The Year My Voice Broke

The Year My Voice Broke

Coming-of age feature, set in a New South Wales country town in the 1960s, about a 15 year-old boy. It follows his loves and how he copes with life's problems such as death and departure.

During the year 1962, a young prepubescent boy in rural Austrailia watches painfully as his best friend and first love, an older girl, blossoms into womanhood and falls for a thuggish rugby... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jason m (jp) wrote: Typical slasher flick. No One Lives plays more like an homage to the genre. Aside from finding new ways to mutilate bodies and splash blood No One Lives shows little creativity or effort. But maybe that's sort if the point! Complete with bad acting, cheesy dialogue, questionable decision making, lack of realism, and breasts, the movie fits right into the genre. In the end I get it, there is an audience for low budget slasher porn and I can appreciate its place on some level, but it wouldn't hurt to add a little originality and creativity.

Anna B (br) wrote: This movie has a lot of problems (the tone-deaf script is not as clever as it thinks it is, especially in the really dumb third act and cringe-worthy ending), but Stebbings directs reasonably well, if unremarkably (he has a snappy, entertaining editing rhythm) and the acting is charming if not brilliant (except for Dennings, though not many people could make something out of that character) so it's fun and likable for the most part.

Russell G (ca) wrote: The first three Tremors movies depreciated greatly with each movie. I was not excited to proceed to the fourth movie after the third one was so bad. Fortunately, this movie shakes things up and moves away from the stale set of secondary characters in feature roles. This time the adventure takes place in a flashback set in the Wild West. It takes influence from Back to the Future III in a number of ways. The western characters are humorously similar versions of their distant descendants. They look and even sound like their great-great-grand-children. Michael Gross, however, is dramatically different. After seeing him be gung-ho for three movies it is a fun juxtaposition to have him playing a cowardly and delicate proper type of gentleman. The tone is still campy and comical, but now the series confidently pushes primarily for humor with less emphasis on thrills. It is a good move, and it pays off in a big way. The general sense of fun and likability of simple characters returns to the series for the first time since the original movie. I like it enough to say that it is completely worth the trudge of third movie in order to get to this.

Jason D (it) wrote: Uncle Sam is one of those comically amusing niche horror projects that I absolutely love watching. While arguably the greatest decade ever for the horror genre, the 80's, has long been extinct and replaced with easily the worst decade ever for the horror genre, the 90's (thought 2000's may have taken over), the spirit of 80's horror hasn't died with certain people, especially director William Lustig (known for such gems as the Maniac Cop franchise or the iconic Maniac) and writer Larry Cohen (Gold Tole Me To, It's Alive franchise, etc) who have brought us the hilariously awesome Uncle Sam. The film features dead soldier Sam (David Fralick), a despicable lunatic who was shot by friendly fire, however that doesn't stop his him carrying on a murderous spree, especially when his body is brought back to town and his casket open by his impressionable, worshiping nephew. Once freed, Sam dones the disguie of good old Uncle Sam and begins murdering ANYONE remotely un-American including draft-dodgers, desecrating teens, Democrats, etc. If you're a REAL fan of horror, then there's no way you wouldn't enjoy this laughably cheesy but fun slasher film. To further add to it's awesomeness is a wide array of genre stars that pop up all throughout like Bo Hopkins, Issac Hayes, P.J. Soles, Robert Forster, and the awesome William Smith (who also wrote and read the end credits poem). This film would have probably been better suited coming out within the past 5 or 6 years at the height of America's most patriotic AND un-patriotic, however, I'm happy with the film nonetheless. A fun and silly popcorn entertainment horror flick. Also looks surprisingly good on Blu-ray.

Trevor D (gb) wrote: This is a funny film packed with slapstick hijinx and epic set-pieces, but it's also refreshing to see a comedy that takes time to simply let people sit and talk with each other. The characters are the real strength of "City Slickers," and there's a tender bond formed with each of them that makes the whole thing work. Yes, there are eye-rolling cliches and plot contrivances galore, but Billy Crystal provides a uniquely sincere slant to the classic brand of Hollywood schmaltziness. His "Helloooo" catchphrase gets annoying real quick, and there's some weird underlying sexism (although it usually seems more naive than mean-spirited), but I still dig this movie. Jack Palance is a riot.

Sylvester K (mx) wrote: Overall not entirely bad, the Black Cat segment was good, but the rest were boring as hell. An unnecessary spin off really.

Reuben K (jp) wrote: An exciting film with the grim reaper as the murderer, a different film from others, lost its reputation because of the un-needed sequels. Very good thrilling suspense film.

Keira R (de) wrote: Pretty good, but a bit fantastical. Am I supposed to believe that ONE guy (as good as he is) can take down an entire organization? C'mon!!! Total bad ass that Liam Neeson, and anything w/ Famke Janssen is the cherry on top.

GM W (it) wrote: Writer/Director James Cameron (The Terminator 1&2, The Abyss, and True Lies) writes and directs a film about historical fiction at its finest. Set in 1912, when the Titanic was just constructed, two people from two opposite worlds strike up a romance, and try to experience before the sinking of the Titanic. Starring, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, James Cameron gets two very honest and real performances. The Oscar winning soundtrack composed by musical genius, James Horner, fits perfectly into this masterpiece, and evokes emotions beyond all comprehension. Titanic is a great romance, and a very intense action film which will make you laugh, cry, and much more!

Bob W (it) wrote: Sort of the third part and least well known of a trilogy of famous car chase police films (the previous being Bullitt and French Connection) with familiar cast.

Walter L (jp) wrote: Horrible. 1 dimensional characters. No depth at all. He's fighting to keep his family alive, but I barely believe he wants his family to live. I didn't care about any of the characters. Blahhhhh-yawn.

Antonio T (br) wrote: Historicamente precisa y con buenas escenas de accin para su tiempo, Tora, tora, tora! podr tener ritmo disparejo y humor involuntario; pero para los adictos a las pelculas de guerra ser entretenimiento del bueno.