These Three

These Three

Karen and Martha, college roommates, graduate and face the future with no place and no money. Karen, however, has inherited a farmhouse from her grandmother, and gets the idea that she and Martha can turn it into a school for girls. They travel to the farmhouse, which turns out to be quite rundown, and all hope seems lost, until they meet Dr. Joe Cardin, who tells them not to give up, to take out a loan, fix up the farmhouse, and it will work out. All seems to go according to plan, until one student devises a scheme for revenge for being punished by the teachers. Unlike Lillian Hellman's "The Children's Hour", this film has a mostly happy ending and leaves out all references to lesbianism, making it a love triangle instead of a love chain.

This first film version of "The Children's Hour" uses a heterosexual triangle rather than the play's lesbian theme. The plot concerns schoolteachers Karen Wright and Martha Dobie, both of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul K (de) wrote: Loved this one, it's sharp and funny. Not our usual fare but very entertaining. Quite believable despite being completely over-the-top.

Chris C (ag) wrote: Smart, funny and entertaining, Date Night equally blends action and comedy in with the charming chemistry between Steve Carell and Tina Fey and their talented performances.

Inga H (de) wrote: Thought it would be a standard Nazi zombie film but its much more

Jason P (ru) wrote: I find David Fincher's (one of the top filmmakers currently on the planet alongside Aronofsky and Nolan in my opinion) films based on fiction (like Fightclub) more imaginative versus his non-fictional projects (Social Network). Gone Girl touches on marriage/relationship themes like other notable films (Revolutionary Road, American Beauty, Eyes Wide Shut), but with deeper satire and an 'up to date' stance. Fincher has a way of reflecting the more interesting parts (and dark corners) of the collective consciousness (especially Americans) in a humorous way, sometimes veering towards an artistic activism of sorts (but its just 'entertainment' and simply pointing out issues will not magically make them go away). I wasn't sold on Rosamund Pike's performance until later in the film and it was nice to see a more raw and fanatical version of her than usual. This film's attitude and satire reminded me of films by Tarantino (Pulp Fiction), plus older films like Heathers (Michael Lehman) and Natural Born Killers (Oliver Stone). Gone Girl is ambitious in that it reaches for a wider audience in obvious and more subtle ways, infusing the 'law of reflection' to play with our minds (notably challenging our perception of who the antagonist is)- there are no 'winners', just human beings perceiving from their own experience (nicely balanced male and female point of view), resulting in a zero sum score. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross provide an appropriate and subtle soundtrack.

Michael E (ru) wrote: A fantastic mix of 2D animation in live action. Seeming to have much more fun with it's premise than Space Jam, Back in Action is extremely clever, has great voice acting, has a great sense of wit, and even the main actors in the film do a decent job for what they are given.

Doctor S (kr) wrote: Undercooked domestic thriller that smells of a vanity project for Joshua Close, a crappy actor who takes the lead role, and as co-writer manages to include a demeaning nude scene for Selma Blair with him. I watched this because the underrated Rachel Miner has a co-starring role, and she's quite good as an oddball country wife.