These Are the Damned

These Are the Damned

An American tourist, a youth gang leader, and his troubled sister find themselves trapped in a top secret government facility experimenting on children.

An American tourist, a youth gang leader, and his troubled sister find themselves trapped in a top secret government facility experimenting on children. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil H (gb) wrote: Spectacularly dull American take on the Asian crime film.

Andrew K (ca) wrote: with less of a dialogue, this film thrives (and succeeds) in drawing the dark, gritty, desperate emotion of the characters to the forefront. remorse. guilt. love.

Phillip D (ru) wrote: The casting, lighting and cinematography make Daybreakers appear a little more generic then the story actually is. If you can get past that and Ethan Hawke's extremely punchable face, Daybreakers is actually a decent take on the vampire genre with enough of a twist (albeit borrowed to some degree from Blade II) to make it interesting. Overall the Spierig's have put together a well crafted, if a bit generic looking take on a genre rapidly burning itself out.

Bill F (br) wrote: Fascinating. I learned a lot. I want to see this Movie again. No wonder He's such a star.

Graceann M (br) wrote: What a navel-gazing mess. Avoid at all costs.

Kelly B (de) wrote: I was so incredibly touched, touched to tears, by Sandy West.

Josh S (us) wrote: Really funny movie! One of Sandlers best!

Codi C (es) wrote: they played this in the welfare office I was sitting at for 3 hours. Pure torture. Not magical or even relatively cute like Babe or Charlottes web.

Michael W (ag) wrote: Former corporate hitman enlists a struggling cop and author to write a best seller in attempt to settle a grievance with his former employer. Interesting premise from writer Larry Cohen and Woods and Dennehy are game. Woods character, though, is ice cold and left me conflicted on what outcome to support. It's a dirty business either way.

Shawn R (br) wrote: Another Quentin Tarantino Fest film. This one stars Burt Reynolds in all his &0's glory, and Ned Beasty as the evil Sheriff. Some good car chases and action, and actually has a pretty disturbinh opening. Cool Note: was supposed to be Steven Spielbergs first movie.

Andrew G (it) wrote: Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are perfect, as in all their pairings. I always love Hill's care-free awesomeness, and Spencer's tired "I hate all of you" glare, accompanied by a sigh and a near-fatal butt-kicking.

George B (it) wrote: Barely a horror movie. I give it one star for excessive nudity every three minutes and the final scene that almost made me skip a heart beat..before completely failing and not actually ending the story. Overall it's quite a boring film

Carol L (kr) wrote: Rather slow. I recorded it from TCM and had to rewind a couple times, dozed off. All the women in the movie are only there to support their men. Pompous speech at the end. Not for me!

Eric O (de) wrote: as expected, cinematographically flawless and captivating. story-wise, though, it is a bit too long/drags in multiple places

Michelle P (mx) wrote: It doesn't have the most original plot but it is quite entertaining. A very fast-paced thriller. I thought the ending could have been better so that kept me from giving it more stars. Pacino is very good, as usual.

Julien C (de) wrote: Cute movie for Step Up fans.

Gwenyth L (nl) wrote: Typicla dance/cheerleader type movie. The male version of bring it on. Some touching scenes, and some semblance of plot, but nothing overly deep or riveting. At least it was entertaining.