The Year of the Hare

The Year of the Hare

Young advertising executive Vatanen suddenly quits his job and his whole life in Helsinki, and decides to spend a while in the Finnish wilderness. A wounded hare hit by a car becomes his travel companion. Together they find reclusion in the Finnish Lapland, soon to be disturbed by a noisy group of foreign tourists and their pretentious Finnish hosts. When the hare gets ill and needs to see a vet, Vatanen must return to the city and finally face the choice between his new and former life

Young advertising executive Vatanen suddenly quits his job and his whole life in Helsinki, and decides to spend a while in the Finnish wilderness. A wounded hare hit by a car becomes his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maridia B (es) wrote: Normally eco-films bug me because they follow a formula...this one rams it into the ground.

Rob T (es) wrote: Surprisingly not bad... acting is ok... story is predicatble but executed well enough... better than expected!

Dallas B (us) wrote: A contemporary Pale Rider, well done.

Craig H (nl) wrote: A documentary encompassing all things superman

Byron B (mx) wrote: Woody Allen goes more European than I've ever seen before. As frivolous as a seasonal fling. I don't understand why Rebecca Hall gets less than top billing. She is not such a big name celebrity as Bardem, Cruz, and Johansson, but shares the screen equally with them. Hall is Vicky, the more responsible, engaged friend of Cristina. Johansson is Cristina, the party girl willing to experiment. Bardem and Cruz are the mercurial couple that Vicky and Cristina meet in Barcelona. It is also a mystery to me why Allen has a guy narrating this story even though it is obviously primarily from the women's perspective. Rebecca Hall is the character that takes on the traditional Woody Allen role and Javier Bardem is the seductive hottie (usually a female role in other Allen pictures) that all three female leads want to get to know better AKA have sex. Even though Allen reversed the genders of the roles it is still a sexist tale. It is a chance to view several stunning European Continent locales and explore the emotional lives of these artist types.

Ben P (jp) wrote: I drank a bottle of vodka and it still sucked... I am a fool

Nick J (gb) wrote: you want me to see this one right

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Daniel H (nl) wrote: A wonderful mix-up. Instead of a poor princess doing chores, there's a poor prince. And the fairy godmother is the fairy godfather. It totally works.

Gordon B (mx) wrote: Here we have a Soviet war film that doesn't focus on violence but on potent shots of its characters faces, especially their eyes. Even if its is Cold War propaganda, that's not all it is.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: Strong film adaptation of changing the culture of a small mining village into a place where schooling is not only appreciated but expected. Strong performance by Bette Davis, playing older than she was. Also watch Nigel Bruce, playing a character nearly as bright as his Dr. Watson character. Nigel is reflects the town character - and what a character he is. Good plot twists that were likely common "back in the day".

David B (gb) wrote: The stilted acting really brings the rating down on this one. I love the story and scope, but the characters are so thin and broad its impossible to get sucked into their story.

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