The Zigzag Kid

The Zigzag Kid

Nono, a Dutch kid lacking two days being thirteen, runs away from problems at home and, disguised as a girl, takes up with the world's cleverest thief, who unbeknownst to Nono, may hold the bizarre key to his true identity.

Nono wants to be like his father - the best police inspector in the world - but he constantly gets in trouble. Two days before his Bar Mitzvah, he is sent away to his uncle Sjmoel, who is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abel M (ru) wrote: terrible... do not waste time watching it

Paul S (fr) wrote: Bad, but I've seen worse. Is this really the best Ferrer can do?

Connor O (it) wrote: I laughed out loud multiple times because of how bad the acting and special effects are. Wouldn't waste 1 cent on this movie.

Ian C (it) wrote: Jung-woo Ha makes Jason Bourne look like Dale Winton. The axe wielding Kim Yoon-seok would give Jack Torrance a run for his money. The plot has numerous holes throughout and one has to ask why none of the gangsters carry cuns, that aside a must see.

Morpheus O (br) wrote: The only thing that I didn't like about this documentary is when they talked about the 9/11 terrorist attacks they didn't talk about the "9/11 Twoofers" and their developmentally stunted, fear & hate mongering, tinfoil hat-wearing, Kool-Aid sipping, conspiracy theorizing, delusions & paranoid schizophrenia...Nor did they talk about the hypocrisy expressed by any of these idiots, that they did talk about which was all generalized as well as the one's that they did not talk about. I suppose they didn't want to take a stand against any specific political, religious, cultural, societal, etc., etc., ...philosophies & ideologies, in an attempt make no one, including those from the crackpot idiot fringe sect(s), feel ostracized due to trying to make everyone understand that the issues discussed in this film really do effect us all, and not just indirectly and by proxy but, directly and internally.Me, I'm cynical and politically incorrect. It would have been nice to see them "...spit into the eye of the dragon!" Maybe I'm looking for another documentary in regards to that. I'll keep looking.

Ted W (de) wrote: Not a bad action flick, but a really poor Blade movie. Ryan Reynolds had overstayed his welcome in 2004. The Jessica Biel character was nice.

Harsha P (fr) wrote: Interesting concept for a documentary, but a bit slow. The relationship between a book and its reader and the writer is beautifully explored. The love that all of the people in the film had for books is evident. It is also fascinating to see how the writer works and just how much a book can take out of them. I could have done without all the shots of the filmmakers wife and kids and yard. But, all in all, it's a interesting exploration of the literary world.

M M (ru) wrote: A wonderful visionary of the after life. With such a marvelous plot, nothing could possibly go wrong for this film.

Selene A (de) wrote: "Have you accepted The Lord Jesus into your heart?" "No. The place is a mess."

Pastor A (au) wrote: Extremely funny, hilarious, and the perfect movie to have a good day with the family

Ben A (fr) wrote: Ol' Blood n' Guts hasn't shined any brighter since the war he is most famous for. Patton is an epic, gripping and daring biopic of one of the most rash, ruthless, courageous and loud mouth generals of the Second World War. With exciting visuals, engaging dialog and action packed battle scenes, Patton is without a doubt a must see war film.

Rick S (de) wrote: I remember seeing this movie when it was released to the Theaters. I personally own this movie on DVD. Definately a great family movie, a classic from Disney with a great cast, including the dogs.

Gonalo M (us) wrote: #moviereviews Citizen Kane a mi parecer una pelcula sobrevalorada. Es buena, pero no es la mejor ni yo la vera muchas veces. No obstante te muestra el cambio durante la vida

Robert I (ca) wrote: Did I import this from the UK just so I could own it on DVD? You bet I did. One of Lundgren's best!

Christopher B (es) wrote: Very entertaining. Brings me back to the old cartoon from my youth.

Bruno C (br) wrote: I'm a huge Egoyan fan, so it's not shocking that I thought Adoration was just short of brilliant. Highest marks go to the actors and the character writing...this film is comprised of some great character studies...from the protagonist to his uncle, to the parents that we never meet, to the imagined terrorist parents, to the French/drama teacher that leads us down this tale. Egoyan of course plays with the ideas of technology and human understanding/communication. Perhaps some people have had a hard time suspending disbelief with how it the whole story plays out, got caught up in the hype around the film (a kid defending his "terrorist father"), too dense with the overlayed plots, that it's too talky (but seriously, would you expect anything less from the intellectually engaging Egoyan?) but what really shines where are the characters, who are very engaging and leads to what I thought was an unexpected conclusion. This film embodies why I love Egoyan...OH! and added bonus are some songs used in the film by Godspeed You! Black Emperor and A Silver Mt. Zion! ...I was perplexed at first hearing some sad violin melodies sounding very familiar (which I think was ASMZ) then later realized it was some of the best post-rock out there...