cared nothing for bondage but acted that damn good. This biopic can be submitted as an official goodbye to a legend.