The Young Savages

The Young Savages

A district attorney investigates the racially charged case of three teenagers accused of the murder of a blind Puerto Rican boy.

A district attorney investigates the racially charged case of three teenagers accused of the murder of a blind Puerto Rican boy. He begins to discover that the facts in the case aren't exactly as they seem to be. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ramn M (de) wrote: Muy buena e impactante

Mon K (us) wrote: It's unusual to see Dennis Quaid in the role of the villain! He really pulled it of though and made his character quite creepy and scary at times! Still, his performance couldn't save this less than average thriller!

Farah R (mx) wrote: The bad critical reviews are shocking to me as this movie is made to please the critics' taste. It's an inspiring true story with an emotional subplot, Helen Hunt leads the cast with talented performances, and it's filmed beautifully. It is dragging and melancholy but then again most Oscar movies are.

Adrian F (jp) wrote: a stupid movie with some jokes that are funny, but most aren't. its poorly written and you can tell the "woman" is clearly a man...or maybe they did that in order to be funny, i don't know. its illogical in unrealstic and it seemed like the film was all over the place. juwanna mann is a comedy that really isn't that funny but better than i expected, and thats not saying much.

Lorie r (es) wrote: i thank i saw it lol

Brian P (es) wrote: Weak movie. VERY WEAK

TonyPolito (us) wrote: If you enjoyed "Ben Hur," "Cleopatra," "Spartacus," and other such Mid-Century 'sandal and sweat epics,' then you should surely click into this Cinemascope spectacle sleeper - even though the final product's truly a mixed bag. On the plus, it contains a highly fictionalized but reasonably intellectual and suspenseful plotline, compliments of William Faulkner. Yet the wooden dialogue seems the hack job; viewers will righteously wonder at the British accents and everyone calling Pharaoh 'sire' and 'my lord.' Another plus: Director Hawks filled every inch of Cinemascope's wide screen with scene-upon-scene of thousands of extras tugging limestone to Luxor. And there's plenty of other worthy panoramic viewing throughout. The film's major shortcoming is that this extravaganza wasn't shot in Technicolor; rather it was wasted on WarnerColor. To technicians, that's one-strip Kodachrome cooked on the cheap in the Warner Labs. To viewers, that's overshifted and overdone blues, vulgar tarty-lipstick reds - and skin tones suggesting a psycho airbrush tanner was loose on the set. There's no outstanding performances here; Alexis Minotis as Pharaoh's savvy wingman is the best of the bunch. Costume and set design visuals are above-average, but not top-notch. Peter Bogdanovich delivers lame commentary. The neat/clever plot with satisfying climax - and the epic wide-screen wonder of it all - make for rewarding viewing. Meanwhile all the pointy, conical bras and garishly bronzed faces/bodies make for a new college drinking game called "Hail, Osiris!" TRIVIA: It's uncredited, undocumented and totally unverifiable, but once the viewer listens carefully enough, he/she will know it's also undeniable. At minute 13, James Earl Jones thunders as the voice of Anubis, the dog-faced God of the Dead. Whether that represents post-work toward the 2007 DVD issue - or Jones' first voiceover gig at 24 years old - is anyone's guess.RECOMMENDATION: Faulkner authors the come-uppins of a Pharaoh and his shrewish tart. Do you want to say you weren't there?

Yuvraj B (au) wrote: A film that makes sense in every bit and makes you believe in it till the last shot of the film. Corsica and the lead pairs look more than just perfect and the story line is way different than that of the usual romantic dramas ... Also the film is funny at times making it a worthy film .. Not to be missed

Nathan G (kr) wrote: Still keeps me thinking to this day

Daniel H (jp) wrote: Based on Robert Harris's novel, Fatherland portrays a Germany that has won World War II, and in the 1960's, is seeking an alliance with the U.S., which decided to concentrate the fighting against the Japanese. SS Major Xavier March and an American journalist stumble upon a secret that has led to certain Nazi officials being killed. As a history student, virtual history stories also interest me, and this one gives a not bad look at "what would have happened if." Rutger Hauer and Miranda Richardson pull decent performances, but Jean Marsh of Upstairs Downstairs fame gives a chilling performance in revealing the secret.

Nicholas D (mx) wrote: Only worth watching for Gary Goldman and William Hurt. Matt LaBlanc is essentially playing a space version of Joey from "Friends" but does deliver laughs.