The Yardsale

The Yardsale

This urban comedy is a one-day window into the commotion surrounding the engagement of Hector Cruz, a down on his luck twenty eight year old trapped in the conventionalism of the ghetto ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:two word title,  

This urban comedy is a one-day window into the commotion surrounding the engagement of Hector Cruz, a down on his luck twenty eight year old trapped in the conventionalism of the ghetto ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron M (us) wrote: Last Ounce of Courage has a good point and an important message that stands to be heard but the desire to ignore its message is all too easy with its cheesily heavy-handed storytelling from its unpleasant characters.

Dustin G (mx) wrote: Awesome doc about unarguably the most legendary skate team in the history of the sport. Lots of info via unguarded interviews and a ton of great skate footage. Might not have the entertainment factor enough to appeal to as wide an audience as Dogtown did, but for skaters and skate fans, this is a treat.

Lisa D (mx) wrote: I love this movie, it is the most true depiction of heartbreak I have seen and with an amazing soundtrack. I don't get how anyone thinks it is about reincarnation, rather it is about how the mind will convince itself of any possibility for reconciliation or magic in a flawed world. It really is stunning and it is too bad that the ending has been misinterpreted by so many because the parallel story with Vanessa Paradis is sublime and the desperate wishing of the ex to believe that there is a "higher meaning" to her love is so poignant. Love it and wish that the soundtrack will be released.

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Josef H (br) wrote: Fascinating "documentary" about Unit 731. Brilliant sound and video editing. Part documentary and part re-inactment. Very done well. Good special effects. Amazing that a lot of our medical references today come from what was done at that camp.

Geoff T (nl) wrote: Liam Neeson is cool.

ernestina s (gb) wrote: I love watching this movie too.

Jamie F (mx) wrote: 80's exploitation at it's finest. If you like blood, boobs, and violence, this one's for you. Linda Blair never looked finer.

Simon D (it) wrote: I had a bad feeling about this film when everytime somebody spoke to Rusty-James in the first 15 minutes they 1, used his silly name in every sentance and 2, refused to abbreviate it. I found this to be stupid and unrealistic. Fortunately, this was the only major thing that annoyed me. It turned out to be quite a deep film. Anybody who was raving about the one flash of colour in Schindlers list obviously hadn't seen this film first.

Craig R (es) wrote: This must have been the first film of its kind. I'm not sure how it spawned a sequel. It's pretty boring throughout.

Tim F (ag) wrote: On Netflix instant play! How was this not even on my radar before?! Seriously funny :)

BRENDA b (au) wrote: i watched this as a young girl it was good then

Gary T (nl) wrote: The most over rated film of all time. I gave it an extra star for being important to film history, but it doesn't even come close to standing the test of time. It's really really boring. No one in it can act.

John R (mx) wrote: 161113: How times have changed. Lethal Weapon is still a good film but suffers from a few dated qualities. From Riggs' hair to his question of Murtaugh "What are you, a fag?" this film is showing its age. I always had a bit of trouble with Mel Gibson's portrayal of someone allegedly suffering from mental health issues. He came across as unconvincing to me. This time around, I'm feeling it a bit more. "Hate him back, it works for me" is a response I'm familiar with. Gary Busey's contribution as the villain Joshua cannot be understated. He completes this film.

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