Theatre of Blood

Theatre of Blood

A Shakespearean actor takes poetic revenge on the critics who denied him recognition.

Shakespearean actor Edward Lionheart is passionate about his plays, so when being harshly humiliated at a awards ceremony, he was so disappointed that he unsuccessfully commits suicide by diving into the Thames. Two years later, Lionheart attempts to take revenge against the critics that denied his talent. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott S (ru) wrote: I love this movie it is so good. It just lifts your spirits to new places. It is a much watch.

Kjetil A (es) wrote: Helt streit talking heads-doku.

Claire Louise A (fr) wrote: Now know as a song for marion

Evan L (nl) wrote: OMG!!! THIS MOVIE WAS SO GOOD!!!

Deetie B (gb) wrote: What's buzzin', cuzzin'?"Come on and shake a leg with the living dead!"Luscious Iris M. Daugherty is a meek little sheep girl who is obsessed with the 50's and is writing a book about how Elvis Presley is still alive (girl after my own heart). Lucky for this kitty-kat, she meets a boy who is not only a blood-sucking vampire but a leather jacket clad greaser who looks like Elvis. Why can't this be my life? He was bitten by his brother in the 50's on his way to an Elvis look-alike contest and he has somehow found his way into 20th century Manhattan making himself as noticeable as a bull in a china shop by using phrases like "make like an eskimo pie and cool it." I can see why the majority of people call this movie utter and complete crap, but I rather think it's hilarious. With a sweet music score filled with rockabilly music, a film style quite similar to Waters' older flicks like Mondo Trasho, scenarios that felt like they were stolen from my daydreams, Rockabilly Vampire was right up my alley confirming my love for Troma films even more. Rent this bit, big daddy, it's a blast!

Larry W (ca) wrote: scared me as a kid.. John Goodman's portrayal of the exterminator still sits in my head.

Paul B (es) wrote: A ridiculous, despicable, gross, offensive cult classic pile of trash of the highest order. Ridiculously low-budget but with great performances, some superb & vile special effects & a plot that involves melting hobos, a king of a junkyard, a crazy policeman & stereotyped Italian Mob Boss. This is enjoyable enough Troma-inspired rubbish, but great rubbish.

Dennis R (ru) wrote: "Try not to puke. You may have to lie in it for a long time."

Randy Y (us) wrote: A thriller that just relies on the name power of Al Pacino. The story really doesn't give the viewer a lot of hints to keep them interested- it just uses an intense score- like a made for TV movie- to convince viewer the movie is interesting.