Tenali is a comedy based movie in which, Panchabhootam (Delhi Ganesh) is a senior psychiatrist in Vizag. Kailash (Jayaram) is an upcoming psychiatrist. As Kailash takes over Panchabhootam over popularity.Panchabhootam wants to ruin the happiness of Kailash by sending him the coward 'Tenali' as the patient. Since Kailash wanted to go for family vacation to Kodaikanal with his wife Jalaja (Devyani) and two kids, he asks Tenali to wait for a month so that he can begin the treatment after Kailash Vacation.Panchabhootam, who wants to make the life of Kailash miserable,...

Nutty patient drives a shrink up the wall. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christina (br) wrote: I've been a fan of the comedy group The Mighty Boosh as well as their television program of the same name for a few months now. When I read that a Mighty Boosh movie was on the way, I assumed that meant a movie based off of the show. However, Bunny and the Bull is a movie from the comedy group itself, not the show. I was little dissapointed when I found this out, but Bunny and the Bull still delivered to me on every level I expected. Both funny and moving, the movie tells of Stephen Turnbull, a British man who remnises on a road trip he took a year earlier with his close friend Bunny. There is plenty of romance as well, as Bunny and Stephen find themselves practically fighting over a lovely girl, Eloisa. There are plenty of laughs, especially scenes invololving a strange dog-loving hobo as well as some others that involve the akward relationship between Stephen and Eloisa. However, the movie does feel like it's all over the place at some points, and I was left confused by the whole "remniscizing from the flat" aspect of the film at some points. But Bunny and the Bull is a very enjoyable experience,a nd I would reccomend it to anyone who wants a very good, British, road-trip comedy.

Adrian M (gb) wrote: Blood on the Highway is an ultra-low-budget horror/comedy. It's never really scary, although there's plenty of fake blood and gross-out gags. The comedy is hit and miss. The goofy, vulgar script has some laughs, some of the acting is pretty amateurish and there are stretches that really drag.

Bert K (nl) wrote: I am completely biased in my appreciation of this movie. It is a documentary about team policy debate in high school, which I did for a number of years. If you were a debater, then you will LOVE this documentary. If not? Well, I'd be curious to see how interesting you find it.

Melody B (jp) wrote: I hated the ending and the way it was directed. However, the story itself is not terrible and the special effects is not bad either. The lead actress is and unknown to me, but pretty good in her role!

Eduardo S (ca) wrote: me gusto mucho! cortita y sencilla, agradable y hasta un poco tierna.

Tim D (it) wrote: I enjoyed this film. Not full of action and big car chases like a lot of people want but a very good, very well acted film with a story that could easily be happening to anyone on any given day. I like the moral behind the story in the fact of do we really have to tear each other's lives apart to prove we can. I'm glad it ended like it did as to begin with you think Ben Afflecks character is a arrogant jumped up prick but you see the other side which is good.

Jonah G (ca) wrote: After Temple Of Doom, you can only o up in the series, and it definitely does.

Brian S (ag) wrote: Another "almost" film, like The Island(1980), that is conceptually interesting but ultimately beyond logic(and into hyperbolic territory, which makes b-action films so good). Micheal Mann's(the producer) style(at least, his style in the 80s) is prevalent throughout the film and I suspect the movie been better if he had actually directed it. Note "Larry" Fishbourne as a Miami pimp/gang leader and James Remar( Dexter's dad) as a druglord.

Ca M (de) wrote: this film is entertaining for sure but doesn't know what it wants to be, either way it was a good watch, could of been more. It's a ransom, music, love story.

Michael S (it) wrote: An interesting little diversion among vampire films, with the neat use of twins battling each other... one good, while the other is the evil vampire. Though not the greatest of movies, it would be worth it just to see a differant take on the vampire film from that era.

Mark P (kr) wrote: Bearable, wouldn't watch again

Mike M (es) wrote: Not an easy film to watch and not one I would watch again but that said it is up there with DrugStore Cowboy in its honest and harrowing depiction in this lifestyl

Liam C (mx) wrote: Enjoyable. With a unique setting but accompanied by a predictable, if not fun to get to ending; 'Honeymoon in Vegas' makes for great entertainment. Cage is lovable but goofy. Caan changed from annoying to likable and back to annoying. I felt like the motivation for his actions is not strong enough to do what he does, sure, he is given a reason and you can sympathize with him but the extremity it reaches is not that great of a reason, above all else... His voice is awesome. Parker is gullible and easily distrusting. It is a situation where 'the story fits the characters' not, 'the characters fit the story'- which is what it should be. However, it is simple to see what Bergman was aiming for. You know, those romcoms where the lover is about to leave and the original boyfriend chases after her on a scooter. It has moments of humor and outrageous moments, often played by Mr. Cage. It's a nice little film that Bergman states 'won't change your life, but you'll walk away saying, that was pretty good' and I agree with him. The ending will just blow you away.

Benjamin F (ru) wrote: With warm music and a comedic cast, this film is a winner.