They All Died Laughing

They All Died Laughing

An English professor decides that there are too many useless people in the world and invents a gas that will kill them off. But first they'll at least have a good laugh.

An English professor decides that there are too many useless people in the world and invents a gas that will kill them off. But first they'll at least have a good laugh. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Federico L (ca) wrote: Buena historia. Lamentablemente muy narrativa y poco flmica.

Tim M (nl) wrote: meh - nothing special

Millo T (kr) wrote: The comparisons with Crash are evident. However, it lacks of narrative strength. Anyway, not bad to watch.

Brent M (es) wrote: unfortunately netflix only has a dubbed version so half of the acting ability is lost. the story drug more than I expected. I think the movie team expected the fight scenes to give them a boost but they were just mediocre martial arts fights yawn. it's main strength was the cinematography. dark and gritty yet with a not to far in the future polish. well used special effects and props added to the story. with a few tweaks to keep the suspense and intrigue going could of been a 4 star

Sam N (gb) wrote: Movies don't get any better then this in my mind. Everything in this movie from the action to actors to story and characters is amazing. Best movie ever as far as i'm concerned.

Anson H (fr) wrote: This was a piece of crap. If you want to watch good animated time travel, watch Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Nothing works here.

Ricardo H (ru) wrote: It doesn't happen that often to me, tears in my eyes. It really is a powerful movie. I just had the feeling that some shots or scenes were cut away to soon. Like when Faraj starts to tell that he is afraid when B.Z. will leave, he can't meet the Israeli children anymore. This was such a powerful and emotional charged scene, I believe you could keep me longer in this feeling. What I like a lot about the documentary is that I have the feeling that the makers did not choose one side of the story. Both, the Israeli and Palestinian side of the story is been told in different ways. I was pleasantly surprised to not see the clich images of shootings and stones flying towards the soldiers. I liked to get to know more about this conflict by the stories of (innocent?) children. My favorite scene is when the little Israeli girl, Raheli tells about the Mitzva well she is trying to get two chairs separate. In a way I believe this scene tells a lot about the situation in a very innocent way. It was also hilarious when she talks about her brother and "his" computer... A beautiful, well told dream about the future. I was very glad to see that the filmmakers succeeded in there attempt to connect the Palestinians and Israeli children. But I was really disappointed to hear the children talking about the situation two years later. They admit that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is hopeless and almost lost there hope of ending this conflict. So hard, but true! To end with the shot's of Israeli baby's with a blanket with the words "peace" written on it was for me unnecessary. I believe this is so clich! And I also had a problem with showing only Israeli baby's. Why was that? Does the filmmakers want to tell that these baby's are the future and have to solve this tragedy? Or ...? I hope that one day it's no longer possible to make movies about this tragedy. I hope this endless conflict will end soon.

Aaron C (ag) wrote: Nice arctic cinematography and child-teen-adult storytelling. It's the younger actors that give depth of emotion in character development. A pity they gave away the ending from the beginning though, essentially forcing the movie to be circular, as intended, perhaps.

Jeff P (au) wrote: It gives spoof movies a bad name!

Jairo A (ca) wrote: Maniac Cop is a decent horror flick from the 80s. To me, it doesn't hold up like other horror movies from the 80s though. It's a good watch but there are better movies out there. It's always cool though to watch a movie with Tom Atkins in it. 3/5 OR 6/10

Nick B (kr) wrote: Going a little too far with the series at this point, enjoyable by fans but not by the general public. Left a lot to be desired.

Tanner B (mx) wrote: 4/4Emotionally shattering drama about prizefighter Jake La Motta, who fought no worse enemy than himself. He slowly destroys his life by obsessive jealously. No movie has ever captured anger or jealously so beautifully on screen; some movie buffs (myself included) consider this to be the greatest film ever made. Full-bore, non-stop compelling direction plays viewer's emotions like a harp, delivering one painful scene after another, with dazzling (though brutal) boxing sequences. Opening is hypnotic, finale is perhaps the most devastating moment on celluloid. Robert De Niro gives the most devoted performance in movie history (he gained 60 pounds for the role). This masterpiece was also stunningly photographed and edited for maximum impact. Final note: Scene with De Niro and Pesci arguing in front of a broken TV is the single greatest acted scene ever.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: It's like being in love with a buzz sawGeoff Carter is responsible for an independent airline business. He struggles to accept love, affection, or absorb with the loss of his colleagues, which seems to happen a lot in his line of work. One day a woman walks into his life a little different from the rest. He does his best to lump her in with all of the other girls in his life, and she does her best to show him she's different."He's like rubber. He wants to hit the ground and see how high he can bounce."Howard Hawks, director of The Big Sleep, Rio Bravo, Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday, The Crowd Roars, The Big Sky, and Monkey Business, delivers Only Angels Have Wings. The storyline for this picture is fairly good and reminded me a little of Casablanca. The acting is wonderful and the cast includes an impressive group including Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, Rita Hayworth, Thomas Mitchell, Don Barry, and Richard Barthelmess. "I thought you never did that.""Did what?""Got burned twice in the same place."I DVR'd this picture off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) during a recent Cary Grant marathon. I am a huge fan of his and had never heard of this picture (there are quite a few Grant films I haven't heard of...but I am catching up ;). Nevertheless, I will say this was a very well done movie. I did not like it as much as Casablanca, but the film does have some very dramatic sequences and unpredictable moments. I strongly recommend seeing this picture."You're a queer duck."Grade: A

Sotiris K (au) wrote: The chemistry between the two protagonists is incredible, almost as incredible as the imagination of the screenwriters of what is probably the greatest screwball comedy ever.

Greg D (kr) wrote: What could be a much more creative endeavor feels rather ordinary. The performances carry the weight.

Ben L (it) wrote: There was a time in my life when I would have claimed this as one of my favorite comedies of all time. I have always liked the Griswolds and laughed heartily at Clark's never-ending struggle for a happy family vacation. However, now that I've grown up and started to really appreciate the struggles of attaining happiness, I had a slightly harder time laughing at this movie. In fact, I've grown to hate movies where everything goes wrong for the nice-guy protagonist, and so even a beloved movie like this feels a bit tainted by my disillusionment. Don't get me wrong, there are moments of pure comedic brilliance in this movie, and I have to admit the climax at the end is just amazing. It's kind of remarkable how, despite the fact that the events depicted are so ridiculous, Vacation still manages to reflect the real struggles of taking a family trip. Chevy Chase is perfect in the lead role because he can make a likable character go completely insane, and yet you still kind of feel sympathy for him. All the supporting cast is great including the best versions of Rusty and Audrey. I like National Lampoon's Vacation, and for most people you probably can get a good amount of laughs out of watching it. Also it serves as a good warning for anyone who thinks taking the family on a long road trip is no big deal. The only reason I was disappointed watching it this time is that I didn't LOVE it as much as I once did.