The Year 2602

The Year 2602

'The Year 2602' is a heart braking oral history about the occupation of the former East Indies, seen from a child's perspective. Survivors share their personal memories about their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer S (de) wrote: There is a lot of funny ideas and great dialogue in this independent film, but perhaps because of the subject matter and obsession with being crude, the film suffers. Anna Kendrick basically plays the same character as usual, as does John Francis Daley, which is fine since they are portraying very nonplussed atheists taking this new world in little by little. A lot of the ideas were really solid, but the film also meanders around far too long. Craig Robinson, as much as I love him, was way too over the top and vulgar. Though I appreciated his performance for what it was, his scenes went on far too long and his vocabulary relied heavily on the profane. The ending was really well thought out and the overall message was nice, as atheism isn't given much credence. Still, the reliance on Robinson to carry most of this film makes it flounder under its own weight.

Yanoosh S (ca) wrote: Great Doc. So real and vulnerable and beautifully crafted.

Sulayne B (au) wrote: The mother of all drag shows, need I say more. I think I was a drag queen in another life. Wonderful documentary.

Sanity Assassin (de) wrote: i've never seen a film that looks up to the standard of a bad porn movie when it comes to the shooting of it. an acting disaster. the monsters are crude. has to be the cheapest budget movie ever made. it's not even comical. this is a junior school childs film project isnt it? who nicked it from his bag and made copies of it? who did it? i once saw an old episode of dr who where his enemy (an alien) was made out of a small green ballon... with some stuff stuck to it. that was better! never bother watching this shite! never! save yourself! put your porn on instead. there's probably a better, more believable plot with better acting

Rameshwar I (it) wrote: A movie not without its flaws with a biased unidimensional perspective based on the biography by Gerry Conlon one of the accused from Guildford Four. While the overall story is commercialized and worked around for dramatic effect, Pete Postlethwaite's performance as the protagonist's father was too good in some scenes. Though it is competently performed, well written and executed, the battle is already half won with just the knowledge on the premise and the ordeal the Guildford four and Maguire seven have been through in real life. Based on real life events following Gerald Conlon ( Daniel Day-Lewis) a carefree wild youth who is accused of the Guildford bombing and imprisoned after coerced confession. This leads to arrests of his aunt's family infamously known as the Maguire Seven along with his father Guiseppe Conlon (Pete Postlethwaite), a just man trying to protect his son. After his father's death due to harsh prison environment and depression, he vows to fight back on the system with the help of a convinced lawyer Gareth Peirce (Emma Thompson). The initial riot sequence was exhilarating pepped by a solid background score and hysterical atmosphere. The arrests, torture, trial and sentences leaves an emotional impact on the unjust treatment and fate of all the accused and some performances here are to be commended. But Pete Postlethwaite's portrayal of Conlon's father breaks the shackles, elevates the emotional depth in the movies and justifies the title. The initial scene where Guiseppe pleads the IRA men to forgive his son, the expression on his face when Gerald returns from England, the conversations inside the prison cell and the scene just before he dies are a few examples of his masterful performance. I can understand at a biographical point of view for a very biased approach, but as a movie which deals with other characters as well should have shown some elements of thoughts leading up to the characters in the system do what they do. Daniel Day-Lewis is reliable as ever playing a real-life character that goes through a transformation from an energetic wild youth to an introspective determined son. Terrifying but biased premise with a superb performance by Pete Postlethwaite

Peter V (ru) wrote: Pretentious and boring!

Mr Andrew Sly k (au) wrote: Thats when u real friend thats crazy for u living in a small world!

Loreno P (es) wrote: Good clean kung fu nostalgia. The first movie of its genre i ever saw and i still think it's the best in so many ways, from the dubbing to the silly characters to Jackies funky hairdo. Classic oldschool fighting, plot and setting!

DeadHead m (es) wrote: I liked this one alot.

Sam S (it) wrote: I dont like musical movies

Datboi B (jp) wrote: Better than any movie I have ever seen. Beautiful animation, Clever writing and hilarious scenes.

Rawballs B (us) wrote: The movie is nice in visual effects, it kind of boring in some points, more force on acting I guess...

Enna (ru) wrote: The "movie info" is bullshit. It claims the film is "painstakingly-accurate", yet its main storyline hinges on the "right of first night" myth created by Voltaire (18th century). Surely this is a skip.