There's No Business Like Show Business

There's No Business Like Show Business

Molly and Terry Donahue, plus their three children, are The Five Donahues. Son Tim meets hat-check girl Vicky and the family act begins to fall apart.

Molly and Terry Donahue, plus their three children, are The Five Donahues. Son Tim meets hat-check girl Vicky and the family act begins to fall apart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared H (jp) wrote: tells an American tale

Jerry C (nl) wrote: The only horrific thing about this piece of crap is that, one way or another, they keep making this kind of useless 'serial killer- flicks' . Just another 'Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer' wannabe (this one's got a cameo by Michael Rooker).

Corey B (au) wrote: Boring, dumb, and nearly pointless

Christina H (gb) wrote: Watched: 16 Dec 2013

Angie W (mx) wrote: Great music and great story

Kristen G (jp) wrote: cheesy and kinda lame, but still fun to watch. There were one or two scenes that made me jump a bit.

Jamie C (br) wrote: I went into this movie not knowing what it was about or reading much on it and I found myself getting really sucked into the whole story, Many thanks to a strong cast all who were at their best, Even though it is a pretty slow film it was never boring and the last 20 minutes even though were great and fast paced it didn't fit the whole mood of the movie, Way better than I expected and if you're into modern day war action/drama this should be near the top of your list on movies to watch.

Lorna O (us) wrote: if yu love HORROR!!!

Sean L (au) wrote: The inspiration behind Scorsese's Oscar-winning The Departed, this Hong Kong original contains the core fabric of that story but few of its offshoots. It's strictly the tale of two double-agents, working both sides of the law in a desperate race to be the last man discovered, as the stakes climb steep and swift. Rapid and concise, it speeds impressively through some very tricky waters, effectively ratcheting the tension to an almost-unbearable level through both plot and cinematography. As a non-Mandarin speaker, it's often tough to keep pace with the lightning-quick subtitles, but strong performances from the two yin-and-yang leads saves the day on more than one occasion. Ballsy and cold-hearted, I wish the American adaptation hadn't spoiled so many of the twists for me. I have a hunch the ending would've been twice as jolting if it hadn't.

Daniel V (mx) wrote: Paul Walker is so damn likable, even if some his street inspired lines sound pretty goofy coming off his tongue. Tyrese is hilarious and the dude can sing. Fast cars, even MORE beautiful women, silly story. I LOVE IT! Better than the original, but not by that much. I kind of miss Vin Diesel. Ludacris is also a very welcomed addition.

Traci P (us) wrote: I've seen this one, but can't remember much of it...

Daniel D (kr) wrote: Co-creator of South Park, did an absolute crap job at directing the comedy musical, Cannibal! The Musical. This movie was nowhere near as interesting as the title would imply. It dragged for almost the whole film, I'm not even saying cut it down, just don't make it. There were exactly two moments I got kick out of, other than that I was drenched out. With the fake mustaches and stupid ending, it felt like a middle school play.

Jonathan G (ru) wrote: Fun, satiric comedy from one of the masters (Mel Brooks). Cary Elwes plays Robin Hood better than any other I've seen on screen. Jokes are often cheesy or bad- but it doesn't make it any less fun to watch.

Hans D (es) wrote: Most amazing movie ever seen! Great characters, great story, amazing animations! This is from 89 btw, not 2009. Cheers!

Phil H (ca) wrote: With a title like that its gotta be an 80's action flick, you just don't get titles like that anymore huh. Based around some popular pulp stories which are themselves quite dated now (early 70's), this film was apparently meant to be the first part in a franchise which never came to be. I remember watching this as a kid and loving it, had it recorded on VHS and used to rewatch it over and over. Looking back now I'm not really sure why, despite the fact the film was released in 85 you'd think it was 75 because my God its so quaint and dated looking! The whole gist of the thing is pretty much your light-hearted James Bond angle mixed with a dash of 'The Karate Kid' really. A top NY cop has his death faked unwillingly so this undercover government agency can recruit and train him to be a killing machine. The funny bit is he is trained up by this 'Mr Miyagi' type character which you may think is me just using that cliche...but I'm totally not. Only difference is this Mr Miyagi is from Korea and is played by an American in heavy, yet very good makeup...racial issues cast aside!The film isn't a violent film at all despite the assassination theme at the core of the films story. Remo is a highly skilled ex-Marine and thusly was chosen to be an undercover agent, but like some Bond flicks the violence is minimal and what there is has been edited so you don't see much. In this sense it almost feels like a spy movie for kids or young teens, that along with the cringeworthy humour that has been injected into the film for whatever reason. Most of that humour comes from Mr Miyagi (yes that's what I'm gonna call him) as he behaves in the same uber spiritual, disciplined way with little dialog but lots of cheeky philosophical quips. That is countered by Remo, played with much swagger by Fed Ward, who at first is of course cocky, loud mouthed and rebellious to his instructions...whilst being clumsy accident prone and the butt of many Miyagi quickfire put downs and movements. Together they make a cute couple and it is amusing watching the absurd techniques used to train Remo...which he manages to conquer quite quickly. Dodging bullets huh we don't actually see how he is trained for that but he manages to do it in the end, ditto running on liquid or soft material.Its a strange action film truth be told because it never really feels like an action film. Most of what we see is dialog between characters, either the good guys who are always snooping around and planning, or the bad guys who are always driving around in black limos and also planning. The action we get is very tepid and short lived, the only real thrill is seeing Remo fight against some construction workers atop the Statue of Liberty (did the bad guys actually just pay some blue collar workers to kill someone they don't know by booting them off the top of the Statue of Liberty?? who would accept that? surely you'd get the sack for gross misconduct lol!). The stunts are very good throughout the film I can't deny, its all very Bond-ish as said, but the film does rely on those stunts to get it through the run time, not much else going on.The whole final act set within this forested military base is very dull, more dull than the rest of the film! Again there are stunts here and there which are reasonably impressive but its hardly epic, what the hell was that log on a cable thing? what was that?!. We never really see Remo using any of his special skills until right at the very end, we never really understand who and what CURE are suppose to be or do accept eliminate people they think are bad, plus there are only three members of CURE including Remo?!I can't complain about how unbelievably old this looks (it is really really dated!), but I can moan about how boring and daft it is. I'm not really sure if it was meant to be an adult franchise, I don't know anything about the books but I'm kinda guessing its more for the older person? really can't tell with this film though. It swings from sweaty palm thrills (no don't even go there) to a sniff of actual possible visible violence to complete childish tomfoolery, all this set around some of the most mundane looking sets and locations you've ever seen (apart from Liberty Island). Plus points for Ward who is good fun as the bent nosed tough guy Remo, Grey as Mr Miyagi and a very early role for Kate 'Captain Janeway' Mulgrew who actually looks quite tasty. Man I tried to enjoy this, believe me I did, it was a part of my childhood...but the rose tinted lenses have been sat on by a popcorn scoffing troglodyte.

Jason B (br) wrote: A rare big blockbuster with a smart plot. Hello Mr. Phelps.

Scott M (us) wrote: Horrible. Dull. Terribly made. Feel asleep.